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TITLE: Does the HIV scare in a St. Louis high school scare Christians?
By gene hudgens

Does the HIV scare in a St. Louis high school scare Christians?

The answer is that it may and may not. The FACT is that it should TERRIFY Christians.

What does HIV/AIDS have to do with Christians or what do Christians have to do with HIV/AIDS?

HIV most often spreads through unprotected sex with an infected person. Sure, AIDS may also spread by sharing drug needles or through contact with the blood of an infected person or women can give it to their babies during pregnancy or childbirth. However, almost all HIV spreads through unprotected sex.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the St. Louis County Health Department officials will offer HIV tests at Normandy High School later this month after a public health inspection determined that several of its students may have been exposed to HIV.

According to the article, the schoolís 1,300 students were sent home on Monday, October 13, with letters advising their parents to talk with them about getting tested if they have had unprotected. A week earlier, an HIV diagnosis was traced to students at the school.

Too many Christians are brainwashed by man-made religious doctrine which condemns the use of condoms. Of course condoms are not 100% safe and effective, but if properly used they are about 98% safe.

Probably few people will disagree that abstinence is the only 100% safe sex. However, abstinence is unacceptable by most people, especially teens, since, it does not offer sexual satisfaction; and that is in conflict with human nature.

Many humans are very hypocritical. We are taught that God our Creator is perfect, but many of us prefer to accept imperfect man-made doctrine rather than to intelligently accept that God is perfect.

God perfected His Creation 200 million years ago. He instills His Plan in the DNA of all humans. Human desires are part of His Plan. The strongest desire all humans have is the desire to satisfy hunger. The second strongest desire all humans have is the need for sexual satisfaction. If Christians really believe God is perfect they must never question Godís Plan.

All healthy humans have strong sexual desires. This is healthy and natural and it is Godís Plan. Desiring sexual satisfaction is human nature and Human Nature is Godís Plan. God is perfect, therefore His Plan is perfect.

Humans have no right to teach that God is perfect and then turn around and question Godís Perfect Plan.

Christian doctrine contradicts itself when it teaches false ideas as truth. God never spoke to any human and said, ďMasturbation is wrong or that condom use is wrong, or that birth control is wrongĒ. These are man-made ideas and rules that too many Christians ignorantly believe.

What does this have to do with HIV/AIDS?

No one can argue with human nature. Itís human nature to have sex and achieve sexual satisfaction. All healthy humans will have sex when they have sexual desires. Babies, children, adults and very old people have sexual desires. Itís in the DNA of humans and man-made Christian beliefs can never change it. This is Godís desire and He put it into His perfect Plan.

Christians teach abstinence, but abstinence is ineffective because it is not accepted as an alternative to sexual intercourse, because it can not offer any sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation is sex and it does provide sexual satisfaction. Masturbation is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse, but (for no logical reason) it is condemned by man-made religious rules.

Condom use offers almost 100% safe sex, but it is condemned for no reason by illogical religious doctrine.

Hunger and poverty are fostered by world over-population. Over-population encourages ineffective education of the masses. World over-population is encouraged by a lack of family planning and birth control.

This and other hypocritical illogical religious doctrine forms the breeding ground for unprotected sex, which is the primary cause of HIV/AIDS.

People with a lack of knowledge ignorantly refer to HIV as ďcommunicable disease. This is dangerous talk. HIV is a STD (sexually transmitted disease). Chicken pox and measles are communicable diseases. An innocent bystander can be exposed to them and catch them. No one can be an innocent bystander and be exposed to and catch HIV.

The statistics should scare all Christians. There are about 33 million people the world with HIV. There were about 2.5 million new cases in 2007. Over two millions people died of AIDS in 2007.

In the US almost one million people are living with HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that 300,000 Americans may not know they are HIV positive. We must stop and think that it is not impossible for America to have an out break of AIDS similar to that in Africa. This would be the result of utter stubbiness and stupidity.

Effective sex education is almost non existence in the US. Likely most Americans do not know that the AIDS hot line # is: (800) 342-2437 and that a blood test can tell if a person has a HIV infection. Most people likely donít know that there is no cure, but that many medicines fight both HIV infection and the infections and cancers that come with the HIV infection.

Too often children, young people and adults donít know that HIV can be spread through vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

Oral sex is gaining popularity among young people in America and they donít seem to know that the HIV virus can be spread orally. They donít know or believe that oral sex is real sex.

Sex education is basically the parentís responsibility and parents have too often failed in their responsibilityÖand this has too often been a major fault of religious teachings.

Because 76% of the American population professes to be Christians, Christians comprise the majority of the voters that elect Americaís leaders. Yet Christians are lazy and do not demand that the elected officials insure that the American public is effectively educated pertaining to sexual issues including the HIV/AIDS crisis.

President Bush continues to allow his personal religious beliefs interfere with common sense and protection of other humans. Caring for HIV/AIDS victims is noble and important, but it is far more important to reduce and prevent HIV/AIDS in the future through effective sex education (which includes the importance of condom use).

He insists on restricting the use of the $15 billion allocated to fight AIDS. He is barring distribution of U.S. family planning funds to clinics in other countries that provide abortion or abortion counseling or lobby for change in abortion policies.

His policy prevents clinics from treating AIDS-related illnesses and reproductive health in the same facilities. How can this help fight AIDS? This is another example of religious oriented hypocritical actions.

The Washington Post was critical of President Bush for ďsending out a confused message on its global AIDS initiativeĒ and warned him against sacrificing any portion of the AIDS package on the altar of controversial abortion politics.

Wake up Christian America.
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.