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By Jonita (Jay) Johnson

My Dream, My Reality

I had a dream one night; no, not the Dr. King dream. But I think it affected me as much, if not more. It wasnít a vision, though it seemed as real as me sitting at this computer, right now. And every now and then it returns, unexpected but the same.

Sometimes itís so clear while Iím awake like now, or this morning when I started writing about this. This morning before coming to work, I had my meditation time. It was warm and wonderful, and I was very thankful to have a job to go to, thankful that the Lord had a purpose for this day, and that He gave me the assurance that He would lead me through it, and His love would shine through me today.

Sometimes the lightness of the moment can turn to heaviness in seconds. This is when I really appreciate how the Lord brings assurance that we are in His care. This dream I have is like a security blanket. I feel as though Iím surrounded with the Love of God. As I sat waiting for the activity of the day to begin, my heart grew heavy, desperate. As I prayed, ďLord, what is it?Ē I vividly remembered the dream. My eyes filled with tears, my heart heavy, not with sadness, maybe expectation.

The Dream: Imagine with me, a large meadow, rolling hills, bathed in various colors of such depth vivaciousness and purity that the human eyes has never seen before. Green grass, golden rods and wild flowers blowing soft and steady. Imagine warm breezes that lightly tickle the skin on your face, as you gaze into the horizon and the sun bathes you in the warmth of its rays.

There are a few large shade trees that dot the countryside; a perfect invitation for a picnic under its long branches. As my site becomes more focused my eyes see a cottage of white and gold stone boulders, and a lovely, wood porch surrounded with many paned, glass windows, shiny and clear; a wide comfortable, inviting porch with rockers, a swing and tables.

The sky is clear, various shades of blue, and billowy white clouds are changing shapes with the breeze. As I near the house a feeling of security comes over me. I realize this is not a new place; Iíve been here before. In fact, I know now I belong here, that this beautiful, peaceful place is mine. The feeling of security and belonging comes over me, that one only gets when they come home.

In the distance beside the house there's the most perfect lake, calm with soft waves softly hugging and releasing the bank. In the forefront I can see the outline of swans floating lazily on the shimmering water. Suddenly I hear the song of the birds, and watch as they fly in and out of the luscious shade trees.

I slowly realize that this house is that mansion. Jesus said, ďI go to prepare a place for youÖ.Ē I donít see Him, but I know He is there. I search to see Him, I turn slowly in all directions, feeling His presence in the Light. As I fall on my knees - awestruck and humbled, I know beyond a doubt that the light that fills the sky and warms my soul, is inviting me to come back. I donít want to leave this perfect place, but I know itís not my time to stay. I then realize the light is not the sun, but it is the Son, from Jesus Himself in all of His glory and radiance, He grows brighter, and brighter Ė then I awake.

Just then I begin to awake from sleep. The house becomes farther away in the distance, sadness sets in, but somehow I know Iíll be back. Sleep fades away. Sleep, that time for us all where we have no control, and except for the grace of God we awake to a brand new day.

Well, thatís my dream, and it returns to me now when Iím awake or sleep. I donít control it, but it comes. And when it does, Iím assured that Christ is with me.

There is a song called, It is Well With My Soul. The words go, ĎWhen peace like a river attendeth my soul, when sorrows like sea billows rolls, whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.í

When I have or think about this dream, I feel like it is well with my soul.

Some folks donít understand when I say Christ lives in me, but when I feel this wonderful peace, the grace of God, if you will, floods over my soul. I know that I will one day live in the Light of His glory forever.

Every believer receives assurance of their salvation, of eternal life with Christ.
One, from His Word, I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me. God, says this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, and again God tells the disciple this is my Son, hear Him.

Two, the Bible says we are sealed with His Holy Spirit. Our body becomes the dwelling place of the Spirit of God, His temple.

What does all that mean to me today some 2000 plus years later? Well, it means the same thing now as then, hear Him, follow His example; be obedient to His Word. Jesus says, ďIf you love me, keep my words, follow me. What did Christ do? He brought glory and honor to His Father in His living. That is what we are to do also. Through our living, bring glory to God through Jesus His Son.

I thank God that through Christ I can live well. Even on the days I do not feel well, think well, or even want to act well. One day at a time sweet Jesus, I surrender to Your will to live well in love for You, myself and others.

When I think about the turmoil of life, and all the unfair acts of man, and all the evil I am capable of, I stand or bow in awe that Christ loves me still, just as I am I am loved of my Father, God. I see all of my imperfections, He sees me as perfect in Jesus. By the blood Jesus freely shed for me, God sees me as clean, holy in His sight. And He has already prepared for me my home in heaven.

Thank you Lord for Your assurance of life with you for eternity.
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