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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 7)
By Jacob Gibson

Okay, now back to our regular dinosaur programming. Although I may not try to update the story in the future, I would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoy! The big drama is beginning to unfold.
Episode 7: A Time to Dance

As Victoshi walked through the cool jungle she stopped to look at the evening sky and found herself enjoying the beautiful sunset. The sun rested half way down on the horizon and turned the sky into the most amazing blend of red and orange colors that warmed her soft dark pink skin. And the weather felt just perfect too for the activity that was going to happen tonight. But for some reason she felt a little worried about something. Was it what she was going to do next with the others? No, probably not. She was ready for it 103%. What could it be? Somehow it may have been the color orange that was making her feel this way.

“Hey, Vick, come on!” called one of her girl friends back to her. “We can stare at the sky later when we’re dancing with our boyfriends.”

“Oh... hee hee! Okay then, coming!” She took one final look and then ran to catch up with the rest of the girls.

The girls weren’t the only ones going somewhere but many other Yoshies and creatures from that area of the island were traveling in the same direction. Tonight was the night of the Starlight Dinner and Dance Festival which was held each year a few days after the championship Yoshi ball game just as a fun tradition. The food was prepared by the best cooks in the area and because of this many of the dinos loved this tradition more than any other and never missed an opportunity to go.

“Do you see it yet, guys?” asked Yoshi who was also walking towards the area and trying not to step on people walking beside him. His friends and some of his family rode on his back and looked over the trees to try and spot it. Today, Yoshi's skin was beautiful rainbow colors, except for his the white parts of his body like his belly, and the look definitely fit the occasion.

“Uh... not yet, Yoshi,” said Josh, who stood on Yoshi’s head and put a hand over his eyes. “Wait... yeah, I see the torches now! That must be it! Woohoo!”

Yoshi kept going and then just like his friend had said, he saw the torches too. In one big clearing of the jungle there sat a large wooden stage on the ground large enough for two dinosaurs of Yoshi’s size, and plenty of wooden tables surrounding it. A few rows of sqaures tables on the left and right, and then round tables in front of it. Torches on large colorful bamboo poles were scattered around the area to provide enough light and a short distance away was a shimmering pond of clear water. The creatures who set this up spent all day working on the event and now everything looked perfect.

“Yay, I just can’t wait!” said Yoshi’s little sister. “It’s so pretty and the food is so good and the dancing is so romantic and...”

“And you’re too young to dance with anyone!” said Boshi laughing.

“Hey! Am not! My friends from school will dance too when it’s our chance. I bet that no one will want to dance with YOU if you talk like that.”

Yoseph groaned to himself. “I never enjoy the dancing part. It’s so embarrassing because I don’t even know how to dance and hate just trying to ask girls. Maybe I’ll just watch this time.”

Yoshi’s sister Angel said, “Oh come on, Yose! Don't think like that. You can still join. No one cares what you look like as long as you have fun and help others have a good time too.” Angel was Yoshi's sister, the exact same age as her brother, and a friendly yellow Yoshi with green boots.

“Thanks, Angel. Does that mean... you’ll dance with me then?”

“Uh... well... uh...”

“Yoshi,” interrupted Boshi. “How are YOU supposed to dance with anyone tonight? You would probably just flatten everybody! Har har har!”

“Heh... yeah, I don’t plan to do any dancing tonight. I’ll just watch you guys have fun.” Then he remembered Victoshia and earnestly hoped that she wouldn’t dance with anyone, but if she couldn’t dance with him then she probably would find someone else. Hopefully not.

“That’s not fair!” said Yoshi’s father, Hiroshi. “There should be some way for you to join in.”

“That’s alright, Dad. As long as I can eat the food I’ll be happy as a clam! Mmmmmmm... clams.”

“Alright, everyone we made it!” said Sanya.

The dinos hopped off Yoshi’s back and ran to the tables to find a good spot with people they wanted to be with. Yoshi followed them and sat down a few feet behind the farthest row of tables in front of the stage. First he felt a little akward but then started to talk to people and feel more comfortable. A few minutes later it finally started.

“BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!” a wind instrument blasted out and everyone jumped in their seats and laughed. A bronze colored Yoshi jumped off a tree, fluttered over the stage, and then did a ground pound onto it with the instrument in his hand.

“Hey everyone! Are you READY for another fantastic night?”

The crowd cheered together as loud as they could. Yoshi did too and this made everyone plug their ears (or whatever you call them).

“Wa-how! Was that ever deafening or what! Well we’re really excited to have you here too. Our cooks have prepared the best feast of fruit, sea food, and dessert that you could ever hope for. It’s so good that our island should be famous for it. And speaking of famous... we also have the incredible guys and gals dance routine which I know everyone loves just as much.”

The crowd cheered again but Yoshi decided to keep his mouth shut this time.

“Yeah man! And then we got the regular dancing after that which everyone can join in at the end. Well not everyone at once because we can’t fit you all on it at the same time but everyone will get a chance when we let you know. Oh hold on... Yoshi?! How are you supposed to dance? Dude!”

Everyone laughed and Yoshi pretended to laugh too but inside he felt a little embarrassed.

“Oh well, we’ll figure something out. One girl for each toe I guess, heh. Anyway, I think that I’ve said more than enough and it’s just about time to begin this here shin-dig! But before we do that I just want to say something real quick. As you all know or SHOULD know... we have a new celebrity here in our midst and his name... is Yoshi Zorus! Give him a hand!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at him and clapped. Yoshi smiled.

“Oh yeah. In case you didn’t know... our man Yoshi deserves only the most respect possible. Not only did he have to suffer through a twisted change in his life of becoming a crazy but cool mutant, he also saved us from a ton of horrible monsters! Not to mention almost getting voted off the island! Who in their right minds... ah, never mind. We all make mistakes.

“Anyway, me and the others who helped with this thing only think it’s only fair that this year we should dedicate the whole festival... to him! One more round of applause for our bud, Yoshi! You can eat until you’re stuffed, dude”

More applause. Yoshi’s parents, who were sittting together at one table, glanced at each other and winked. Yoshi smiled his biggest smile. He would have licked his teeth if they weren’t so sharp.

“Of course when I say ‘eat ‘till you’re stuffed’ I mean ‘as long as everyone else can eat too! Heh heh. Wellp, anyway... no reason to let the island starve while I yammer away. Let’s EAT!”

Every seat emptied out immediately and people rushed towards the buffet line behind the stage to load up their stone plates with delicious fruits and sea food. Yoshi stood up and thought about going there too but didn’t know how he could stand in line or even get anything properly with his annoying short arms. But his question was soon answered by the speaker on the stage.

“Oh, Yoshi... don’t worry ‘bout the grub, man. Just tell us what you want and we’ll bring it to you!”

“Alright!!” shouted Yoshi. He would have clapped if his arms could reach.

A few minutes later people were back at the tables and eating their wonderful meals and talking to each other. Yoshi felt so happy he could burst as people got the food he wanted and quickly presented it to him on a big plate on the ground. However things got uncomfortable when someone did something impolite that got everyone’s attention.

One Yoshi at a table asked his friend, “So how are you enjoyin’ your Yoshi cookies?”

The friend took another bite, swallowed, and responded, “Well I don’t know what to say except... it’s just so...” then he belched, “GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!”

The place became as silent as a cemetery and everyone had their eyes on this wise guy. Who did he think he was?

One girl sitting at a table close by rolled her eyes. “Grow up, kid,” she complained, and followed with an even louder belch. “And learn how to do it right!”

“You think you so talented, girl? Huh? You in for a whole heap ‘o trouble! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAARRP!!!”

“How pathetic,” said another guy. “YOU ain’t GOT no TALENT, BOY!! GIVE ME A TROPHY NOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!”

Out of all of the theories I’ve talked about, this one is by far the most important. Belching theory. Believe it or not, Yoshies are hands down THE undisputed masters of belching of anyone, anywhere, and any time. I don’t care how good you think you are… they are the best. Not just in volume and even duration of the belches, but also the controlled pitch, enunciation and everything else that goes with it. Some of them are so good at it and so musically talented that entire belching choirs have sprung up (they usually don’t do as well compared to singing choirs but still something that you really ought to hear). Nintendo would never admit that these cute dinosaurs act like this because they don’t want parents to think less of them or especially for the kids to copy what they see, but this is the absolute shocking truth. Speaking of Nintedo… I think it would rock if there was a Mario game where Yoshi could eat a lot of fruit, or a special kind of fruit, and then have a powerful belching attack that killed everything in that area of the level. No… the entire level! No… the entire game! Ahahaha! Okay, I really lost my head this time. Back to the story. *hits play*

{Yoshi’s Cookie “Vs. Mode”}

It wasn’t long before more and more people joined in this contest and tried to outdoor the last guy. For at least 5 minutes the main thing you could hear was tons of dino belches around the area. Some laughed... some covered their heads... if you were there you might laugh a little but soon you just might want to throw up eventually.

One Yoshi suddenly stopped and said “Oh wait a second. Stop! Don’t let Yoshi find out we’re having belching contest, or he’ll come here and pwn us all!”

But it was too late. Yoshi ran up behind a table, opened his mouth wide and... didn’t do anything at all. Everyone sighed and laughed at the cruel joke.

“Don’t worry,” said Yoshi, “I’m not THAT evil! Ha ha ha!”

“Even if you had done it,” said another Yoshi, “I could still beat you easily. Like this!” He opened his mouth and prepared to make a Mushroom World-shattering belch but got interupted by the mayor’s voice on the stage and almost choked on his own spit.

“Hey, folks. Sorry to wreck your... uh... annual tradition of the belch-athon but I think it’s time for the first event! You can keep eating your desserts if you want but if I were you I wouldn’t want to miss a second of this. So give it up for the talented... the graceful... Yoshi dancers!!”

He quickly left the stage and everyone cheered as loud as they could and watched as several Yoshi girls ran on the stage while the musicians played their instruments. The girls wore flower crowns on their heads, flower necklaces around their necks, and grass skirts that went over their bare feet. The talented musicians stood off stage on three sides and played from their instruments that were very similar to our instruments of morocco’s, bongos, xylophones, flutes, and Jamaican drums. Yoshi watched carefully to spot some of his brothers and sisters who were going to be in this, and especially his girlfriend Victoshia.

{Three songs of tropical music. The first part is Super Mario Kart “Vanilla Lake.” Second part is Super Mario World “Special World” with the SMB part too. And the third part is SMK “Koopa Troopa Beach”}

During the first song, the graceful girls stood in rows and danced left and right, and forwards and backwards. They spun around in small circles, jumped over other dancers and hovered in the air. They made moving formations like a Yoshi egg, different kinds of fish, and a Yoshi head. Then they stacked up on top of each other to create an impressive 3-D pyramid.

Next up for the second song, the girls quickly left the stage and the Yoshi boys, who were dressed in long black pants and also had bare feet, got on and did their routine. Instead of just dancing though they also held sticks with fire lit on the ends and twirled them over their heads and tossed them into the air to each other. At the last note of the song, all of the Yoshies threw the sticks up at the same time, slurped them into their mouths, and then shot out big blasts of fire that lit up the night.

Finally for the last song, half of the girls joined half of the boys (with no fire this time) and almost filled up the stage. They grouped up with someone of the opposite sex and danced together with very good moves. Spinning, throwing, balancing, swinging... the whole shabang. In the last several loud notes of the, all of the dancers lined up to make a rainbow with the colors of their skin and jumped up at the right time to create a big colorful wave moving from left to right. When the music stopped the crowd rose to their feet and applauded for almost an entire minute. Some even threw food to them like the tradition always goes. It was definitely a great performance.

They all took a bow, and then the festival speaker walked in front of them while they remained in their place. “Wow, are they good or what? I think they get better at this every year! But we can’t forget the other folks who work so hard. How about another round of applause for the diligent dance instructors and those wonderful musicians!!”

When they finished clapping again the dino mayor stepped on and said, “Okay, we’ll get to the free-for-all dancing soon but first we’ll take a quick 30 minute break so the performers can change clothes and eat and all that because I can just imagine how hungry they all are. In the mean time you can talk with them, search for a lucky dance partner, and... uh... proceed with the belching... I guess. Have fun!”

The tired dancers gradually walked off the stage in different directions and Yoshi kept a close eye on Victoshia to watch where she was headed. Most of them were walking to a couple huts to change like they always did but for some reason she was walking in a different direction. He decided to take this opportunity to finally talk with her alone since he hadn’t been able to for a long time.

“Vicky! Hey Vicky!” shouted Yoshi as he ran up behind her and stopped. She turned around and smiled at him with a happy but tired expression. Yoshi continued, “You did awesome tonight! I mean... all of you did! But I think you looked the best out of all the girls.”

“Heh heh... thanks Yoshi. I thought that I kinda messed up a few times but it’s not that easy to see.” She blushed but still looked tired.

Yoshi laughed. “You could bomb the whole thing and I wouldn’t even notice!” He took a step closer to her and looked her straight in the eyes. “Victoshia... I’ve missed seeing you so much that it’s not funny. Ever since my transformation that destroyed my life, all I could think about was to be with you again. And now I am and I feel so much better now.”

Victoshia bit her lower lip and said, “Uh... thanks. That means a lot. Good job too on your fights.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should ask you how you are doing!! Heh, so... how are you doing? Have you missed me too? Anything new at school? Tried any new fruit lately? Is your brother doing well? Oh! Are you going to dance with anyone tonight? I won’t care if you dance with someone else with me because... yeah, I’m so big now and all that, but—“

“Yoshi, uh... I’m so so sorry, but I can’t talk to you right now. I have to go home because I’m... not feeling well.”

Yoshi’s face dropped. “Oh no... I didn’t know that. I’m sorry. When did you get sick and how did it happen?” Then he perked up again. “Wait, I know! I’ll come with you too! You can rest in bed and I’ll listen to you there as long as you want. Unless any of your family is home and doesn’t want a big old dinosaur like me hovering over the building. If you want I could even give you a ride home and then—“

“No... sorry, Yoshi. I think I’m going to go to bed for the night. Thanks for chatting with me. I’ll see you again soon. Bye.”

“Oh... well then... I’ll keep thinking of you and look forward to that time! Get well soon, Vicky.”

“Thank you, Yoshi. Good night.”

Yoshi slowly turned around and carried himself back to the festival. Victoshia continued to walk towards her house, then took one last look back at Yoshi, sighed, and kept going. It was hard to tell who felt worse at the moment, a sick Yoshi or a lonley Yoshisaurus Rex.

When he returned to the festival, there was still some time left before the dancing so he talked to some friends and family, congratulating the performers and asking about dates and such. Many of them asked why he looked so unhappy all of a sudden, which he hand't noticed, but he didn’t say why. The night was pretty much ruined now. The only thing he wanted to do was spend time with his girlfriend that he had been with for three years, and now this. Even the fireworks at the end of the festival probably wouldn’t change how he felt.

Soon the mayor announced that the dancing would begin at this moment and people went crazy running around to find their partners and find a good place. (And the author has actually never been to a dance before, much less danced with a girl since he doesn’t know how to dance, so he deserves some pity too). Yoshi thought about finding someone to join just for fun, but to him it seemed more stupid and pointless than funny. He couldn’t believe there were actually a couple girls that offered to be his partner somehow, but politely turned them down.

The spacious wooden stage was now filled up with happy giggling couples, while others patiently waited below for their turn to come up. When the mayor gave the signal, the musicians played some mellow music and the Yoshies started dancing. Yoshi stood in front of the stage and watched them for awhile, but after two songs he decided to just go home and call it night. But before he could even take ten steps away from the area, something stopped him.

“Yoshi! Hey Yooooooooooshi! Mr. Zorus! Down here!”

“Huh? What?” He turned around. “Oh, hey there, Koshi. I was just going to go home now but... did you want something?”

Koshi was a female Yoshi with skin the color of a blueberry and a body just as plump. She had been Yoshi’s casual friend for quite a long time and didn’t care that he was dating someone at the time.

“You bet I want something, bud! And what I want is YOU!”


“Hee hee... I just love to scare guys like that. No, I wanted to know if you wanted to dance with me just once before you go home. Just one teensy little dance and you can go.”

“Koshi... what if I’m really tired and want to just... say good night?”

“You could do that but THEN... what would I do to you now, hmmmmmm? I’ll tell you what I would do. I would never let you live this down! Starting tomorrow, every single day I would remind you that you didn’t dance with me when I really wanted to. ‘Hey, Yoshi, remember that you didn’t dance with me this year? Huh? What’s up with that, man?’ ‘Shut up, Koshi!’ ‘Yeah, well make me, stinker!’ Day after day after day I would do that until next year come around and you would finally do it. How does that sound now, big guy? Not very fun now, huh? Mwu ha ha!”

He chuckled. “Puh, you are so full of beans. I would probably die before then anyway from all that tormet.”

“Mm-hmm, I bet you would. So what’s your choice now? I’m not kidding about this at all, mister!!”

“Oh come on now!” Yoshi rolled his eyes. “Why are you doing this? How can you... uh... well... ugh... fine I’ll do it.”

“Yippeeee! Thanks, bud!”

“But, tell me one thing, Koshi. How do you even expect to be able to dance with me when I’m so several times bigger than you and have little stupid arms? Did you think that one out? Are you going to just hang from my arms or something like a cherry on a tree?”

“Yay-uh right. I got a really great idea! Just follow me over there and I’ll show you. Hee hee... thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome. Weirdo.”

They took just a few steps towards a different directions and then Koshi stopped and turned around. “Oh! Oh! I almost forgot. Hey, Yoshe, did you notice this? Check it out!” She motioned for him to lower his head and then put her arms in front of his eyes. “I painted light blue stripes on my arms, legs, and back so I would look like you! Ain’t that the coolest! And I was the ONLY ONE to do that too. #4 Biggest fan! Yaaaaaaaay!!”

Yoshi couldn’t believe that he had missed that earlier, but he was dumbfounded that anyone would do something like that. “Too bad that I have rainbow stripes today instead of orange skin with red stripes, huh? Well, I guess it’s... starting to change now?”

“Yeah, yeah... but how was I supposed to know that would happen? You’re kind of being a real human tonight. But I’ll still dance with a human as long as he’s been my good ol’ grouchy friend all these years.”

The two mismatched dinos strolled to an open sandy area located far away from the stage but still close enough that they could hear the music, and the full moon gave them plenty of light. Koshi made Yoshi wait for the current song to end because she wanted the full time to dance, so Yoshi grumbled and waited for it. Finally it began.

{Mario Party “Tropical Island” remix}

“AGH, IT’S STARTING!! I mean... alrighty we’re in business! Let’s DO it!!”

“Hey, I like this song. I mean... okay one dance and then I go home. Now how do you plan to—“

Before he finished his question, Koshi suddenly ran away and went behind him. Without asking she ran up his tail and back, bounced over his head, and landed on his nose. She turned to face his eyes and grinned.

“Am I the smartest or what?! Ha ha!”

“Uh... what.” Yoshi felt very confused, akward, and tired. Mostly akward though. “You’re going to dance on my nose?”

“Well... sorta. Stop wasting time and just listen! I’ll just balance on your nose... oh hey, are my bare feet cold? I took off my sandals because I like to feel the sand between my toes but I don’t want you to have to—“

“No, I don’t care. I just want this to end.”

“Yeah, great... ANYWAY! I’ll just balance on your nose and do my thing while you dance however you want. Like sway from side to side or something. Just think of it yourself, I’m going to start now, okay? You’ll do fine.”

“Wow, you’re stranger than I ever thought!” But Koshi didn’t say anything else and just closed her eyes and stepped left and right a few times, then gracefully spun around. Yoshi decided to stop fighting with her and just survive this dance with a little peace. His feet went up and down together with the rhythm of the song and he moved his head a little but used caution not to dump her off.

“Hey, that works! Great!” Koshi opened her eyes and smiled. “I knew that you could still do it, even when you got bigger.”

Yoshi felt glad she stopped nagging him and was giving him compliments. He did some other simple moves with his feet and each time Koshi would also do something like he did, making him feel more balanced. It was almost as if she really was dancing with him and not just on him. To him it was one of the most strange yet amazing things he had ever experienced, but at the same time he worried that Victoshia might see him and get angry. Oh well, she knew that they were friends and that Koshi could be pretty pushy at time.

“Wow, this is so... cool,” said Koshi. “Isn’t it, Yoshi? I feel like I could do this all night. Wait... oh no, the song is over! No, not now! We were just starting to have fun! One more song, Yoshi? Please please please!!”

“Sorry, but when I said just one song I meant just one... well... fine then. One more.”

“WOOOOO-EEEEEE! Thank you, bud!” She laid down on her belly and hugged his nose, causing him to feel even more akward. “Alright, here comes the last one.”

{Slow jazz arrangement of Super Mario World “underwater theme”}

The dinos returned to their dancing. Koshi looked really happy but Yoshi realized that this song was more of a romantic one and the last thing he wanted his friend to think was that he had any feelings towards her that weren’t there. She must have read his mind though because she said, “Don’t worry, Yoshe, this doesn’t mean anything. Just for fun, that’s all.”

He nodded gently. “Yeah, I know that. Just for fun.”

Yoshi attempted something new by turning around in cirlces. Koshi told him that was a good idea and also turned around in circles. They went on like this for most of the song, but then Koshi did something unusual when she stopped dancing and just stared up in the sky for a long time.

“Wow, I can see the stars now, Yoshi. Do you see them too? They’re too beautiful for words. It totally blows me away. They’re like millions of shining, lonely jewels that illuminate a dark world that never ends. It’s too beautiful for words. Makes you wonder if Yozu is really there, huh?”

Yoshi gulped. She was acting more than just a little friendly. “Uh... sure. Looks great.”

“I think that stars are my absolute favorite part of nature. I also love to look at all the clouds in the day, with their own unique shapes and smiling faces. And birds are so beautiful too when they fly around the island and sing their melodies. Heh... I guess I’m just a ‘sky girl’ or something, ha ha! Wow... doesn’t it just make you think so much? Things like the future... and dreams... and love?”

What’s going on? This isn’t going like it was supposed to. She’s acting strange and when girls act like this it can usually mean one thing! Is the song almost over? Should I tell her to knock if off? Would it look bad if I just dumped her off now? Would Vicky forgive me if she saw this? Maybe if I ignore Koshi or something then she’ll stop. Or I could yawn until she gets the hint that I’m done with this. I think the song is ending. Yes, great!

“Hey! It’s over, Koshi! I-I-I better go now like I said before!”

“Huh? Oh yeah... you can go. I’ll find someone else to dance with now. Thanks, Yoshi for doing that with me.”

“N-n-n-n-no problem. Can you please hop off now?” Without even thinking or intending to, Yoshi tipped his nose down and dropped the surprised blue Yoshi to the ground. She couldn’t believe what was happening, but reacted at once and fluttered safely to the ground.

“Yoshi!! Why did you—“

“I... uh... I... I’llseeyousometime,bye!” Yoshi walked briskly away from her and headed for his bed on the shore. Koshi sighed and thought to herself, “Oh no... what have I done? I bet I offended him there with how I acted. How could you do that, Koshi? Grr.” Yoshi, on the other hand, thought to himself, “Why can’t girls just treat me like I want them too?! Is it even possible that things can get any worse than they have been up to now?”

Hopefully not, but it was very likely.

{Super Mario World “Mario Dies”} To Be Continued...
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