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TITLE: What an Amazing God! (or Six Days of Wonder)
By Jacob Gibson

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” Romans 8:3-5. Amen. This is a loud worship song that ponders the wonder of creation, covering all six days. If it could be made, I would like it to be played by a symphony (or something) and start out with just a few instruments and as the song progressed more instruments would join in and make a glorious melody. God doesn’t belive in atheists, and neither do I. :) This is only a first draft and I would like to hear your suggestions, such as better rhymes. Thanks!
*song begins acappella until the first verse* In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The eart was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the feace of the waters. Then God said... Let there be light! *music erupts, then quiets down after a moment*

1 Deep black darkness was all that could be seen
Until you pierced it through with your glorious light
Illumination so blinding and serene
Billions of colors wrapped together in pure white

2 And then let there by sky and put the waters above and below
Azure atmosphere so heavenly, so pure, and so high
Filled with clouds of every shape and size to give rain and snow
A glorious changing canvas of beauty for every creature's eye

The first and second day!

(Chorus) What an artistic God! What an artistic designer!
Intelligent doesn’t begin to describe... what... you... are.
Your ingenious design has completely blown my mind.
Who else could conceive of this? Who else could attempt this?
I am left speechless by your power and bow down to you.

3 Next you poured the waters into crystal seas and made the dry ground
You laid out grass everywhere like carpet and turned all green
Flowers of so many colors and scents to abound
And the most wonderful fruits and vegatables we've ever seen

4 You made the sun and moon to give us heat and light
Countless stars and galaxies beyond our reach fill the universe
All revealed in a clear sky in the night
And only our world is crafted for life so diverse

The third and fourth day!

(Chorus) What a creative God! What a creative creator!
Your words have left me speechless, your breath has taken my breath away.
You bring life to us and love and hope
Everything good comes from You
Tell all the nations to praise Your name!

5 You commanded for aquatic creatures to fill the seas
Strange and amazing creatures that dwell between the surface and the floor
You commanded for birds to fill the skies and glide over high trees
To sing and dance in the air and astound us as they soar

6 Finally the time had come to complete your fantastic whim
You made cattle, insects, horses, dinosaurs and creatures beyond constrain
You formed man and breathed life in his lungs, and brought a woman from him
Together we live and love and dream in this wondrous domain!

The fifth and sixth day!

(Chorus) What an amazing God! What a loving Father!
Why did you do it all? Why did you go to so much trouble?
You did it all just for us because of your unthinkable love.
How can we say you don’t exist when your world screams “He made me!” (echo)

*sounds of many animal noises, water flowing, wind blowing, etc. with the music (nature-cussion?)*

(Chorus) You spoke it all into existence, your breath brought life inside us
With just one verse you made the universe and you wound the clock of time
Such wisdom is beyond me and knocks me to my knees
And to think that this is just the start... to think that one day we could live with you in paradise again

Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah!
Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah!
Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah! Hallelu-jah!
And it was very good.

Romans 1:19-21
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