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TITLE: The HIStory of Christmas
By Kathlyn Fauchon

This article has been written for submission to a Christmas Magazine.

“Oh look! Santa and the reindeers on the roof,” said a little girl pointing to one of the thousands of light displays on the huge two-story house.
“There’s an angel!” exclaimed her sister.
“Look at the baby in the box.’ said a little toddler.
“Santa’s going down the chimney – look,” said a bigger boy.
“Do you want to put some money in the well Tommy?” asked the father of yet another family as hundreds of people milled round the illuminated house.
Little eyes sparkled with glee at the loud rumbling sound made by the coins as they rolled from the top of the well in ever decreasing circles until they fell into the hole at the bottom. The money would go to helicopter care flight.
Christmas! These celebrations have gone on for some 2,000 years because of a child born in a stable with only an animal feed box for a bed. What is the meaning of all this?
The Bible tells us it all began at the beginning of time with the first two human beings Adam and Eve. This information comes to us having been given direct to Moses from the mouth of the Living Creator God some three-and-a-half thousand years ago. God, the eye witness, created them as adult people in His own image and later told them to increase and multiply after their own kind. They were created perfect and lived in a perfect universe. God couldn’t create anything less or He wouldn’t be God. They were vegetarians as were all the animals including the dinosaurs. Death, decay and disease were not part of this perfect world. The Apostle Paul stated in his letter to the Romans, no death before Adam sinned. Sin came into the world through Adam, and death came through sin he wrote.
Because God does not want us to be robots he gave us the ability to choose. Unfortunately Adam chose to do things his own way instead of God’s way thus death and decay entered the world just as God had warned. The meaning of the Hebrew word for death in this verse of Scripture means dying, dying, dying until eventually you are dead. Our English doesn’t have a matching word. So on the very day Adam disobeyed God he and Eve began to decay (die) physically and they did die spiritually. Also the first death happened that day too because God killed an animal (or two) to make clothing for Adam and Eve. This was the first sacrifice.
God’s Word also tells us that all people are descended from Adam and Eve and are born in Adam’s image with a bent to go their own way instead of God’s way. However Adam and Eve were privy to God’s promise to send someone to put it right – a second Adam, one not made of the dust. This hope lived on down the generations until God chose one nation to carry His message. Every nation knew of the God of the Jews. The Jews, being in Adam’s image too, were bent on going their own way so God scattered them.
After God brought them back to the country He gave them, there began a period of some five hundred years of silence from the Living God to His creation. The silence was broken when certain angels brought messages; first to Zechariah, then the Angel Gabriel to a young virgin Jewish girl named Mary and to Joseph who after the birth of Jesus became Mary’s husband. The message to Mary was that the Creator God who called the universe into being, would “overshadow her” and she would conceive a son who would be the Saviour of the world – the man not made from dust. The next angelic appearance came when first one angel then a sky full of them, informed certain shepherds of the birth of the long awaited Messiah, the King of the Universe. Yes, God Himself was born in human flesh to save humankind by taking the punishment of Hell that they rightfully deserved and so set them free. We don’t have to reach up to find God because He came down to us. Now isn’t that something to celebrate? Don’t take my word for it read it, you read it.
If you want God’s gift of a new life – physical and spiritual – that Christ Jesus bought for you, acknowledge your bent to go your own way instead of God’s way, ask for forgiveness and receive His Holy Spirit. At this point God becomes your friend and confidant forever and in the New Kingdom God promises a body that will never die. Perfection will again be restored. Jesus will return to take us to His Kingdom soon. We don’t know what time or what day (or year) but we must keep ready by daily seeking Him.
Perhaps you believe science has proved the Bible wrong? Read ‘HIStory and Science’ in this issue.
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