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TITLE: Be in complete health
By Walter Tsuro

To those who are not feeling well and discomforted by their pains, God is the healer, even for your beloved ones.
Above all, God desires us to be healthy and remain in health (3John2).

Truly, truly (I am not lying to you), above all things, it is God's will for us to walk free from disease and sickness. The first thing that comes to God's mind when He sees you is - I want this child of mine to be in health always.

Of course, the question anyone who is sick would ask is -but why am I sick if it is God's will that I be in health? There is no one answer to this question and only God knows why some are sick. However, there are some things which we know from God's word that hinder us from receiving divine healing. One such thing, which I shall be talking about in this week's issue, is not forgiving others.

In Mark 11, the Lord Jesus teaches that when we pray we should believe that we receive those things we ask of him and we shall have them. However, there is condition- we first have to forgive those other people who have wronged us. If we do not, then God will also not forgive us of the sins that we also committed. Yes, even those we committed before we became Christians become activated! Isn't that fearsome?

Certainly it is not easy to forgive, but it is to your great disadvantage if you don't. You remain in your curses the rest of your days (sickness is a curse- Deuteronomy 28). What good is it to hold on to to a bad past when you have an option to lay hold to a glorious future? Forgiving is a decision that is not based on feelings but on righteousness. Forgiving should not be determined by how we feel; rather, how we feel is determined by how we forgive. To forgive is to let go. Say it in your heart and to the person who wronged you - “I let you go” and forget about it. If the thoughts come back, repeatedly say I forgive the person who wronged me and I love them. My bible tells me – resist the devil and he will flee. Such thoughts come from the devil and do not entertain them- not even for a single moment. Pray lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

God commands us to forgive. It is not a suggestion and he means it. If God's Son, Jesus Christ was murdered on the cross, and yet he still forgave, who then are we to hold on to grudges. One way to make it lighter to forgive is to always look at Jesus how he was able to forgive people who beat him, punched him, scorned, marred his face that he no longer appeared like a man but something else. They pulled his beard off, smote his back with dangerous whips. He became so weak to even carry his cross that someone else was commanded to carry it on his behalf. He became so thirsty because of the many hours they tortured him, yet they un-caringly gave him vinegar when he requested for drinking water.

So cruel were they that they mocked him and dressed him in a kingly robe and mercilessly forced put a crown of thorns on his head- in the process piercing his head with the thorns. Jesus said that they buffeted him so bad that he could see his bones protruding out of the skin. They had a way of bruising bones that was gruesome, hitting your bones until the pain would make you numb.

They were tormentors, people like wild dogs who hunt and thirst for blood. Whose eyes bulged at the sight of every drop of blood that fell to the ground as they afflicted their victims. A specialized unit that would flog people until they would become unrecognizable. Soldiers who considered cries and groanings to be music and hymns. They would take the condemned to the place of the skull (human skulls), for crucification. The crucification process was designed to take as much time as possible in order to inflict as much pain as possible. They would employ a hammer to pound in rusty nails into the victims hands and feet right through into the bones and out on the other side- for them to grip the person onto the cross. The sun would smite the crucified all day until they gasped in their last breath.

Such were the people Jesus dealt with just before he died. The chief priests, of all people, even mockingly shouted to him, 'you said you are the Son of God, come down from that cross and we will believe you.' Now consider how much Jesus went through although he had wronged no one, nor sinned against God. Yet he was still able to intercede, 'Father forgive them they know not what they are doing.' What is it that people have done to you that surpasses this punishment Jesus went through such that you are not able to forgive?

Luke 18v21-35 is a passage on forgiveness. Peter asked Jesus how many times he ought to forgive someone who has wronged him “ seven times?”. But Jesus replied not seven times but 70 times 7!! This astonished Peter and all the disciples that (in one of the gospels' accounts) they said desperately “Lord increase our faith.”

The Luke account is on this wise- there was a king who had a servant that owed him lots of money- about R900,000,000 . The king took him, his wife and children to sell them as slaves but the servant begged for mercy and was forgiven. This servant was owed by another servant just about R200 but he took that servant, put him in jail until he should pay him his due. When the king heard this he was very wroth and said, 'you wicked servant,' that is, you devil like servant how could you do such a thing. He then took him prisoner and delivered him to the tormentors till he would have paid his huge debt.

However, we know that he could never pay such a debt; which is the same with us. We can never pay for the sins we did. If we do not forgive others we will be delivered to the tormentors (torturers) in this earth till eternity. Jesus says in heaven those being tormented will be eaten alive by worms but not dying!! Eating your flesh continuously and forever- bleeding and such other horrible pains. It is like giving birth forever, continuously every second- you get tired but you are commanded and forced to keep on delivering!! I do not know about you- but I do not think it is worthy to live under torment forever than to choose to forgive someone. The choice is yours. Choosing to forgive does not only make you to avoid eternal damnation but also makes you to receive your healing on this earth -praise God.

Proverbs 4v20-22: My son attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes. Keep them in the the midst of your heart. For they are life [good] to those who find them, and health [medicine] to your flesh.
I therefore encourage you to read your bible everyday like you are taking medicine and your healing will come. God does not lie.
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