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TITLE: The Least And Greater Of Evil...
By Dwayne Collins

In this article I tried to show the least of the greater of what we know is evil. We are faced with different questions for the fears we face each day. We blame many things and try to look for the good in them but there is no good in evil and this article supports reasoning.
The Least And Greater Of EvilÖ
Written By: Olafemi

I asked my wife about the title of this article and said why is it not the least and greater of good instead of evil. She said because and you all know that evil out-weighs that which is good. In this article I will discuss that which should be good but is in fact the evil of mankind. Politics and religion will top the list for being one way but is in fact the makings of the other.

As I was sitting and thinking of which would be better a Black man as president and an White man as vice president or a White man as president and a White woman as vice president I debated among my self which would be the least and greater of evil. I went back and forth on the issues of tax reform, medical care and the welfare of the people and came up with one solution.

Nothing will change when there remains suffering among the people. At the edge of each debate are people who are not satisfied with either oneís solutions because in the end there will be no solution. We live in a society where there is a triangle effect. Somebody on the top lives in the wealth of those at the bottom who holds up the triangle and lives in poverty. Nothing will change when there is someone living in more than one home and others are homeless. A drug lord lives in a mansion where people lay down their lives for him. While drug dealers in poor neighborhoods send their profits off as they risk their lives and freedom for their benefit.

Maybe you donít understand the change in that which was said but if you can see the least and the greater of evil you know exactly what was just said. If there are people working hard to afford just one home or even an apartment that is out of harms way, why should others be able to have homes that cost more than one hundred hard working people and the hard workers are becoming bankrupted from normal expenses? Politics will change all of this in the words promised but in reality nothing will change.

I believe that if the people who create the wars would lay their lives on the front lines instead of sending the children out to do battle for them there will be no more wars. Presidents, kings, queens and emperors lay back and decide for nations what is the better for the countryís natural resources while they donít lift a finger to make them resourceful. They are not on the minefields or working the equipment but they have a lot to do with the wealth that comes from them. You know that foreign policy means nothing for the backbone of the nations.

We know that good is the right way to be successful but we give way for evil to conquer. In every nation across the globe someone reaps the wealth of poor people. Then we protest because our votes havenít registered in the minds of the politicians that were elected to be the voice of the people. We fight among each other for the sake of those who we think might make a difference in our lives but choose to sit back on a government that dominates evil doings to the success of greed. We cast our votes for a democratic way of living and as a result we live where the rich gets richer and the poor, well you know the rest.

Where does it stop? Well what man will rob GOD? In the pulpit we watch evangelist saying that we will prosper from our tithes and offerings. We believe that ten percent of our earnings will allow us into a kingdom where the streets are paved with gold and the entrance to the gates are made of pearls. We listen as they tell us that a mustard seed of faith will give us the power to move mountains.

Then reality sinks in when prosperity never comes and despair flourishes. What kind of god would ask for ten percent of anybody when he sits on a thrown where the streets are worth more than anything that person could make? How can you rob a god if mansions are available for every man? There is only one TRUE LIVING GOD and all he wants is that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This is very hard to do when we are made to compete against our own brothers and sisters for the love of our parents. Our neighbor canít even or are not allowed to knock on our doors and be introduced without the least of evil being seen.

It is sad that we walk with our heads down, to a job where we finally get to socialize with our brothers and sisters; and we live where we donít even get to know our next-door neighbors. In our own homes our children are faced with the dramas of hardships and we canít understand why they seek wisdom from people they donít know or have never met. The least of the greater evils is present in everything we do and say.

Politics or religion! Both hold the good of mankind and both proceeds to let the evil dominate the welfare of those who only want to live a happy life. Both dwells where the buffalo roams and deer and the antelope plays but allows disgrace to be among the people who prepare their meals. Both make the promises of a lifetime and neither provides equality for the people they serve.

The least and greater of evil is brought out because we know nothing else. It would be good to know that there is no more poverty. It would be the greatest of all things to know that never again will people fight over an earth that produces enough natural resources to feed and house each and every child not even born for the next hundred years. The least of mankind can benefit from the smallest amount of good produced from just a smile. Just think what could benefit from the wealth that is wasted among the leaders of our trust.

We must rid ourselves of this evil that causes us to fight and steal and kill those who suffer from the same exact thing. To love GOD with all of our hearts, minds and souls is how we can make the good of all evils be withdrawn. To love our brothers and sisters and prove that we are the characteristics of the parents who once loved, will defeat the evil that is waiting for itís chance to corrupt our minds. To love is what we all want to be a part of and this will definitely be the GREATER OF ALL THAT IS evil. Itís not religion and itís not politics that generate the good of mankind. Mankind is the prime element in that which is forever GOOD. May GOD bless you and give you the strength to know that the least and greater of evil is the GOOD we allow to rise above it.
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