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TITLE: God's Not Playin' Wid Chu'
By Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola

“God’s not playin’ wid chu!” It could be a Tyler Perry play, but for real, I have found that God’s not playin’. Not just about the hell fire and brimstone stuff, but He’s really not playing with the living-your-life-right stuff. When you pray and ask god to help you in any way, from the properly spoken prayer of the minister to the hysterical cry of a frightened person who doesn’t even know Jesus, here’s what you can’t be doin’:
• You can’t be walkin’ around not having ever given your life to Christ.
• You can’t be sellin’ your food stamps, just this once.
• You can’t be fakin’ injuries in a car crash to get insurance money because you’ve been out of work for months and are about to be evicted from your apartment. Even if you’re in this predicament because you felt called by God to quit your job or move to another state, and so this insurance money will help your ministry. Hey, it’s not your ministry, it’s His!
• You can’t be forgin’ documents that say you’re working to get some rent subsidy when you’re not working.
• You can’t be pretendin’ you have custody of some children so you can claim them on your taxes to have a bigger take-home check and then quick, take them off your W-4 in time for April tax time, when you could get caught ‘cos their legal guardians are claimin’ them also.

These may bring a chuckle to those doing this or those who know people doing this; red & yellow, black & white – whoever is doing it in God’s sight, it’s wrong and God’s not laughin’. No, He’s not anointing you when you’re doing this. I’ll continue:
• You can’t purchase a house by putting your child’s name on the mortgage ‘cos they’re 18 and don’t know this could be a stain on their credit later, (especially, if you keep livin’ the way you’ve been livin’ that got you to the place where you couldn’t qualify for your own house).
• You can’t register the building you know you’re going to use for a church but tell the county it’s going to be your residence. Eventually, the neighbors are going to be able to see it’s a church and tell on you, oh, anointed wannabee!
• You can’t speed on down the highway at 65 mph when it says MAXIMUM speed is 55 mph. You say, how can anyone expect me to drive that slowly! Uh, Jesus expects you to drive that slowly. There’s even a special lane all for you. Same thing goes for driving 40 mph when the sign says 35 mph SPEED LIMIT on that city street. Speed LIMIT – look it up in the dictionary.
• You can’t fornicate. Let me explain. That is having sex with someone who is not your wife or husband or having sex with someone you are not married to (even if the wedding is tomorrow or 2 hours from now). That also means not having sex with a woman whom you are not married to even though you left your own wife in Africa or Asia or South America or Australia or Antarctica, 12 years ago, so you could come to America and get the family out of poverty. You say how does anyone expect a man to do without sex that long! Jesus did – for 33 years!
• You can’t live in America illegally. You know you don’t have the right papers to live here but you’re still here. You’re not supposed to work, but you’re working anyway.
• You can’t have an illegal worker. You know the baby sitter you have is illegal but you say, “How am I supposed to be takin’ care of my kids and keep this high payin’ job?” So you have her disobeying the law of the land, which is the same as disobeying God, because He said, obey the law of the land (Matthew 22:21). You’re causing a “little one” to stumble. So your stone is ready to go around your neck so you can sink into the bottom of the sea (Matthew 18:6). (No politics intended. I’m only talking to people who say they are followers of Jesus Christ. The rest of you can do whateva’).
• You can’t drive without a proper driver’s license. You are supposed to change your drivers’ license in 30 days, when you move but you don’t because it’s not convenient or you’ve got a lot of legal issues you have to clear up (even if it’s because of someone else’s wrongdoing towards you). [Ouch, ouch all over me!].
• You can’t be watchin’ junk on TV – the Spice channel, Playboy or even ‘Poor Little Rich Girls’, ‘Simpsons’, ‘Girlfriends’, ‘Half & Half’. Come on people, be honest, what is this rubbish. You know it’s not edifying to you. You love Jesus so much, well He loves you more, and just think as you sit propped up in your bed watching your favorite show, that Jesus, the Christ, is propped up in the bed right next to you. Look next to you. See Him? Does He look pleased?
• You can’t be playin’ the lottery! Hello, somebody out there! It’s gambling. So is playing the horses. When you win it’s not a blessing, it’s a curse. You’ll find out after you’ve had the money for awhile. You say, “Yeah, well I’ll put up with it, and enjoy that money.” “I’ll deal with that after I win the money.” “I’ll deal with that after I win the millions.” Stop talking like you’re not a member of the Kingdom.

How do I have the right to ever write about these things? I have been involved in them and one of them I still haven’t been able to stop. (Won’t tell you which one, only my friends know.) But the Holy Spirit have me these words as He was dealing with me and getting me straight – or straighter than I was. He impressed it on me that we Christians are really quite silly to say we are under the Anointing when we can’t even follow simple no-no’s in the Kingdom.

Now it‘s true that sin is doing what one thinks is wrong but there are some things that are just wrong.

You are a member of a Kingdom – The Kingdom of God, and there are rules of that Kingdom and it runs according to a constitution – The Beatitudes. It is natural that there are certain ways people of that Kingdom behave. You gain entrance to this Kingdom by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me quick explain that before I go on:
God’s purpose for us human beings is that we have peace and life – here on earth and eternally. The problem we have is that we are separated from Him by our sin (wrong things we do and think). God did not make us robots to automatically love and obey Him, but gave us freedom of choice. We have chosen to disobey Him. God’s remedy is The Cross. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross, then He had Him rise from the dead, thereby paying the penalty for our sin and bridging the gap between God and man. Now, we have to trust Jesus Christ and receive Him by personal invitation into our lives. It’s by a simple prayer where you ask Jesus to come into your heart, ask for His forgiveness of your sins of the past and ask Him to take over your life and you promise to do exactly what He tells you to do from now on and to trust Him.

That was an explanation for those who have never given their lives to Christ. Maybe even for those of us who have been born again for some years and need to remember what we promised Him.

For those who know The King, know this! You are weakened by going ahead and carrying out these things and it is easy for your enemy, the devil, to entice you away to worse. “Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall”. Obeying the devil gives him permission to step into your life. Things are not going to go well. Maybe you won’t notice anything wrong for awhile, but eventually you will hit a wall!

Maybe I should end with a dramatic call – “Repent! Repent! That you be not consumed!!!

Copyright ©2004 Carroll Ayo Durodola
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.