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TITLE: The Great Mountain
By Rachel Stone

This is the first of a compliation of 7 allegories I am working on called Kingdomstory. My hope is that each story will be paired with a vivid illustration and will be geared toward adults reading to young children. With this in mind I would like to know the Spiritual value you find in each peice. Thanks!!
In a quiet and humble village lying just below the great mountain lived a young boy full of spirit and life. His home was found to be on the same small farm as his grandfather and even his grandfather’s grandfather before him.

“Father”, asked the young son, “You’ve told me many stories of the good King in His Kingdom on the Great Mountain. You told me to remember these stories and tell them to my children one day. Why is it that the Great King does not come down here to us?”

“You mustn’t say such things my son. The Great King is very powerful and busy with His Great Kingdom,” Was the father’s humble reply.

“Then shall we not go up on the mountain to Him?” the boy persisted.

“To climb the great mountain would take much effort and many days. We have everything we need here. The Great King has provided us streams which flow from His River supplying water for our flocks and fields. The mountain itself provides shelter from the harsh winter. There is much work to be done, and it is enough for us to be grateful and satisfied.”

The young boy understood his father’s meaning and resumed his work. But he continued to wonder what the Great King and His Kingdom was like. He found that the more he thought about this King the more he wanted to see Him in His Kingdom.

The years passed until the boy realized he was almost a man and that he no longer wanted to live on a farm in the village but longed to see the Great Kingdom and live on the Great Mountain. He told this to his father.

“My boy, you have always been a curious dreamer. And it is true you are almost a man. It is time for you to take your place here and do the work of your father and your grandfather’s before you.”

The boy loved his father very much but even this bold rebuke would not keep him from his goal. Very early one morning the boy said a quiet goodbye to the home of his youth and set out to climb the Great Mountain.

He had packed all that he could carry from his home in the village but soon his provision ran out and he began to look around him for food. He could hear the roaring water and soon found the Great River where the fresh water flowed with increasing abundance.

He was surprised to find trees along the riverside that he had never seen before, with beautiful fruit that strengthened him on his journey. Though he traveled for many weeks it seemed as only a few days for his desire to see the King grew greater with each step.

There were other villages he passed along the way but stopped only at a few, not to be hindered on his journey. He found the villagers to be kind but very content to stay in their places of provision and safety. None wanted to accompany him on his journey higher.

As he neared the peak, the path became very steep. He rested for a while near the river, eating of the fruit until he had the strength to make the final climb. His expectation of the Great Kingdom had grown as he climbed higher and higher and he was certain his first glimpse of the castles and fountains would be beyond his greatest imaginings.

Dusk was coming swiftly as the exhausted climber lifted himself above the final plateau. Instinctively, he turned to look back at his village far below. Then turned again and prepared himself for the great scene he was about to behold.

Desolation! Vast nothingness, as far as he could see. “Great King, where is you Kingdom?” cried the man. “Have I journeyed so long, spent myself, and left my father’s house for nothing?”

The man, thinking he was alone, was not expecting a reply. But an answer came in a voice on the wind. The words with a sound that was not loud yet shook the entire mountain as He spoke.

“I am the Great King whom you seek and truly this was to be a place for me to dwell with my people. I visit the Mountain often to see if my Kingdom has come. I see the people content to stay below building their own houses and working the land I gave them long ago. I’ve waited for them to come up higher. I’ve longed to see them begin to build, not for themselves alone, but for me. I have made myself a dwelling place in the heavens since before time began, but my heart is to be here on this mountain with my people.”

The young man listened to The Great King, wondering why He had not built His own Kingdom. Surely in His greatness and power the King could build courtyards and kingdoms that would be infinitely greater than anything a man could accomplish. Did he dare to ask?

The Great King knew his thoughts, “It was to you that I gave this land. I created it for you and you from it so I no longer have ownership. This mountain belongs to you. I will be your King and will meet with anyone who will come up on this mountain, but I can only have a Kingdom here if my people will build one.

“But King, My King we didn’t know, we’ve been waiting for You to come down to us.” The boy cried out.

“I did, long ago I sent my son, the Prince of Peace to bring my Kingdom to you. He was met with fear, anger, rejection, and death.”

“Some belived in Him as My Son, their Savior. Many believe still. To them I gave My Spirit that calls them relentlessly into the greatness of this Kingdom that only they can build.”

“Yes, I know of Your Son the Messiah,” he admitted. Tears came down the young man’s face for he could feel such great love from the heart of the Maker, for His Son, for him, and all the people below.

“He came and taught us of love and peace and the Kingdom that was to come. Our fathers told us it was on this mountain. That You dwelled there watching over all the villages. I, too, have heard Your Spirit calling me, even as a boy. That is why I could not stop clilmbing until I saw Your Kingdom. Now…” He paused in disappointed silence. Then as if a new strength took hold of him, the young man spoke again. “I must begin to build, if You will show me.”

“I want nothing more my son, your obedience to make this climb has blessed me beyond measure. But you can not build alone. I gave to each one building gifts and you must work together. Some will lay foundations, some build up walls, and others will make grand buildings and pillars of stone, and still more will make tapestries woven with gold and prayers.”

“You must go now, back down the mountain” The Maker continued, “and proclaim to every village and villager that the Kingdom of the Great King IS here. And it is time to build.” He would not speak again until the young man’s return.

The young man stood for a long time, looking around. The mountaintop that had once appeared desolate now seemed alive with peace and the purest joy he’d ever known. Yes, truly this was a place to build a Kingdom. And it was here all the time for anyone who committed to the climb. But would they? He asked himself.

The man closed his eyes and began to see gardens and streams and great buildings surrounded with white walls and gates of iron. When he opened his eyes he could still see them but after a moment only the new streams remained. He could see that they all came together and flowed into the river. Fresh water brimming with new hope poured over the mountainside.

He stepped into the river. All weariness and despair left him along with the dirt and grime of the climb. His life was made new in this river and his entire purpose would be to stay with the river as it flowed through the villages to speak of the kingdom to every man and woman and child. To help them know that the Great King and His Son wanted them on this mountain and have given them gifts to build greater things than eyes have ever seen.

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