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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 3)
By Jacob Gibson

Yoshi learns a shocking theory to how he may have become what he is, although there is still much more to the story that no one seems to know about. The plot is about to pick up and everything is going to get much crazier! Hang on.
Ep. 3: Make Dreams, Lose Dreams (part III of III)

With every step that Yoshi took through the jungle, the more he worried and the more he thought about what they might say to him that was so hard to talk about. Do they know why this happened to me? Am I trapped this way forever? A I am going to die or something?

The parents walked ahead of him and looked for a secluded area where no one could listen in or interrupt. It seemed to take forever but they finally reached a place they approved. A big open area fewer trees than usual, a stream going downhill and large rocks on both sides of it. Yoshi felt glad that he could sit in a place away from the trees because it was much harder than usual trying to walk through them. Everyone sat down in front of the stream and got comfortable. But both of them seemed like they couldn’t talk yet or didn’t know what to say.

“Uh…” said Sanya. “Well… uh… thanks for coming here with us, Yoshi. I’m sorry that we had to drag you away from whatever you were going. But we… need to tell you something important.”

“Yeah,” said Hiroshi, “You see… uh… well this isn’t a terrible thing. I mean it is but it isn’t, I guess. But... you still deserve to know the truth.”

Now Yoshi felt even more anxious. He swallowed and prepared to hear something beyond awful.

“Exactly,” said Sanya. “But remember that this won’t at all change the way we think of you or treat you. So… go on, sugar.”

“Okay… uh… listen, Yoshi.” Hiroshi gulped. “Don’t freak out from this but the truth is… I’m… not your biological father.”

Those five words smacked him in the face like flying eggs. His mind immediately began to think a million things at once but before he could even say one word his father continued.

Hiroshi quickly added, “I know that sounds bad but you have to know this first.”

“What’s… that?” Yoshi managed to get out.

“Your real father died before you were even born. He… really wanted to see you and your siblings, but he passed away while doing a very noble cause. I’m sorry that you never got to meet him when you hatched. Okay... honey?”

Sanya sighed and looked like what she had to say was somehow going to be worse than that his real father wasn’t alive anymore. “Yoshi… do you know the stories people tell about that huge red Yoshi that came to this island? Yoshigefumi?”

“Yeah, I do.” Hold it. Why didn’t I think of this before?! I forgot all about him somehow. Is it possible that he has something to do with how I am now? But… she won’t say that… it’s just not possible that… don’t say it!

“Yoshi… he was your real father.”

Now he could no longer take it and screamed without restraint. Some jungle creatures came running to the area but were shooed away. His parents sighed with both deep regret and relief.

“I’m sorry, Yoshi,” said his father. “There’s a good possibility that your problem is actually a genetic disorder that came from him and may not go away soon if ever.”

“Ah… ah… ah…” Now his brain felt like a broken record.

“But we won’t give up on you! We’re going to do everything we can to find a way to bring you back to normal. Even if we can’t then we’ll still provide a way for you to live as close to normal as possible. This won’t just be your battle but ours too.”

The huge orange dinosaur appreciated their dedication to him and smiled a little. But he still hated that his life would never be the same. However that unpleasant thought got interrupted by an even more unpleasant thought that made him raise his eyes. But before he could ask the question, his mother quickly answered it.

“And don’t worry, Yoshi, he was MY size when we had children. I think I better tell you the whole story now. Or at least what I know. Your father, Yoshigefumi, was a normal red Yoshi just like the others. He was my best friend for almost my whole life and eventually we fell in love and married. We couldn’t have been a happier couple… despite how irresponsible and reckless he could get at times! Heh… uh, so yeah. A good life.

“But that good life ended faster than I thought possible. In only one week, he completely disappeared without saying anything. I felt like I was falling down a bottomless pit of misery and regret.” She wiped her eyes and then the dad put his arm around her. “Later I heard from someone that he didn’t leave me but some terrible thing had kidnapped him. Some… human.”

Human?!?! I think I’ve heard this legend before, but I didn’t know it was connected to the other one too! So the story is true and that’s why so many Yoshies hate the humans! I can’t believe it.

Sanya continued, “That person told me she saw—“

“—something big and noisy grab him and take him away?!” finished Yoshi.

“Yes… you’ve heard this story too? Wow. I guess that some folks didn’t keep their mouths shut like I asked, hmmmmmm. Anyway… yes, during the night Yoshigefumi went outside to do something… I still don’t know what… and a huge ‘thing’ just marched to the island somehow and then snatched him away forever. Many Yoshies did their best to shoot it down with eggs but for no effect. The creature dove into the dark waters and never showed up again.

“Almost everyone on the island searched high and low, including other friendly creatures, but no one could find a single trace of my husband. Day after day I waited patiently for him to return, only for nothing. I refused to give up hope, or even marry someone else, as long as I could take it. And then Yozu gave me a miracle.

“I’ll never forget it. One night as I looked out the window of my lonely house, I thought about how I was just wasting my life and should look for a new husband soon. Then, without a single warning… he showed up at the front door. And scared the heeby jeebies out of me!!”

The dad laughed. Then she continued, “But this wasn’t a dream and he wasn’t a ghost, or a even giant dinosaur yet. He finally came back to me! I wouldn’t stop kissing me and telling him how much I loved him, and he said the same and apologized for being gone so long.” Now the dad frowned a little. “I couldn’t have been happier that night. But I should have know that there would be a terrible price attached. Yoshigefumi stayed with me for almost a month and that’s when we were getting ready to have our children. Then he started acting strange.

“One rainy night he finally told me what was wrong. I remember exactly what he said. ‘I need to tell you something Sanya. I… I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you this right when I saw you but… when I saw your heavenly face in the peaceful night and remembered our wonderful love, I couldn’t say it. But I love you too much to lie anymore. Please forgive me for what I’m about to tell you.’ I asked him what it was and assured him that I would love him no matter what. Then he said, ‘Thank you. But this is much bigger than you could even dream.’ He walked outside a distance from our home, with his back turned to me, and started to move around strangely and yell in a voice that changed to a deeper pitch. Before my eyes he grew bigger than you are. I felt myself scream in terror.”

Yoshi began to feel bad for his mom and forgot about everything else that was about him. “So, he was a mutant then?”

“Yes. He told me that some strange creatures called humans had kidnapped him and made him be like this. He didn’t know how it happened because he could only remember small parts of the nightmare, but knew that he had been locked up and this human had done something to him to make him grow like this and also learn a new language…”

Looks like I forgot to mention something earlier. But now is still okay. Yoshies don’t speak English in this story. They have their own language which sounds a little like Hawaiin. I’ll answer any questions you may have later. ;)

“… The last two things he revealed to me proved the hardest to take in. First he said that while he was in this scary place with the human he saw many other creatures like him also becoming monsters, so there could be more to come like him… only evil. Second, he said that he had to leave the island for awhile and fight these creatures for the safety of us all because it was his duty since he used to be with the Yoshi militia. So he left again and when he finally came back to stay… he… passed away soon after.” Finally she couldn’t hold back and cried uncontrollably. Yoshi thought that he might soon too. They let her calm down and then finish their talk.

“So… heh… yes we sent his body out to sea for his grave and people made up all of those stories about him. And then I married my wonderful new husband now and everything is going to be just fine, ha.” She kissed him and he leaned in closer to her.

“Well… I think we’ve said more than enough,” said the father. “Thanks for listening, son. You can go if you want now.”

“Just remember that no matter what you look like… how many games you win or lose… how many accomplishments you receive or miss… or how many battles you win or lose… we’ll still love you forever. That’s a promise.”

“Uh… sniff… thank you. Thanks a lot, mom and dad. I have a lot to think about.” He walked away to go somewhere by himself. The parents remained in the area and held each other for awhile. Then Sanya said, “You know… sniff… maybe we should get him a psychologist along with the tutor. Because I bet that he could have a lot of pain and suffering inside that he needs to sort out.”

“Yeah,” said Hiroshi. “I doubt that we could help him with ALL of his problems with something like this.”

“Uh-huh. And I think it might be wise if we got him one that was an attractive girl close to his age. He might open up more to her than he would for us or another guy.”

“Yeah! That is a good idea. We could find a nice fat one for him. I know how my son likes the girls that are a little plump!” (It’s a culture thing XD)

“What? Yoshi doesn’t like fat girls. His girlfriend, Victoshia, may have bright pink skin, but she isn’t exactly overweight. Hold it… are you saying that I’M FAT?!”

Hiroshi leaned back like and put up his hands. “No no no! Please don’t think that! You’re perfect. In fat… FACT, you’re so skinny that you make your boots look big. Heh heh. Why in the world would you think that—“ Okay, the conversation gets a little personal from this point on so I think we’ll let them be alone and see what Yoshi is doing.

Yoshi was now down at the the beach and just sitting there and watching the waves go back and forth, thinking hard about everything his parents had told him. Man, I can’t believe this. Everything just keeps getting worse and worse. I don’t know why this had to happen to me. Why did my mom have to… okay, this wasn’t her fault. Why did my real dad have to lie to her and ruin my life? And then he leaves me forever and I never get to meet him! I know this was hard for mom but at least she’s not a freak like I am! Why was I even running around like a fool earlierl? There’s nothing good about this at all. How am I supposed to go on? I can never live like I did before. I can’t go snowboarding for our vacation. How am I even supposed to even have kids some day?!

Some little Yoshies came running up to him and asked for a ride like their friends got, but he ignored them until they left. They’re so lucky. They have no idea in the world how fortunate they are. He went on thinking like this for awhile until another Yoshi approached him and started yelling something at him. Yoshi ignored him as long as he could but after a few minutes of the same thing he finally lost it.


“Ahhhh… uhhh… s-s-sorry, Yoshi” said the young teen, “But I think you should see something. There’s crazy-looking boats coming towards the east side of the island and they’re almost here!”

“So what?”

“It’s just that I don’t know who’s driving them and they look dangerous! Please come see?”

Yoshi decided that he needed to walk around some more so he decided to go. They walked around the island, much slower than the teen wanted him to go, and then came to the spot where he saw the boats. But they were no where to be found.

“Okay… so where are they now? Are you sure you saw what you saw?”

“Well if you would have just walked a little faster then maybe—uh… I mean, yes I know I saw them. Maybe they went somewhere else. Hey, let’s go a little farther first.” They went on a little farther and it wasn’t long before they ran across something. It wasn’t the boats. It was something much stranger.

“Woah!” exclaimed Yoshi. “There’s some kind of weird tracks on the beach going into the water! Do you think… it’s another human thing?”

“Oh man. I hope not! I don’t want to get kidnapped like that one guy in the stories. But… how do we know that these tracks are going away from the island and aren’t coming towards it?”

“How in the world could something possibly float across the water and then move on the ground?” Just then they heard some noises coming from the jungle and quickly followed the sound and one set of the tracks to find out the answer.

“Uhhhhh, hey there, Bob-oom. Any trace of Goldie Locks yet? Over.”

“Thaaaaaat’s a negative 10-7-0-5-9er, Dr. Dirtman. No sign of her yet. The hound is still sniffing but this terrapin won’t dive into the water just yet. Over.”

“Hey, this is, uh, Shovel Dog. Haven’t found her yet. Anyone else getting jumped on by these pesky dragon frogs? Under. I mean… over!”

“Eeeeeee-yehhhhp, that’s a 10-10-5-3-X-4-9er-9er-10-9er, Trawlman. But I ain’t worried. They can’t hurt ol’ Bessie. Her skin is tough as nails. I reckon we’ll be juuuuuuust fiiiiiiine. Over.”

The things that our friends had been searching for were now roaming around the island. They were large green digging machines with huge tractor treads, heavily armored steel, and many arms on the front and sides with various digging instruments, giving the appearance of a weird cross between a turtle and a spider. Even though they weren’t boats, they could still travel across the ocean with how they were built. The people inside of these things were Koopa Troopas and other friends of King Koopa, and they were talking like truckers just for the fun of it. The “Goldie locks” that you heard was the treasure they were looking for by using powerful metal detectors that searched for things underground. The dragon frogs that Shovel Dog referred to were the many angry Yoshies that were hurling tons of eggs at them. But like he said, the eggs didn’t even put a dent in the tough machines.

I might just give one more theory now and then give you a little rest. Egg Theory. You would think that since all Yoshies can lay eggs that they must all be female, or maybe asexual, but I refuse to believe that. Even if the Birdos counted as the female dinosaurs for them, I just don’t like to think that way. So now I give you my own beliefs. In the story, there are both male and female Yoshis and both genders can lay eggs. I know that sounds weird but just hold on a second. Only females can lay eggs with offspring in them, and only if the eggs are fertilized. The males use their eggs as weapons and can make eggs that either explode or bounce off of things (how they make different kinds of eggs is unknown to me). The females can throw eggs too but they are not encouraged to do this at certain times in case some are fertilized. Besides, fertilized eggs have much tougher shells and weigh a lot more so they wouldn’t make good weapons anyway.

“Hey, I see something weird up ahead!” said Yoshi. “What are those things? Giant Koopa Troopas with a bunch of arms and rolling legs?”

“Woah. They look like they could kill a guy! Why aren’t they attacking though?”

“I don’t know. But those Yoshies are fighting them so they must be enemies! And that means… it’s time for me to get busy! Ha ha HA!!”

{Music: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Yoshi’s Island}

Yoshi took off at full speed towards the machines and didn’t even listen to what his friend tried to tell him (which was “Go smash those things, dude!”). He knew exactly what he was going to do to them. This was going to be a lot of fun.

“Okay… so does anybody know any good Yoshi jokes? I may have one. What do you call—OH NOOOOOO!!!”

“Uh… I don’t know. Give me a second and—“


“What?! Really? Shovel Dog! Shovel Dog, are you there?!”

Boom! Yoshi leapt towards the machine and the other Yoshies backed away immediately and cheered him on. He jumped on top of the machine and did several ground pounds on it to flatten it. The driver got out before he could get hurt, but soon found himself in the mouth of a happy Yoshi.

Yoshi got up and ran towards another one and first head-butted the thing and then smashed it down with his foot. The third one actually attacked him before he got to it, but he just kicked it over and then demolished it. The fourth one he flipped over, picked up with his mouth, and then hurled it straight into the ground. Across the whole island Yoshi Zorus went on a crazy rampage of destroying these machines, ten in all. Finally, in a matter of minutes, they were nothing but scrap and the drivers were running away with no place to hide.

“Yoshi! Excellent work!” shouted one.

“You rule, man!” yelled another.

“No one can even come close to you!” Everyone who witnessed this happen cheered for Yoshi and gave him many compliments. He smiled with a huge, threatening grin and said, “No problem. This is the kind of thing I live for! Ha ha ha ha ha! ROOOOAARRRRRRR!!”

In that moment Yoshi forgot all about his huge problem and began to think about the huge opportunities he now had. Maybe his parents were right and things would turn out okay after all.

{Music: Super Mario World “Bonus Game Clear” song} “Yoshi!!”

Upcoming episode: Sorry, Yoshi, But the Tribe has Spoken
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