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TITLE: An Adventure into CRACK
By Dwayne Collins

This short story is for all readers and people who think that they know how to give help to those who are in need. It is designed to question the minds of professionals and be an aid to those seeking help for people who have addictions. Read and get in touch with the spirit in you.
Written by: Olafemi

Oh what a beautiful morning. When my eyes opened I saw a beautiful sun shining through my curtains. My wife was still asleep and it was time for me to refresh myself for work. I got out the bed and took my morning shower and thought about what my day would be like for this beautiful day in the making.

After the shower I put on my clothes and began my breakfast of cereal and milk. I didnít want to be too heavy. I ate and started on my way. Locking the door behind me I started my walk down the hallway. This morning would be like no others, I could tell, everything was quiet as I waited for the elevator. When the elevator arrived and the door opened I noticed a man lying down in a corner of the elevator. I thought he was dead and I called out to him but there was no response. I pulled out my cell phone but I couldnít get a signal. I pushed the open door button but the elevator was on itsí way down.

All of the sudden I heard a sound from the man. Help me, he said very faintly. I asked him what had happened and what could I do to help him. This is when the day of my adventure came to play. As I leaned forward the man started to rise up. He told me that his name was Sam and if you would like to listen I would like to tell you his story.

My name is Sam and Iíve come a long way to get to where you are today. My grandfather was a slave owner and he was a very brutal man. This brutality he passed on to his children and they all died young with the exception of my father.

My father was a provider and he provided well for us but now I think that it was a little bit too well. My childhood was a normal one. I was an explorative child and investigation was always on my mind. I wanted to find out what makes things tick. All through my childhood and even in my teens I experimented with new things and new cultures. I wanted to know what made people do what they did.
My father had always told me to do the right things but I seem to do all things wrong. I dated the wrong girls, I hung out with the wrong guys, and I got into all the wrong places, everything I did was wrong and that is why Iím here today.

All my biggest problems started when I got married. My wife was a very beautiful woman inside and out. On several occasions we tried to have children but failed. Just as my father I was a very good provider but my investigations into the wrong things led my family life into disaster.

Now if you ask me I will tell you that my disaster started with my wife. I loved her but when we could not have children I began to drink heavily and do the worse drug known to existence. This is a drug that called in the spirits of evil. It brought them out of the clouds and right into my backyard. I didnít really know this until I began to see them and they talked to me just as Iím talking to you now.

I know that you donít believe me because I have been to drug rehabs and even the drug addicts that have quit for a while didnít believe me. They pretended to know what I was talking about but I could tell that they had never experienced the truth about the drug that we call CRACK.

CRACK is a mixture of cocaine and baking soda and sometimes any other substance a dealer wants to add to make more money. It is like speed, lsd and it takes control of you just like heroin. Many people donít know it but it is the work of satan. The devil constructed this drug to make sure that we never come to a reality. I have known people to stop but the spirits just keep on calling out to you and when I say spirits I really mean demons.

When I first started using CRACK, I started off just as most people did investigating a new high. I was with my friends and they introduced me to this spirit. When we started I watched. It was three of us and I was the last to smoke. I saw one of my friends take a blast and as I watched him he went into a trancelike state. He just sat up staring off. Then I saw my other friend and immediately he began twisting and turning. At first I was intimidated and didnít want to be as they were but I had to find out what it was like. I took a blast and I heard them running through the house. Under the couch and behind the television and I told my friends but they were too busy taking another blast.

So I took another blast thinking that this would bring me down. Then as my friends began tripping I heard one them say turn the TV down. He heard them I thought but he said that it was the police. He went to the window and peeked out through the blinds. Then my other friend said listen, they are in the back. I thought he heard them but he thought it was people calling out to the police and banging on the door.

I watched this go on between all three of us for two hours until every piece of CRACK was gone. The house was filled with smoke and demons but they didnít see what I saw. They heard noises that were not there. It was as if they were hearing sounds from miles away. Then as we sat coming down I heard one of them say letís get another one. We had a hundred dollars among us and a call was made and we started all over again.

You know after that I went home to my wife and thought about telling her what I did but when she asked me I told her a flat out lie. I didnít want her to know that I was out smoking CRACK so I deceived her. This was my first time and I said that I would never do it again but I was wrong. Every day all I could think of was that smoke and my friends. I didnít know that this was a way of the demons calling out to me to smoke again until I called my buddy up and asked him how could I get me some. It was my payday and I thought I would just get a hundred dollars worth, this wouldnít hurt me I got paid $550 a week. I would spend a hundred and take home the rest.

So I went over and we smoked and the demons came out as if we summoned them. They were all over the house again and I watched them as they relaxed as if they owned the place. I smoked until every dime was gone and my friend told me to go home. He told me to go home because he didnít know I could get more money. So when I left I went to the atm and got out another $200 dollars and got me some more CRACK and went home.

When I got there it was early that morning and my wife was asleep. So I went into the basement and I begin to smoke. My first blast took me to a place outside of my basement. I saw that I was still in my basement but the demons were there and they followed me around. I heard noises and I tried to walk away but they were still following me. I heard a noise coming down the stairs and I thought it was my wife so I hid my stem and CRACK but it was nothing and I took another hit.

People donít know that smoking CRACK is different from drinking and doing other drugs. You can get the spirits from anything that alters your mind but this CRACK thing places you right in the world of demons. They talk to you, they make you lust, they make you hear things that are not there, they make your heart race and they do this within a matter of minutes.

I wanted to tell you this because you see me lying down on the elevator floor and you want to help me. But I believe that you are judging me. I think that if I asked you for help you wouldnít know how to help me. I know that you might want to but there is really nothing you can do. You see, we have been pushed out of society and it is because of the governments of this world that we are like this. Every supplier of CRACK is supported by the governments from which the drug is manufactured and supplied and the governments distributes CRACK to the people who are in need of mental stimulation.

There are a lot of people who will support the beast at any cost. They will say that the government didnít put that stem to your lips and make you smoke that CRACK but they are wrong. It is a dysfunction but it was caused by the formation of a world of deception and wickedness and evil. I remember the movies of vampires who had zombies to protect them while they slept during the day. These are what the people who back the governments of mind-altering drugs. They try to make a majority of people believe that all hope is lost to those who hold addictions because they mentally see things that others donít see.

Addictions is just like possession. Addicts canít be possessed naturally as some people can be so they need to be possessed by stimulations. Some people can be possessed by zodiac signs, going to church they feel the spirits, hypnosis, and mental therapy just to name a few of the ways that possession can occur. If you notice in every way people who are possessed are scorned on by other people and this is where my investigations have led me. Right to this elevator floor and to you.

Iíve been put through tough love and all the other ways in which addicts have been treated and nothing works. Iíve found out what will work and it is the coming together of human kind. You see we are being taken over by satan and we donít even realize it. When I smoke CRACK I see these devils and they talk to me. They let me know what they are doing to us and how they are doing it. They show me how easy it is to alter the minds of mankind. They show me how easy it is to make us go against what is right. They tell me how they manipulate our minds to believe just what they want us too and that is to be against one another.

You see me on the floor and you ask me how can you be of help to me but if I told you how badly I needed someone to believe in me the spirits around you would make your mind turn away from me. You will think that I am crazy just as my addicted brothers thought of me. They may have stopped smoking and using drugs but their minds have already been possessed and they donít understand. What I mean is that they are made not to understand the addictions of those who actually defeat the demonic possessions.

As the man finished his talk to me the elevator bell rang out and the door begin to open. He said, you donít know me but I want you to tell the world that I am the brother of mankind. I am the sister of humanity who got lost because I wanted to know a way out of stress and depression. I am the father of a world trapped by demonic spirits that wonít stop until all of us believe we are protected by an honest government. I am the mother of children who defy the TRUTH and explore greater ways to gain knowledge that will change the world. Tell everybody you know that a life without unity will surly die off into the lake of fire. Tell them that education is not being educated but is knowing that wisdom is right before their eyes only if they do not conform to the mental deception being distributed to them by a spirit that cares not for any of mankind.

The door of the elevator then opened and as the light from the outside came in, I was again in my bed next to my wife. I could not believe that this was a dream, it was memorized and as I rose from the bed I was fully clothed.

So I got up and I began to write this message to all of you who dare to read this to the end. We are being taken over by spirits that have one mission and that is to make us kill each other mentally and physically. Their mission is to separate our thoughts of happiness and togetherness. Their mission is to make us unknown to the very essence of LOVE. Their mission is to make us think that we are not of one family and this is important because of the differences in our appearance and our names. Our separation is needed to make us continuously fight against one another.

This is from a man who met me in an elevator and as he spoke to me he showed me the spirits he spoke of. And they are clever. They are mentally able to alter minds with or without stimulants according to your will to lean to their deception. We are of one family and our FATHER resides in a place waiting for us to turn ourselves over to HIM. HE loves us and HE knows what we are up against and HE is giving us every opportunity to use our minds as HE gave them to us as CREATORS of righteousness. We are the image of existence flesh and spirit. We are ONE whether we are taught to be addicts of mental stimulation or whether we are taught to be destroyers of mankind.

We can turn this destruction of mankind around if we all join together. We have given in to equal rights but we still have people of power who donít believe in equality. We have been searching for real LOVE but we continue to stress differences in the ways in which we love. We know what is right yet we continue to teach deception to the children who will become our futures. What is wrong must be considered wrong in all aspects. We must not allow injustice to continue in the governments of our nations.

Whether we are in the north or the south, east or west of the planet we call earth; we must join together and recognize that we are all from the creation of one man and one woman. As the dna test are being created they are coming up one blood and will finally derive at one flesh then one spirit.

If you have come this far your spirit is being opened to the TRUTH and believe me or not it is up to you. But until we come to an agreement on TRUTH we will soon come to the destruction of mankind and it wonít really matter what you think.

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