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TITLE: Only God is Perfect
By gene hudgens

The point I often try to make in my writings is that only God is perfect. If, in the year 2008, we are going to teach and state that we think God is perfect, we must carefully examine the word “perfect”. We can not use our own definition. Webster is clear.
It’s with out flaws or errors; nothing can be added or changed. It’s the ultimate…perfect!

Another point is that over years we humans change because our environment and societies change. However, God never changes.

A few thousand years have passed since Moses lived. Millions of years have passed since God created the universe and all living things.

We are taught that God is perfect, that His Creation is perfect, and that He knew what our actions would be now in year 2008 the moment He created us. If He had wanted us to interrupt or re-interrupt His original “words” …which He gave Moses then, He would have worded His Commandments differently. He did not because He expects us to day to follow His exact words that He wrote then in the Commandments. He certainly is not pleased when we humans change the definitions of the words He used in His Commandments…to fit our personal desires today. If He had wanted His words watered-around today by misguided humans; He would have specified this Himself. Remember He is perfect and He knew then what we would be thinking today.

Even if some of us feel we are more intelligent today than God was when He wrote the Ten Commandants, we aren’t. Therefore, I feel that we must live with His exact wording He used then. He envisioned then for He wanted then… and He envisioned then how everything would be today. God is perfect. Looking for excuses to change His original words to suit our present personal feelings is wrong.

It isn’t right or logical that we attempt to add words, change words, eliminate words, look for present day definitions of words He used… or in any way alter what our Perfect God originally authored.

God wrote: Commandment # 6: “You shall not commit adultery. Adultery being defined as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman “who is not his wife”. Commandment # 10: “You shall not covet (desire) your neighbor’s wife”.

In both Commandments the key word is “wife”. (another person’s “wife”.

If we truly believe God is (and was) perfect, we must believe that He knew then every situation we live with today.

God knew then that His main objective for then and today was to make marriage the nucleus of “family”. However, He did not specific that every human had to be married. He did command that no human shall covet (desire or lust for) or commit adultery with another married woman (another man’s wife). He knew then that our problems and needs would be different today than then.

If God, who is perfect and knows everything, had not wanted all humans of all ages to strongly desire sexual satisfaction, He (our Creator) certainly would not have instilled this strong sexual desire in the DNA of all humans of all ages then and now.

He knew then that things would be different today than then. He knew that earth was not over-populated then and needed more population. He knew then that there was no need then to be concerned about birth control.

God elevated humans above all other living creatures when he gave humans a very special brain that He envisioned all humans using.

God knew then that earth would be over-populated today and that humans on earth today would need to use their brains and control earth’s population by initiating effective acceptable birth control to prevent hunger and suffering on His beautiful earth; so that all humans on earth could have a good and enjoyable quality of life.

My God wants each human He created to use his brain and heart and care for other humans. My God is not pleased with the arrogance and selfishness of the few who have the most and refuse to share with those in need. My God is not pleased when we hide behind personal beliefs as an arrogant cop-out to evade our responsibility to use our brain to solve the social problems that exist on earth.

If we humans are going to insist on using excuses, we need to concentrate on using excuses to reduce hunger and solve social problems, rather that satisfying personal beliefs and increasing earth’s problems.

God must be very disappointed when He looks down from heaven and sees the mess we humans have made of “life” on earth. He just can not be pleased that a few extremely wealthy people and nations control 70-80% of the world’s wealth and refuse to effectively solve the awful solvable-sin of hunger and poverty.

He gave us (all humans) Ten Commandments to live by then and now. He planned for the same identical and specified words for then and now. He didn’t need religions and religious leaders and us humans to interrupt His writings to suit our ignorant, misguided and selfish desires we feel in our messed-up society today.

God must have expected and must now expect us (His most praised possessions) to use our brains and do what is logically needed in our over-populated and suffering world to eliminate the problems we caused in the first place.

He expects us to strongly support “family” and denounce adultery (as He specifically envisioned adultery in His Commandants (using exact word definitions today as they these definitions applied when the Commandants were written)…no revisions and no changes.

We must accept the fact that all humans will have strong desires for sexual satisfaction. This includes tiny children (as proved by Freud), teens, and young adults (all humans). We must accept human nature as God instilled it in our DNA. We must accept the fact that all humans do not want to be married and that (as I read it) God never specifically commanded that all humans be married (regardless of age).

We all need to understand and accept the here and now. Nothing in our lives is perfect, but we must logically accept the better of any two envisioned evils confronting us.

Sex is here to stay because of God’s Plan and human nature (also God’s Plan). While sexual intercourse is most precious with in the framework of marriage, it’s likely practiced more often out side marriage. Unsafe sexual intercourse is dumb and deadly. Condom use must be encouraged and not condemned. Masturbation is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse and is safe and should be encouraged for everyone (every human) of every age.

God is certainly more sad when He sees hunger and suffering as we humans have encouraged it on earth, than He could ever be if we humans promote every know means of birth control to reverse the trend of over-population and reduce hunger and suffering. God gave humans a brain, but with our illogical selfish thinking and social doctrine we don’t show Him much appreciation for His gift.

Since age 18 I’ve traveled extensively and observed hunger, poverty and misery in many areas of the world. I’m just ashamed and tired of it. I am also ashamed and tired of the non-caring attitude of the minority who has it all and refuses to unite and care for those in the world that can not help themselves …and then hide behind man-man religious doctrine as their excuse. This is the area where all caring humans should concentrate.

Wasting billions of dollars by concentrating more on reducing pain and misery of president AIDS victims in Africa (which our president does), instead of concentrating on preventing new cases of AIDS through effective sex education and encouragement of condom use…is just inexcusably illogical. Yes, I think condemning condom us is entirely an illogical man-made issue.

Sending money and cash aid to needy countries is dumb. The money likely never gets to anyone except the corrupt leadership that likely promotes the problems in the first place.
Tiny loans to the poorest peasants are the only logical answer. Teach them how to feed themselves by providing tools and expertise. Give a person a hen and he can raise more chickens for food and sell eggs. Stop sending money.

Wake up to the facts of human nature. People will always have sex. It’s human nature. Our responsibility is to teach them (especially in Africa) where the biggest present problems exists) how to enjoy SAFE sex. Provide condoms to every man, woman and child. Teach birth control from age ten. We need to discard our silly hang-ups and forget illogical religious doctrine that promotes problems instead of solving problems.

©Gene Hudgens
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.