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TITLE: The Word of God, Part IV
By gene hudgens

The Word of God
Part IV of IV

It seems Christians have a 24 hour a day personal mission obeying the Ten Commandments and dealing with social issues associated with the three theological virtues, the seven deadly sins, the newly added Vatican list of seven new mortal sins and other very important present social issues.

The Vatican’s list of seven new mortal sins

1. Drug abuse

2. Morally debatable experimentation

3. Environmental pollution

4. Causing poverty

5. Social inequality and injustice

6. Genetic manipulation

7. Accumulating excessive wealth

The Church realizes that our society has changed to the point of needing more rules and guidance as listed in the seven new mortal sins.

I feel that since the Church can realize our society has changed, it can also see the need to change our social rules to cope with these changes and additional sins.

Experts have a responsibility to eliminate problems that can be confusing to us who enjoy learning the truth from the Bible. Great theologians and religious leaders need to galvanize their expertise and efforts to ensure necessary changes to make life on earth better for all humans.

Today readers are more educated than in the past. I feel that others, like I, do question why our Church refuses to modernize its stand on condom use, masturbation and other sexual issues, so life on earth can be better. Naturally I do not feel that these issues were specific concerns as the Bible was being written. Of course I realize that then there was no reason to even think of condoms and masturbation. But our society has changed.

Yes, I feel humans have made the problems that humans face today. In the beginning it was logical for the Church to encourage marriage, but I feel that the main concern then was to encourage population growth and I doubt if anyone was overly concerned if persons had sex outside marriage if it did not involve adultery.

I have been unable to find where in the Bible it specifically condemns sex out side of marriage.

Yes, I do feel that the Ten Commandments are perfect. I also feel that adultery was condemned then as it should be now. I understand that the Bible defines adultery as sexual intercourse between a man and a married woman who is not his wife.

My personal view is that sex outside marriage should not be condemned. God insured in His Plan that all humans would have the desire for sexual satisfaction. All persons do not want to be married. Sexual intercourse for children is ignorant sex. Children are too immature for marriage and sexual intercourse is expected in marriage.

It’s shameful to feel that individuals might be turned away from Christianity because of unnecessary doubts and unnecessary illogical rules.

Earth is plagued with problems of disease and starvation because of over population. My God would never envision prolonging these problems because of hang-ups on condom use.

Every Christian on earth has a responsibility to eliminate hunger and other solvable earthly problems. I doubt if anyone will deny that Christians (overall) have done very little to make God pleased in this area.

This might not be as exciting and stimulating as meddling in the sexual activities of
others, but I’m sure God will be more pleased with the efforts.

AIDS claims 2 millions lives a year and there were 2.5 million new HIV infection in 2007, predominantly in Africa. For years billions of dollars were spent annually and primarily on treatment of AIDS. This is “after the fact”.

This is honorable, but ineffective. The major effort should be on prevention, such as insuring effective sex education and the availability of condoms free of charge to every human that would have sex (that would include almost all healthy humans). Because of personal religious beliefs by certain high officials, the US government has wasted billions of dollars insisting on sex education that primarily promotes abstinence.

Abstinence programs do not stop risky sexual behavior. Reference Sexual abstinence--encyclopedia article about Sexual abstinence. (encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com). A review of 13 US sex abstinence programs involving over 15,000 people found that they do not stop risky sexual behavior or help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Teen age girls want to satisfy their human nature desire for sexual satisfaction, so hey indulge in very “unsafe” oral sex so they can claim the traditional virtues of a virgin in cultures that admire it. This should encourage hypocritical adults to begin thinking logically and protecting children and teens by promoting masturbation, which is the logical and safe alternative to sexual intercourse.

Thank goodness the World Bank, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Population Reference Bureau and the Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund, recently jointly agreed to launch a $1.8 million experiment aimed at halting the spread of AIDS in Tanzania through “logical prevention“.

Thousands of people will be paid $45 a month to avoid unsafe sex. In this experiment 3,000 men and women ages 15-30 will be paid $45 a month for three years if their periodic laboratory test results prove they have not contracted sexually transmitted infections. This is a logical program that is not contrary to human nature, which any abstinence expectation is. When combined with careful counseling and sex education this can be an effective program.

Almost nothing in life is ideal or perfect. But intelligent Christians must be logical enough to accept the best of two evils…at least as a start.

Regardless of what any religion, or leader, or government professes, all of the people on earth can not be fed. This requires providing ample food to feed all hungry stomachs…and reducing the number of hungry stomachs.

Giving gifts of billions of dollars each year to poor countries and poor people is not the answer. First of all there is no effective accountability for the money. It very likely goes into the bank accounts of the unscrupulous and ineffective government leaders that likely caused their country’s problems in the first place.

Its been proven recently that peasants can and will show initiative and effectively run a small farm or business if they are provided a small business loan to start with…and then trained. This is the foundation needed to address world hunger, which is the “after the fact’ result of world over-population.

We must address earth’s over-population problem. This requires effectively supporting earth-wide birth control. The world population is expected to double in eighty years. What then? For sure more hunger, starvation, suffering, disease, abuse of children, dying, killing of newly born, STDs, AIDS, wars and all of the bad things.

Masturbation Abstinence

Prevent pregnancy X X

Prevent STD X X

In not sexual intercourse X X

Provides chastity X X

Provides celibacy X X

Provides promiscuity X X

Provides safe sexual
Satisfaction X

May lead to lower risk
of prostate cancer X

Is not in conflict with
human nature X

Do I feel that God is angry?

Yes, I feel very strongly that God is extremely angry.

Do I feel God is angry with Christians?

Yes, I feel very strongly that God is extremely angry especially with Christians.

Do you believe in the facts of numbers? The following extracted from an article (titled: Basic information on various religions)published by www.religioustolerance.org/worldrel.htm

Religion Date Founded Membership % of World

Christianity 30 CE 2,039 million 32%

Islam 622CE 1,226 million 19%

Hinduism 1,500BCE 828 million 13%

We Christians are the predominant religion on earth in the number of members. Likely
Christians are also the most influential in regards to wealth. Therefore, I feel that Christians must become the most active and effectively active people on earth regarding solving the many social problems, especially the major problems on earth. We certainly have the ability to galvanize the necessary support and accomplish more than is being accomplished.

Teresa Cerojano, Associated Press wrote that 10 million children under age 5 die each year because they do not get basic health care for treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia. The Philippines, Peru and South Africa top the list with deaths.

Every day almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes…that is one child every five seconds. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty. Hunger manifests itself in many ways other than starvation and famine. Most poor people who battle hunger deal with chronic undernourishment and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, which result in stunted growth, weakness and heightened susceptibility to illness.

The US is one of 57 countries that make up the developed or industrialized world, which comprises l billion people (which is less than one sixth of the world’s population of 6.55 billion people.

The developing world is made up of about 125 low and middle-income countries consisting of 5.1 billion people.

World wide, more than 1 billion people currently live below the international poverty line, earning less than $1 per day.

Since the AIDS epidemic began, 25 million people have died from this terrible disease. Approximately 39.5 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the world. Of these, 63 % live in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2006, 4.3 million people became infected with HIV and 2.9 million people died of AIDS.

In 2003, 12 million children were newly orphaned in southern Africa, and the number is expected to rise to l8 million in 2010.

HIV (AIDS) is caused by unprotected sex. Christians, especially American Christians, must understand human nature and realize that no human can change the very basic human nature in humans. When God created human life he purposely instilled in our DNA the desire to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Remember we teach and are taught that God is perfect. I don’t feel that any Christian human is qualified to question what our perfect God created.

No one can question that individual Christians have a right to practice abstinence.

It is certainly clear to me that the high number of unwanted pregnancies and the epidemic high rate of STD in America proves abstinence is not an/the accepted effective solution to the problems.

If it isn’t effective in American, how can anyone expect it to even be understood, much less accepted in Africa. Yet, America (or at least some powerful Americans) are willing to prolong the HIV epidemic by pushing abstinence instead of giving every human in Africa condoms. It’s easier to teach Africans and all humans how to use condoms than it is to teach a religious conviction.

Giving billions in aid to reduce suffering of those already infected with AIDS is honorable, but after the fact. Most of these humans will die. The goal and object of all people (including Christian) must be to prevent future cases of HIV in the future by dealing with the human mind within the boundaries of human nature.

Humans will always practice human nature, there fore sex is here to stay. Our goal must be to teach all humans the importance of safe-sex and how to enjoy safe-sex.
(Ref and quotes from http://answers.yahoo.com/questions/index?qud=200702091040311AAGVEPZ).

God gave us a brain and he expects us to use our brain in a logical way. Great theologians and religious leaders of the world must begin living up to their responsibility of solving the present here and now problems on earth, even if traditional man-made church rules have to be changed. Prepared by Gene Hudgens
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