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By Dwayne Collins

Most of us are in fear of something and this keeps us from the very essence of the existence of our lives. In this writing I hope to place fear in its' righteous perspective.
Written by: Olafemi

There are all types of things that mankind has placed under fear. The thing is what do we fear the most. It is said that we cannot honor two masters and this is true. For if we serve one we surely cannot serve the other. GOD wants us to know that HE is GOD and there is no other. The reason for this is because we, as mankind, take loyalty as a since of ownership. If you are loyal to me I become proud and place myself above all things and this includes GOD. I can come to believe that I am GOD. Now the way we got this way is because there was one who betrayed GOD because he wanted to be honored as GOD.

I would like to say that mankind has a lot to fear. We have fear for the least amount of things but the least do become great in our minds. We fear animals, insects and things that we know little about. Mankind has also built up a great amount of fear for each other. We fear those who are stronger than we are. We fear those who are bigger in size than we are. We have fear for almost everything that exist.

There is a saying from ONE who lived as a man but served as a GOD and who was GOD and HE told us not to fear those who can only destroy the flesh. HE says that we should have fear for HE who can destroy both the flesh and the soul. Only GOD can do this so would not HE be the one we fear? Some would say yes but we continue to fear mankind. I understand why we do and I would like to express some of my thoughts.

We have to abide by both the laws of man and the laws of GOD. If we obey the laws of one we will be in conflict with the laws of the other. The laws of GOD direct us to the TRUE meanings of our existence and this points us directly to LOVE. Why do men want us not to obey the laws given to us by GOD? So the only reason for this is if we should obey only the laws given to us by GOD the perverted pleasures of mankind would have us punished by GOD. I can see no other reason for this. Because the laws of mankind gives reasons for our disobedience to GODíS direct laws.

Now why would GOD want us to only obey HIS laws? I have read in the Bible that we, as servants, are to obey he who is our master. This is saying that we should obey him as long as he is a servant of the GOD we serve. No man should be abused if he is under the laws. The law says that we should not steal, so we know that taking what is not ours is against the law.

There are agreements to the laws of man with the laws of GOD but this is not where conflict comes. The conflict comes when mankind is in objection with the laws of GOD then mankind twist the laws of GOD for his benefit. Thou shall not kill but killing is all right when it is done for the purpose of building up an environment or nation. Thou shall not steal but it is all right if the stealing is done when nobody is around to prove it is not stealing.

When you can go against the law because of something that is added, this is not abiding by the law. You canít change the law to make it right because of your power to do so. A poor man canít change the law but a wealthy man can. And out of our fear for what consequences the wealthy man can do, we choose to allow these laws to be changed even when they are in objection to the law itself.

When man was created he had only one law to obey and he was disobedient to that law. From then on, laws had to be made so that order could be kept amongst mankind. As mankind grew things happened to make order change. Mankind began to kill, steal, and destroy everything that GOD created. And to make this all bad we did these evil things against ourselves. These crimes were done on mankind against the WORD OF GOD.

Why do our creation and fear come together? Because of our fear for what will happen to our flesh, we fear what mankind will do and therefore we disobey GOD. We know that GOD is going to forgive us for the bad things we do or we are not in belief of a GOD that has no form that we can see or is just not real. Man on the other hand demonstrates what will happen if we disobey his laws. Even when Christ lived on this earth mankind showed no respect for life as he destroyed the flesh of ONE who was GOD.

From then until this very day man has created law after law to convince mankind that it is his way or no way. You will obey man or you will die or be physically and mentally punished. We are afraid to die even when we know that our future is death and in death we will be facing the judgment of GOD. Because we know that GOD cares for us even when we do wrong, we have less fear for HIM and would rather be disobedient to HIM.

I would like to live in a world where there is no fear. I want to be able to speak to all of my brothers and sisters and travel to all parts of the world and be accepted in brotherhood. I would like to be able to wake up and smile forever smiles. I would like to live without being afraid to walk the streets or sit out among the stars at night. I would like to be able to live so close to wildlife that there would be no fear for lions and tigers and bears.

Fear and intimidation makes us weak and in our weakness we drift farther and farther away from our FATHER who art in HEAVEN. When we are afraid our battle against evil is a losing battle. We canít win because we have lost because of our fear. We must be able to win and in doing so we must stand up against our fears. Everything that exists has a defense against the evils that come up against them.

The fear placed upon mankind for mankind is great. Criminals donít fear doing crime because the debt the face is only the debt they owe to mankind. They donít think about the debt they owe to GOD for the crimes they commit. Why? Is going to prison and becoming aware of the crime you committed paying off your debt for the crime? A person serving a triple life sentence will get out of jail if he lives out the sentence. What happens when this person dies before his sentence is served?

Fear is not a complicated emotion. It is instilled in mankind from birth. We learn fear from discipline. These tactics are used to keep us in our place of obedience. GOD shows us no discipline and we feel that we are getting away or HE does not see us as we commit our crimes against HIM. We donít believe that HE knows all and sees all. We really donít believe that HE truly exists.

When we see the forces of GOD we explain them so that GOD is not in existence, they are the forces of nature. Because GOD is LOVE we shy up or hide when we do wrong, just as Adam and Eve did but HE knows where we are. Tell me how long do you think that Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed the commandment of GOD? How long did they hide themselves? Some things in life we will never know, we have to use our common sense.

Common sense should tell us that if GOD says that we should fear no nothing but HIM and all that is done in the dark shall come to the light; we should be aware of the circumstances that are to come when we are disobedient.

Yes, I would like to live a life of pure happiness and I would like to see my FATHER standing right by my side and smiling at me. I would like to see all of mankind showing LOVE for one another. I would like to know that all is here for all. Sharing, Caring and Loving. My fear for HE who cannot be seen lets me know that I will be free from all worries and sorrows.

Free yourself from the fears that keeps you from living happily ever after. Fear of the unknown is the sin that keeps us from GOD our FATHER. Talk to me and let me know what you think about the things I say. Donít assume that I said something if you donít understand. GOD is my life and my life is lived in LOVE. For my FATHER is LOVE.
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