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TITLE: Food fit for A King
By mary wolf

Pleale red ink this piece. and tell me if their stoy is clear to the reader.
The war was hard on our solders, but also on the Children left behind in the ruins of the battle.

“Sally here, you must eat, this piece of bread.”
"She shook her head, “I just can’t Tony! I know it is the last piece and then you will have nothing”
Tony was the younger of the two, but felt very responsible for his sister who was only one year older.
“We'll find more food; it's going to be alright sis.”

Sally nibbled at one corner, wanting to shove the whole thing into her mouth at once to stop the aching in her stomach. After half of it was gone, she handed it back to her. brother.
With a small voice of authority she announced. “I just won’t eat it all, we promised to share everything and if you can wait ,so can I!”

The noise of shells exploded around them illuminating their surroundings. Crouching lower under a bridge, they trembled as they clung to each other.
Tony finally whispered, “We had better try to move soon before they search the road.”

He put his arm around his sister and started to walk
“Where will we hide?” Sally was grateful her younger siblings took the leadership.

He shrugged his shoulders. After thinking about where they were he remembered a place they used to play.
“There's a building about a mile ahead, it’s already been hit, so maybe they won’t be back. We’ll bed down there for tonight.”

As the sun sat on the desert, the temperature dropped. Sally started shivering, as much from exhaustion and hunger as from the cool night air. Before long, they reached the vacant cavity of the building
It had once been a hotel and Tony was hoping, beneath the rubble he might find a few things that would help sustain them.

The bombs were distant now, and relief from part of the danger was so great it seemed to energize Tony.
“Come on sis, let’s look around.”

Days had passed slowly since their last real meal. They knew they must at least find some more water before the small leather bottle they carried was emptied. Having rationed what small amount they had, it had lasted but never quenched their thrust. Now only a swallow or two was left.

A meal Fit for A King

Entering the middle of the building, Tony saw a familiar sight. “Sally look! There is a well, if we can find something to tie onto our bottle we can lower it into the well and fill it.”
Sally ran to the well, she had been hungry for so long, she had grown used to it, but suddenly she was so thirsty she felt like she could drink the well dry.
Quickly her eyes darted around the ruins; She spotted something brown under some of the fallen adobe wall.
Running to It, she yelled, “Over here Tony, I see some cloth.”

Together they removed the rubble and found it was a robe. Tearing off the bottom The began ripping it into strips. They tied them together making a cloth rope and attached it to their bottle. As they lowered it into the well they listened intently for it to hit water. Lower and lower until the last piece of cloth was gone. Still no water.
Silent tears spilled down Sally’s face, “Do you think the well is dry?” she sobbed as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

Sharply, Tony replied “No!”

Sally flinched, and Tony softened his voice, “I’m sorry sis, I think it is just farther down. Reaching for her hand he started back to the rubble, " Let’s look for some more clothing."

As they entered other parts of the building, Tony saw something that made his blood run cold. In the far corner was some material, but it was green camouflage, and covered an American solder.

Holding up his hand to signal his sister to stop, he stood motionless.

There was no movement from the man, so after waiting a few minutes Tony ventured closer. Presuming him to be dead, he. bent over for a closer look.
Still no movement so Tony reached out to touch the man; suddenly the solder took hold of Toney's arm and held on.

Tony yelled, “Run Sis!” and fought to free himself.

“Son I won’t hurt you, I am wounded and lost, just as you are.”

Perhaps it was the soft- spoken words, or the look in the solder’s eyes that made Tony stop struggling long enough to force another look at the man's face.
The solder held up his canteen in the other hand and offered Tony a drink, speaking to him again.

“Would you like some water? My name is Tony, I am your friend.”

“I know our men are looking for me. When the others get here, we can rescue you.”

The only word Tony heard was his name. How could this man know his name?
Sally had not gone any further than a piece of wall, to hide from sight, and she too, heard the man speak Toney's name.
She wanted to scream for Tony to run; but experience had taught her to remain silent. Still the man did not seem to want to hit or abuse Tony so she watched from har hiding place.

Toney's anxious mind stilled long enough for him to manage to ask , “How do you know my Name?”

Letting go of the boy’s hand the solder sat up confused.
He was getting some conversation, and did not want to jeopardize that, so he motioned Tony to sit down.
Reaching in his pocket, he offered him a package of crackers
As hungry as Tony was, he first wanted to know how this man knew who he was, so he asked again, “How do you know my name is Tony?”

Surprised, the solder shook his head as he pointed to himself, “No, My name is Tony. Tony Recellie.”

With huge eyes, the boy repeated what he had heard; “You are a Tony?”

Then with the first smile in a long time the solder gestured again, “I am Tony?”

Tony understood now and told him his name was also Tony.
Thinking His Lord for this small boy, he offered to shake his hand.
When they shook he simply replied, “ So we share our name , as well as experience."

A little more relaxed, Tony motioned his sister to come from her hiding place.

“Sally come and see. This man is named also Tony too.”

Shy and frightened Sally walked over and stood behind her brother.

“This is my sister, Sally!”

She saw the crackers in her brother's hand but only nodded politely.

Seeing her fright, the solder addressed Tony. “Why don’t you kids call me T.R., then we won’t get so confused with all of these Tonies?”

Tony repeated, “You are not Tony?” “You are T.R.”

Laughing, he said his name again”, Tony Recellie, T.R. that 's right I already forgot .”
Slowly Turning so as not to frighten the little girl , he offered the crackers to Tony's sister. and then canteen see her look at her brother he assured her it was Ok.
After drinking from the canteen he had been given, her brother offered it to her also.

After talking awhile, the children tried to take T.R. to the well. They explained about the water being too far down to reach, but he was weak from a leg wound.
T.R. saw how thin they were and suggested they eat first and then together they could work on the water situation.
Sharing his rations with them, which he was so grateful to have something to offer them meat, some fruit, and even a small tin of cake,

“I have more, later we will eat again." Not knowing how long had been sense they had eaten, he did not want them to get sick. "Have you had any food at all to eat?”

“Oh Sally and I shared bread earlier today, Tony announced, feeling protective of his sister again.

Sally thought she had never eaten anything so good.
No solder could have told her, rations were not tasteful.
To her it was a meal fit for a king.
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