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TITLE: The Insane Quartet (part II)
By Jacob Gibson

Part 2 is here, and the story is about to get even more exciting! I hope at least one person will want to read the whole thing. If not, though, I don’t blame them.
[part II: Really Radical Robot Rampage]

A shock band? Oh great! This was not good! I rubbed my arm and walked out to the court with my friends. I felt weird playing basketball in my uniform but Jim probably felt even more awkward playing in his jammies. I looked over at him and stifled a laugh. I didn't realize how funny he looked until I saw him in the light. But now wasn't a good time to be laughing, since the game was about to start and Jim looked like he could kill me. So I just kept quiet.

As we lined up on the court on either sides of the line, a tall, skinny kid with a mullet stepped between us holding the basketball in his hand and a whistle in his mouth. "Get ready. Set... TWEET!"
The whistle blew and the ball was hurled in the air, almost hitting the box hanging from the ceiling. I waited for it to come down but before I had a chance to get it, #22, sprung into the air after it and slammed it to the others who were already running to the goal. We all watched in horror except for Mike who was already getting mad. We dashed after them to stop them from scoring, Mike quickly pulling ahead of us, and arrived just in time to see #34 slam dunk it.

The buzzer went off, the board showed a two for Home, and Mike screamed through his teeth and told us all to try harder. I didn't blame him for being mad, but I was still too sore and tired to care very much. Robot #16 chucked the ball back at us and Mike caught it (which I think he soon regretted). "Nice catch!" he laughed. Mike got ready to throw it back at him, but I quickly stopped him. We took the ball out and then ran to our goal, determined to score a point. #34 ran in front of him and Mike immediately threw the ball to Ross. Ross took a few steps and then threw it to Jim who was right next to the board. Jim caught it but got freaked at the sight of two robots running straight at him and lost the ball to #16.

The bots ran back to the hoop but this time we were determined not to let them score, Mike especially. He sprinted ahead of everyone and got beside the robot with the ball. He tried to snatch it away, but the robot quickly shifted it to his other hand and stuck his foot out in front of Mike. He was moving too fast to stop and tripped over the protruding appendage and slid across the court. But, of course, no fouls were called no matter how much we called. The team was still a ways from the goal so we continued to chase them and Mike got back up. Ross screened #16 so he quickly passed it to #34, who dashed to the hoop. I closely followed behind, avoiding that nasty foot trick, and jumped in front of him. I figured he would pass it again so I shot my hands in the air to block the attempt. My plan failed, however, when I realized that my legs were spread apart, there was another player behind me, and the robot worked all of this together. #48 made a two-pointer. The buzzer sounded again, the fans cheered, and the score became Home-4, Visitors-0. Not good.

Once again we had the ball and I decided to change the routine a little. I looked at everyone quickly, while giving Mike a certain look. He smiled and ran to the other side, with a guy right on him. I took a single step, dribbled the ball, and faked a pass to Ross. He jerked violently, lost his balance, and fell over. He quickly got up, his face red as a beat. Jim moved to my right and began shouting at me to throw him the ball, with two people on him like glue. Ross guarded the single player coming at me. I took a chance. I ran to the left, then the right, I headed down the center, and then quickly launched the ball to the other side where Mike and #16 stood. Mike darted out past 16, and miraculously caught the ball. The robot and the other robots guarding us rushed towards him. He wasted no time at all. He lined up his shot, closed his eyes, and... threw the ball to Jim, who was on the left side. I expected disaster, but he managed to get closer to the rim and throw it to Ross without losing it. Ross caught it, dribbled, and threw it back to Mike, who was at the half-court line. I thought for sure he would throw it to me next, since I was close to the goal, but instead he did the unthinkable and went for the three. I closed my eyes and prepared to lose the ball again. But instead I heard the incredible, satisfying sound of a perfect three-point swish! Home-4, Visitors-3! We were catching up!

The B-Bots took the ball out for a change, and charged at the buzzer. I reminded everyone to work on defense and we went after them. I ran up to #37, Mike got #16, Ross had #48, and Jim guarded #22. They jerked back and forth but we held tight. Two people lined up at the end and two others slid down the center. We still never moved. After a few seconds of darting back and forth and looking for an opening, #37 finally threw it to #16, but Mike pulled another roll-over and landed right in front of him to steal the ball. It was back to our goal. We ran to the other side and one of the robots somehow managed to keep up. I guess it wasn't until we got to our side that I noticed that all of the other players looked exactly like all of us. They were the exact same size as us, had the same faces, hair, and even uniforms. And this was only after a few minutes of playing! Instantly Mike noticed this too and began to freak out. Ross raised his hands for the ball and the Ross bot did the same. I jumped up and down for it and so did the clone bot of me. Mike just stood there in bewilderment. He waited for someone to move but no one even breathed. Jim ran forwards and so did the Jim bot. Then he danced around like a buffoon and so did the other. Mike threw it to the Jim that moved first but the Mike clone snatched it out of the air before it got close. Long story short, the Mike clone made a three pointer just like the real one and actually made it. Home-7, Visitors-3. No!

For the rest of the plays of that half we decided to yell for the ball instead of motioning. This worked well since the robot's voices didn't sound exactly the same as us, even if they did sound human. Things went back and forth for awhile but somehow we were able to ignore our sleepiness and tie with the other team just before the end of the first eight minutes. I thought we might actually be able to beat these guys. But I had to focus on our goal-- destroying these robots.

The buzzer sounded and our teams split to huddle together and form new plans. When we were all together everyone seemed excited. "Eh! Dustin! We're tied!" shouted Jim.

"This will be pie to win," said Mike coolly.

"We'll go into quadruple-overtime and then we'll beat 'em by two points!" said Ross.

"I know, guys," I said, starting to feel exhausted, "But we're taking this game too seriously and forgetting the plan. We have to wreck these cheating machines, get out of here, and get some sleep. But first we have to remove these stupid shocking bands. Oh, man, I just thought... I hope these aren't bugged. Oh well." I stuck my arm in my pocket and my friends soon got it and did the same. "All right, now. First, I'll call Nate and update him on our situation. He won't be happy to be woken up, but--"

"Uh, Dustin," said Ross nervously.


"We don't have our IQ phone/radio/mini-TV/zapper/--"


"Uh.... they took it from you, along with my paint ball gun."

"WHAT!!!!" I screamed. The others must have known why I was screaming because everyone started laughing at me.

"Urgh! We are so nailed! We can't just finish the game and lose our powers, if that's what you call them, but we can't get out. And, hey, how come they haven't taken them already?"

Ross said, "I dunno. Maybe they just don't know how."

"That's probably it."

"Wait," said Jimmy confused, "We could still leave if we won. Who says we won't win?"

"We could beat them easily," I said, "But I think that they're going to start cheating worse than already have, and if we still won they probably wouldn't keep their promise. We need a good plan.”

“Picket fence! Picket fence!” chanted Ross and Jim at the same time.

“What? Did you say pigment?!” asked Mike.

“No, you guys! I’m talking about these shock bands. If we could just get them off or turn them off then we could return our things and finish our jobs."

"Eh, I got an idea," said Jim with a smile, "We could destroy that remote control that that kid is holding over there!"

I scanned the audience, pretending to just see who was watching, and turned back to him. "That's a good idea for once, Jimmy! But they might have more than one remote. But still, I'm willing to take that chance. Okay, forget the defense, let's work on the offense! And I don't mean offensive playing!"

A few minutes later the other players were ready but we were still talking. "Hey!" someone yelled. "Are you guys talking about plays or fighting moves?"

We turned to look at them and gave them a look. Mike smiled and said, "Both. These new moves will help us cream you cheaters and give us the upper hand! We're going to beat you so bad--"

"Blah, blah, blah, whatever," said the leader in a tone like my older sister's. "I think you'll be a little surprised at our new tricks. You'll be the ones who get creamed, and then we'll have all your really special tricks. Heh heh heh!"

"Whatever! Let's finish this!"

"Yes, let's finish you!"

"Good come back, not."

The clock restarted at 8:00 and we walked back to our positions. I felt like we had this game in the bag. They could pull whatever garbage they wanted, but we wouldn't lose. Not even if they dropped the timer to one minute. But what they did was much worse than I expected. When the team came back and lined up in their positions, something horrible happened. The leader shouted out, "All right, Plowers, do it now! " and the robots began to transform again. I expected this to happen but I was dumbstruck when I saw what they turned into. It wasn't a bunch of Mike clones, wasn't Michael Jordan, and wasn't even Larry Bird. It was someone I never expected to see, someone I didn't want to see. This time they all turned into the same person, and one who everyone feared and respected in the world of sports. Someone so talented and awesome that it wasn’t funny. Out of all the people they could have imitated, the person they had transformed into was none other than... Gabe Hofferman!!

I screamed again and my friends did too. We knew this game was over. Almost no one could beat the ultra-talented, ultra-favored, and really good looking Gabe Hofferman--the incredible sports master from our home town--and there was no chance we could beat four. And even though our plans weren't about winning, we at least had to hold on to the ball for awhile. So we marched to the line and prepared for trouble.

The game went on and things got bad right away. Since we had made the last shot before the half ended, the other team had the ball now. Very bad. Instead of just ramming us over and slamming the ball down the hole, one of the robots just stood in place, dribbled the ball a few times, and chucked it from full court and easily made it. Everyone cheered while we all groaned wearily.

We got the ball and moved down the center. Mike got in position and prepared to shoot but a robot was right in the lane of fire. He moved over a little and the robot did so too. As they continued to strafe the floor another robot ran up behind Mike. Before I could warn him the stupid thing managed to rip it away. In only ten seconds the other team had scored again.

The second time we tried the same thing happened but we managed to hold the ball a little longer. But when Mike finally had his chance he wasted it and ran the wrong way. He seemed to care more about winning the game than leaving alive. As you probably guessed a long time ago, he lost the ball again and also his temper. When he came back I reminded him to focus on the goal and not the game. He didn't seem to take it too well.

Long story short, our chance never came for a long time. Mike continued to try to win and everyone else, even I, had to throw it to him since he was always open. But when there was only a few seconds left in the game and we were going for our last run, I finally convinced him to forget about winning and that we could beat them any other day. He finally agreed and we made our last jog down the court. I passed it to Mike again and he swerved to the left. A Gabe clone was sitting in the exact same spot as usual, and the others were rushing in. Before he had time to pass it he was instantly surrounded. I knew he would never get the shot now, so we ran to help him. Time was almost up.

Mike stood in one place not daring to lose the ball again. He looked at Ross, then Jim, and then me, and he knew what we had to do. "Now!" I shouted. Ross and Jim rushed to two of the Gabriel clones and yanked them away from Mike... well, not yanked, but moved them a little. The captain pulled out his remote and got ready to shock us. Immediately Mike threw the ball way in the air and I and two robots jumped up after it. I don't how, but I managed to jump several feet in the air (it must have been some karate move, I dunno).

Everything moved in slow motion, angelic music played in the background, and the ball hovered slowly in front of us, just inches from my grasp. I grabbed the ball right before the bots touched it. I could see the shot and had my aim ready. But before I could launch that baby, the bots lunged out and both grabbed the ball. I pulled on it as hard as I could, but it was wedged in like a... eh, something wedged in something really tight. I wanted to give up, but I just couldn't. I thought about my friends, my family (even my sister), my super powers, my sleep. Did I really want to give all that up? I gave it one last shot and tugged at the ball with all my might. Ung... ung... nyah! It popped loose and I had complete control of the ball. Just to let you know I was still in the air (isn't slow motion so kewl!) but I was on my way down. Still, the target was in view and I was ready to end this.

I sucked in my gut, twirled around, lined up the shot, and gathered together all my strength. In one simple motion I pulled the ball back, screamed at the top of my lungs, "NYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" and chucked the ball as hard as I could... right at the team captain. Just then he growled at me and finally hit the shock button and toasted me again. I soon landed and watched to see what I hoped would be our freedom. But I really doubted it.

The captain reacted faster than I expected and blocked the ball with his hands, accidentally dropping the remote. Instantly Mike dove at him to grab the remote and so did the other players. But no one could outrun Mike. He easily snatched it away and tossed it back to Jim, which was probably a mistake since he started to scream and run when he saw all the people beginning to chase him. I followed him through the exit doors where they ran through the halls. Mike got up and ran around the people who were just getting up and pulled the IQ phone off the person who took it from me [(the rest of what happens is what they told me, which is probably a lie)]. He yelled my name before I got through the door and flung it across the room to me (which nearly took out my eye but at least I got the phone back). Then he ran up to another person who had Ross's paintball gun and was getting ready to shoot him. Like a human blur, he zoomed past him and the gun disappeared and reappeared with Ross. "Eh, thanks, Mike!"

"No problem."

* * * * * * * *

I tried to keep up with Jim but eventually I lost track of him and his new friends in the dark (that guy runs fast when he has to). I followed the footsteps as best as I could but everyone soon got ahead. I kept going, hoping that he would be okay. I decided to call Nate for back up while I ran. I pushed the speed dial button. I waited for him to pick up but after several rings he still didn't answer. Then I waited for the message to finish playing. "Eh, you have reached Nate's cell phone. I am not available at the time, probably because I am not here right now or I don't care. Please leave me alone unless you are inviting me to come over and play video games with you. You may leave a message after the... BEEP!" I yelled several times for Nate to wake up but he was still asleep. No matter what I did he didn't answer. I hollered in disgust and said under my breath "We are so dead!"

"You bet you are!" said several voices around me. The lights in the halls flashed on and I looked to see a group of robots charging at me from both sides. Great!

* * * * * * * *

In the snack room with vending machines Jim stood against the wall, cornered by the angry mob. He stared into their evil eyes and prepared for pain. "Nice move, Jimmay!" said one of the losers. "But you finally took a wrong turn. But we won't kill ya. Just give us back the master remote and we'll give ya a swirly and let you go." Jim screamed, and squeaked too.

* * * * * * * *

Back in the gym Ross and Mike were having a blast. Ross had his paintball gun loaded and blazing (he always kept a small bottle of extra balls in a secret pocket of his camouflage). People ran back and forth trying to avoid the never-ending onslaught of deadly orbs of wet pigment, but Ross never missed his target (that definitely had to be a lie). Mike sprinted around the gym and created chaos by pushing the robots away and guarding Ross from other people. No one ever got a chance to catch or even touch him. Things were going good for those guys... until the robots transformed yet again and turned into clones of Mike again and quickly got them both.

* * * * * * * *
Jim was scared stupid, and all seemed grim. He was about to lose that little remote, get beaten up, and then... a swirly of all things! But not all hope was lost. Soon, Jim felt a feeling surge inside of him. That feeling you get when you know that somehow, someway you're going to win this stupid battle. A feeling that there is yet still hope after all of the problems you’re having. He took a deep breath and said bravely, "You better run! You're in trouble!" Everyone looked bewildered but soon became frightened. In one swift and easy motion, Jim...

* * * * * * * *

I watched in horror as three robots ran up to me in the hall. I was between two walls and three robots. I waited for them to start attacking but first they decided to taunt me. "Where do you think you're going, Dustin!" they said at the same time in a voice much like Gabriel's.

"I'm going to save my friend. And don't even try to stop me!"

"Why not? Do you think you can stop us?"

"Definitely (what kind of cheap line is that?!)"


"How? I'll tell ya how. I've studied tae-kwon-do for several years... in case you haven't noticed my belt. I've read all of the books on karaoke... er, karate. And I've seen every single episode of Walker Texas Ranger and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I think you know how I’m going to beat you! Prepare to suffer!" I kicked off my shoes and socks and put up my fists. The other bots just stared and laughed.


"Very funny seeing a kid like you trying to go all ninja and stuff," said one of them. Another added,“Besides, your strength is no match for our incredible speed!" The last finished up with, "Time for transformation #673!" The robots spun around quickly and when they stopped they all looked just like Mike again. "Your fun ends now!"

I knew what was about to happen but didn't wait for it. Immediately I sent my arms and legs flying in all directions. The Mike bots ran at me but could never get close enough to touch me. I slammed my foot into the robot behind and then swung it around like a tornado to knock them all out. Normally, this wouldn't knock over a ton of heavy metal with fake skin, but... well... I got feet of furry! The bots leapt back up and took a swipe at me. I did a back flip over their heads and ran full speed at them. They ran at me too and avoided my next series of punches, but still couldn't get me. Anyone who got close enough was soon blasted away. I felt pretty good now and decided to finish them all off with a few powerful Knuckles-like punches.

But before I could send the next blow, something weird happened. All of a sudden something like an explosion went off and the entire building seemed to shake. I almost toppled over but managed to keep my footing. "What was that?" I blurted in disbelief. "Talk about unusual!"

"Not as unusual as this!" said the robots again simultaneously. They lined up in a row and started to transform again. I didn't wait for them to complete their trick and leapt at them with foot outstretched. But before the foot could do it's work, the robots finished changing and one grabbed it. "Oh crop!" I yelled. Of all people, the robots had turned into clones of... Master Nice! My one and only tae-kwon-do teacher! The one holding my outstretched foot smiled and said in a rattly voice of Nice, "You win round one, Dustin, but round two is a whole new game!" The one with my leg flung me into the air and I screamed again. When I came down I expected to hit the ground but instead I landed on top of one of the robot's arms. I knew this was bad when he started to push my head and feet and spin me on his hand like a... uh... oh, like a twirly spinny thingy (let's say a merry-go-round). That would have been fun if I knew I could get off the ride soon.

* * * * * * * *

"Eh, nice going, Ross!" said Mike disgusted as the two heroes stood surrounded by four menacing robots and several threatening Plower players.

"What? How was I supposed to know they would transform into us again and catch us? It's mostly your fault since they learned how to run fast from you!"

"What? That is so stupid!"



"Shut up!" screamed the team captain. "I've had enough foolishness and stupidity for one night!"

"WHAT?!?!" the two screamed in unison.

"You know very well what's what... what is the what of... what of the... never mind. You know what I'm talking about. I want to kill you! But since killing is wrong we’re just going steal your super powers and give them to some guys who know how to use them... our secret weapons!"

"What?!" screamed someone, but it wasn't Ross or Mike. There, in one of the doorways, stood Jim, alive and smiling. The people chasing him were no where in sight. "You can't do that to my friends!" he demanded. "They're... uh... my friends! Yeah! Leave them alone or I’ll have to learn you a lesson!"

"Jimmy!" shouted Ross happily. "You've come to save us! Eh!"

"About time," complained Mike. "You could have beat up all of those bullies a little faster."

"Huh?" yelled the captain. "You're unharmed! How on earth did you escape half of my friends?!"

Jimmy said with a smile, "I... uh... used my secret weapon."

"You and your secret weapon," groaned Mike.” You’ll never tell us about that will you?"

"Nope. Heh heh heh... hee hee hee... ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" After he finished laughing hysterically the captain continued to ramble.

"Yes, that's great and all. But you were dealing with just humans like us. Now let's see how your weapon fares against OUR weapons. Robots, attack!"

A flash went by them and suddenly a robot appeared by Jim and dragged him over next to the other guys in the circle. He flailed around and screamed but couldn't break loose. The captain laughed again.

"Eh, nice going, Jim!" said Mike, disgusted as his friend was pushed next to them and lost the master remote control.

"What? How was I supposed to know that..."

* * * * * * * *

The Nice bots were still spinning me around in circles and were also tossing me back and forth. I was still screaming and trying to break loose but I wasn't accomplishing anything. Finally one of them gently released me and sent me flying upside down into a wall. "Ehhhhhhhhhh," I moaned as I slid down to the ground and hit my head. The robots were walking back towards me. I felt defeated, utterly defeated. All of this work just to fail. We ride to a gym on floating scooters, get kidnapped, lose a game of basketball, and then die. How embarrassing! (I would have preferred getting pounded in football).

I laid there and waited to get what I had coming. The bots marched closer and closer, my heart beat faster and faster. There was no escape now. Just a matter of seconds and I would be no more. No more. Immediately, I saw my life flash before my eyes... but not how most people do. I saw myself sitting in a big theatre watching my life go by. I had a big bucket of popcorn, a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi, and there were two men dressed in uniforms and wearing glasses sitting on either side of me. I watched with interest as the movie started (after the previews of our big movie). Then I saw my birth, everything up to my 11th birthday, and then 226 bad episodes of my career with my friends. The two men next to me had fallen asleep, but I kept watching. I saw us get to the gym, play the basketball game, and wind up here. Then I saw myself sitting in the theatre and I watched myself watch everything over again. Finally, the movie ended and the credits rolled. The two men both quickly woke up and then after a little talking both gave a thumbs-down. I walked out of the theatre and demanded my money back.

All of this must have happened in a few seconds or the robots let me live for a few years longer since nothing had happened and I was still alive. The robots marched in closer and closer, my heart beat faster and faster. There was no escape now. Just a matter of... oh no, not again! Ah... eh... theatre... popcorn.... two guys drooling on seats... eh... ehhhhhhhhh..... alright I'm fine. Now where was I? Oh yeah. I was just about to give up when all of a sudden... a blurry figure of a tiny man wearing a white robe appeared beside me. I didn't know who it was at first but after he spoke I had no doubt. It was my trainer, Master Nice!

"Dustin! What are you doing? Get up!"

"Eh? Master... Nice?"

"Yes," he replied calmly but firmly. "Well, actually no. I am just a figurament of your... a fickle of... a fiddle-faddle... you know what I mean. I'm in your imagination. I'm here to help you."

"Oh that's great. So how could you be here if I wasn't thinking of you just now, and..." Dustin looked ahead to see the robots frozen in place, "Why are those robots not moving? Did you freeze time?"

"No, I didn't freeze time, foolish lad! All of this is happening in one single second in time so I can tell you a bunch of boring stuff you need to know. And for your other question... uh... just work with me here, okay?"

"Fine. I'll work with you. How are you going to help me? Are you going to give me some 'imaginary magic potion' that makes me move like greased lightning?" (ooh, greased light-nin!)

"You act very funny after you have been thrown into a wall. No, I'm not going to give you a potion! That's rediculous! But even though I do have one I wouldn't let you have it."


"Don't look so down, Dustin. What I'm going to give you is better than any stupid potion. And that is... advice!"

"Should have know."

"What?! What else can I do? I'm not really here right now, remember! The real 'me' is sleeping at home and dreaming about fighting ninjas in my new kung fu movie, “Nice Moves”. But enough about that. Here's the advice I give to you: Get up, lazy butt!"

"Hey! You... don't... have to be so rude, eh."

"I could be worse. But I'm serious. You have to bounce back up and get into the fight, Dustin. Everyone is counting on you, even me. You've come much too far to just give up now. And if you just lay there then those pathetic Plower plum-heads will pulverize you into a pepperoni pizza on a purple plate of pitiful proportions and--"

"I get it already!"

"Good, so get up."

"I... uh... need more encouragement... eh..."

"Ugh, you lazy kids. Alright, here's more encouragement. Your basketball team needs you. If you aren't there tomorrow to help them battle those bots, then they will have no chance, and the Plowers will steal the trophy and continue to beat everyone at basketball every year. But not just at basketball! O-ho-ho noooo! Eventually they will use more robots to win every single sport all over the world... even really lame ones that no one has never heard of. The world will be forced to watch them win the Superbowl year after year, and sports as we know it will become... OVERRATED!"


"AAAAGH! My ears! Ugh... yes, I’m afraid it’s true. But that's not all. Your family and friends--"

"Never mind that!! The popularity of sports is in danger! I'm ready to rumble! But... wait a second. I can't fight them. They look just like you! If I were to kick the stuffing out of them then--"

"Forget that, Dustin," said Nice impatiently, "That doesn't mean a thing. They're just stupid machines wearing costumes of me... and with 1.7% of the same talent. If I was in your place and had to attack a bunch of robots that all looked like you I would gladly rip them apart in the most terrible fasion just for you!"

"Thank you... I think. Okay, I'm ready to do this! Thanks for the advice, Nice."

"No problem, my amateur Dustin-san. Just run in there and do your best. And don't forget to kick up! Hi-ya, hi-ya, hi-ya, hi-ya, HI-YA!"

"I won't forget! It's time to stop sitting here. I'm going to get back up. Those fakers will be sorry they ever came within fifty feet of me." The little man vanished, time returned to normal, and I quickly got back up and got ready to defend myself... ninja style! Eh!

* * * * * * * *

"Alright, are y'all feeling nice and comfy?" said the team captain, mockingly.

"Eh, not exactly," said Jim who was being held against the wall by a Mike bot and next to the other two guys who were also in the same situation. "This robot is holding me against the wall and I can't move in case you haven't noticed."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you would like this. But if you would rather that you laid down on the floor and these guys sat on your heads and tickled your--"

"No thank you! said Mike in disgust. "You are so messed up!"

"Not as much as you. You and your team... your friends... your whole school... are all really messed up!"

“What in the world are you—?“

"And I thought you went to a Christian school!" said Ross in shock.

"We do. But not all of us act like those weak, simple-minded hypocrites! Winning against you guys is all that matters to us. And soon we'll have your powers-- and Dustin's too as soon as he is dragged over here. So now let's get this on already. B52, come here and do your work!"

The only robot that wasn't holding onto the poor heroes marched up to them. He stood next to the captain and awaited further instructions. The captured boys began to kick the robots but they didn't budge. It was like hitting a... really hard thing with your foot.

"B52, suck out their powers and distribute them among yourselves! I've had enough fun for one night. It's time to end the game."

"Eh, okay!" said the robot happily in a voice much like Mike's. He switched his appearance to turn into a large black machine with tons of buttons and needles and other threatening gadgets on his body and marched forwards.

"Ugh, you make me sound so stupid!" whined Mike.

"Yeah, and those needles look uncomfortable!" said Jim.

"Eh, where are you Dustin?!" shouted Ross. The robot stepped towards them and extended several tubes and needles towards Mike who was closest to him. "This might hurt a little," he said with a sneer. And then he added, "Actually it will hurt a lot if you aren't a machine!"

* * * * * * * *

The robots were only a few inches away when I finally got up, but fortunately that was enough space for me to jump away before one of them could send the next blow. I slid backwards to the wall and stood still. I stared at them menacingly, then stretched out my arm and motioned for them to come at me (whatever you call that). The robots cracked their knuckles and then leapt at me. I closed my eyes and pretended to wait for the blow. But at the last second I jumped straight into the air and came crashing down on top of one of them. I kicked it away and then dodged the flying fists of the other Nice bots. I moved to the side of one and tried to punch it. But it turned around too fast and I was the one who got punched (those metal fists really hurt!). I quickly recovered from this but then the other robot started to punch me and then the other again and soon I was stuck in the middle of a "knuckle sandwich." (while all of this was going on the Nice "ghost" was sitting down on a fire extinguisher and watching me while eating pop corn).

The other bot started to get up and I tried to break free before I was stuck in a punching prison of pain (there I go with the stupid letter repeats). I knew that I couldn't attack back so I had to use some kind of defense. I quickly crossed my arms in front of my chest and squeezed my wrists together to turn my arms into stone (another special technique I hardly use except in twenty other episodes). The bot in front of me smacked my solid arms and stopped for a second in confusion of what had just happened. The other one was still punching my back but I was now able to move so I jumped aside and got back to fighting. I jumped straight up in the air in slow motion just like in the movies (which also resulted in my hitting my head on the ceiling and yelling in slow motion) and kicked the robot away. By now the third bot had finally risen to his feet and was rushing at me with the other one. I decided to take drastic measures and did back flips past them to use my feet to knock both of them over again as I went by.

I stood in front of them and waited for them to get up so I could send them back down. That was a big mistake. One of the bots tripped me and then immediately dog piled on my back with the other two. And there's nothing worse than having three heavy robots that look like your Tae-kwon-do instructor jumping on top of you!

If you'd actually like to read the rest of the story (four more parts) you can email me and I'll send them on.
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