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TITLE: Sexual issues are man-made issues
By gene hudgens

I truly love God and Jesus. I have more confidence in my perfect God whose Creation is perfect, than I do in the imperfect humans that wrote the Bible.

I have faith, but as a human I feel that we are expected to reason and use common sense as we read Scriptures and balance all that is presented.

Itís unfortunately that too many humans in the past have been taught out dated rules. One item in particular deals with masturbation. For centuries we were taught that God would punish little children if they masturbated. For several years all major religions now agree that this was incorrect teaching. Genesis 38: 8...was misinterpreted for centuries. Oínan did not displease God by spilling his seed on the ground through masturbation.

For generations misguided parents have done children great harm by not encouraging the one common sense alternate to sexual intercourseÖmasturbation. Even the Apostle Paul would not consider this Ďagainst natureí. This is not leaving the natural use of women and turning to men with men.

Webster defines fornication as consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each otherÖcompare adultery. Paul has a list of sins of the Gentiles, Romans 2: 21-32. Many of our daily social sins are listed. Masturbation is not against nature, since God Created this desire as part of His Perfect Plan.

Sexual drive was and is instilled in the DNA of all humans. This was and is Godís Perfect Plan. We are all taught that God is perfect. He canít be perfect in one area and then wrong in an area that we imperfect humans want to claim he is wrong. Sexual drive isnít caused by motions, feelings, passion, and sensation. Sexual drive is an emotion and it is designed by God and is part of His plan.

It is not common sense to preach that sex out side marriage is wrong. Many people do not want to marry, but they will have desires for sexual satisfaction. However, to feel that sexual intercourse is best only in the institution of marriage can be accepted by most people.

It certainly isnít logical to say marriage is for children. Children are not developed for the responsibilities of marriage. Regardless of what goes on in religious beliefs in eastern religions it is ridiculous and ungodly to impose marriage on a six year old. I read that Mohammed had several wives and one was a six year old. To me this is perverted.

Of course our government should be involved in church/state issues. I donít feel that many of us would want to revert backwards to the illogical situation that exists in the world of Islam.

Even when government leaders do get involved they must strive to use common sense in favor of balance in our social lives. Many of us love to refer to statistics, because itís difficult to get cornered, because we can find a statistic to back anything we say.

I feel itís a sin that President Bushís illogical use of his power to insist that federal funds for national sex education be hog-tied to insure most of the effort supports ďabstinenceĒ. It is a slap in the face to the majority of our society.

In writing, abstinence is a fine theory, but it is an Ďimperfect humaní man-made theoryÖand ďstatisticsĒ (even to a blind man) clearly show that it does not work. Even some teens that sign a form and promise to abstain get pregnant. It doesnít work because itís contrary to human nature. The staggering sad statistics of unwanted teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teens is a sin in our society and in the eyes of God.

Sex education in our society is a positive step forward. It does not stop divorce, STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Nothing will stop these man-made social problems. Common sense dictates that education is the key to success in any and every human area. It is ignorance, not education (or sex education) that hurts girls of any age. Very young girls of eight are having sexual intercourse and girls of twelve have babies. This is insane.

Effective sex education can offer all children knowledge, advice and alternatives to their life style. Teens must understand that their desire for sex is like their desire for food or water. Itís part of Godís Perfect Plan. Itís normal and itís OK. Earthly religions have no right to attempt to change Godís Plan. It wonít happen. Sex is here to stay.

Effective sex education teaches children that there is sex and there is sex. Sexual intercourse is unsafe sex, itís dangerous sex, it is sex that should be enjoyed with in marriage, and that itís stupid unnecessary sex for children. Effective sex education teaches that the alternative is masturbation, which is part of Godís Perfect Plan; itís safe, clean and completely satisfying sex which is ideal sex for children.

God will not change His Plan and children will always desire sex. Therefore earthly religions, our society, and adults must accept this and move on to dealing with worthwhile social issues.

With all of the important issues in our society, why do earthly organized religions and adults have such a hang up on sex?

Twelve year old children do not possess the ability to decide if they are sure about a long term relationship in marriage. They should never be burdened by adults to even consider such responsibility. For adults to even entertain that twelve year olds have the ability is not logical. Adults have a responsibility to care for children until they are adults. It is sinful to fail at this responsibility.

God (not humans) taught children to masturbate to achieve the satisfaction He planned for children to achieve.

Nothing in our human life or world is perfect. On many occasions in our lives each of us will be required to choose the best of two evils. God elevated humans above other animals by giving us a brain to make wise decisions. We humans must live together on earth and that alone is a challenge. Social problems do and will exist. God expects humans to successfully solve our social problems.

For humans not to use common sense and earnestly search for solutions to problems is a sin in Godís eyes. He gave us a brain and we must us our brains. Religious rules on earth are man made rules. We are tasked to use common sense to avoid blaming God for our imperfect human stupidity.

Social problems on earth are man made problems. God our perfect Creator instilled human nature in every one of us. No intelligent person feels that masturbation automatically solves the divorce rate or sexual crimes.

However, some divorces could have been avoided if both parties enjoyed the sexual satisfaction they both expected in their marriage. Masturbation just might have aided in some of these cases. Perhaps some men might not have experienced the uncontrollable urge to sexual abuse or rape a child or woman if they had achieved sexual satisfaction through masturbation.

Masturbation is safe sex. The terrible statistics of unwanted teen pregnancies, abortions and sexual transmitted diseases occurred from unsafe sex. These people desired sexual satisfaction (as was part of Godís Plan) and could easily have achieved safe satisfaction if they had masturbated, because masturbation is safe sex and the perfect any time alternative for unsafe sexual intercourse.

God never wrote a single word in the Bible, but the Bible is a master piece. Imperfect humans accomplished a miracle putting together a map that was missing more than few pieces.

Over the years I have read the entire Bible and today I too enjoy remembering and quoting Scriptures.

Last year I read that there are about 200 contradictions in our Biblical Scriptures. Regardless, the Bible is the greatest book in the world and God is proud.

Adult humans need to wake up, grow up, use common sense and logic, realize that our human problems are human madeÖand concentrate on solving our own human problemsÖwith out looking for excuses in Biblical Scripture to blame God.
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