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TITLE: Not My Child!
By Susan Storm Smith

This will eventually go for sale under apologetics. I watched as a child when Roe vs Wade, Brown School district decision, Prayer in School and other things have gone against the founding principles of America. Its time that this generation stand up and speak out I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this piece. My email lightquestmedia@yahoo.com
When I heard the news that the State of Connecticut is proposing a law that would make it mandatory for sexual sensitivity classes for students that have a teacher that has a sex-change surgery or cross dresses, my spirit jumped. In other words, if Mr. Jones taught your child last year, but now Ms. Jones will be teaching her class this year, the students will be given (at tax payer expense) a sensitivity class whereby they are told that it is perfectly alright and acceptable. That this is a good lifestyle for her/him and to accept it as good. What does the Bible have to say about this? Do you choose to make your choices based upon what the Word of God says or do you willingly accept whatsoever the politicians and lobby groups decide is going to be your society statement?

We send our children to school for an education in reading, math, social studies (about societies of the world), and history, introductions to music and arts. I believe that the moral principles are best taught in the home and in the church or "temple" of choice. The principles that shape our religious and spiritual beliefs have been shaped against the Christian beliefs.

We already have the Islamic sensitivity and this is how a Muslim prays, their belief system and holy days in the U. S. education system. But all forms of Christianity including prayer are OUT. Why don't students receive Christian sensitivity classes?

In a report regarding the New York City school system, it was stated that 3 out of 5 children in school are from a foreign country. That means they bring their social and religious forms with them. So Christians we need to unite and become a lobby group that puts our values in schools just like everybody else. We are no longer the larger group, so there is a precedent.

Just as appalling are the books that are now available in children's form and very colorful showing this is daddy's mate (another man), and this is mommy's mate (another woman). It shows them embracing, kissing and other forms of affection. These are acceptable lifestyles and we should not be intolerant of them. These will make it into your child's school reading program if not put in check now.

At this time in history, same sex relationships are considered "alternative lifestyle", but what they are lobbying for and receiving is it is not an alternative, but THE lifestyle of the United States, and worldwide acceptance. They are not people I hate or not talk with. But the sin according to the Bible is something that is to be intolerable. Galatians 5 speaks boldly about the lusts or sins of the flesh, also Romans 1:28-32 makes no apology for speaking out against such sins. My child would not be attending any sensitivity class such as the State of Connecticut is proposing!

As a watchman on the wall, according to the call upon my life, I bring you this information so that you can make a godly choice for yourself, your family, and your community. I believe it is past time that Christians have lobby groups in mass, not just professional ones, but those of us who have an equal say about what is good for our communities.

If this bill passes, and it has lots of backing, it will go across the United States like wildfire; all states will adopt a form of it. This country was formed upon Christian principles. Write your congressman, senators (both state and federal), write to the judges (including the supreme court), letters to the editors of local newspapers, let your voice be heard as one calling in the wilderness. That is truly what we are becoming in our own country.

Let me know your views, and join our international prayer group. We are watchmen on the wall for political, social, and inhumanity changes. Let God arise around the world—www.mudinternational.webs.com contact page. We will send you our newsletter and updates on world events that do not make it to the mainstream media.
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