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TITLE: Adventure of Ron Hucklebery...#1-2 Ron skins his knees again
By gene hudgens

Adventures of Ron Huckelberry...#1-2 Ron skins his knees again (Rev)

Ron skins his knees again

The boulevard where Ron lived was located on a decently steep hill. There was very little traffic on the street, so that was where he often played. He had a beautiful tricycle, which he treasured and naturally spent hours riding it on the sidewalk or street.

Ron was born to love adventure and quickly learned that if he put his knees on the narrow stand between the rear wheels and held on to the steering wheel he could go much faster than if he just peddled.

The draw back has been that the tricycle always quickly picked up speed going down-hill and Ron had no suitable brakes. He learned from experience that sometimes he could slow it down by grabbing the peddles, but usually he was unable to grab the peddles. He learned that he could rub the back wheels to slow the bike, but that hurt his hands. He even tried using a cloth or wearing gloves to slow the wheels, but that normally didn’t work too well either.

Bell is a young black lady that has been his parents maid for years. She has loved and cared for Ron since he was born. Ron loves Bell too and they have much fun together.

Bell and his mom have often been very upset with his stubbornness (or dumbness), because his knees have too often been very badly skinned and seem to stay covered with thick scabs that crack and bleed.

This particular day his knees have healed well from last week’s bad skinning, but the scabs are still extremely thick. He understands well that he has been told not to ride his tricycle for several more days.

Even though his knees were still very sore, he was a very determined boy. As always his plan was to be very careful and not allow the tricycle to go fast. In fact this day he placed an extra thick cloth on the stand to prevent skinning.

He smirked a daredevil grin as he knelt upon that forbidden stand. “What the heck, Mom will never know I took this ride today, because I have it under control.” He confidently stated to himself.

As usual, Ron’s genius plans don’t work too well. He carefully got in position and very slowly allowed the tricycle to begin rolling. It was exciting to hear the ska-dip, ska-dip, ska-dip of the pavement cracks as he sped down hill. As usual, before he realized it, the tricycle was again going to fast and again he had no brakes to stop it.

His knees were already hurting and he tried to avoid thinking about how much more terrible pain he may soon have. He already knew what was about to happen.

“Oh no”, he was near screaming to himself, “If I have another accident, Mom will make me stay in bed for a month.” His tricycle is gaining speed. Ron could feel the pulse under the cake-like scabs on his knees.

“Oh me, what am I going to do?” This thought was racing in his head…as the parked cars raced by faster and faster. “What the heck, what’s worse, Mom screaming or me getting my neck broken in a real bad accident?“ He had a choice earlier, but now time has run out.

He had fear as he quickly allowed his knees to slide off of the stand as he held onto the seat. This must be the fastest the tricycle has ever gone. The pain was severe as the bandages quickly tore off. He could feel the tiny gravel tear into his knees as they slide on the asphalt. Even before coming to a stop he was screaming for Bell.

This time he has really messed himself up and the pain is awful. He lay on the street, holding onto the tricycle to keep it from rolling away, as he continued to scream for Bell.

Luckily Bell heard him and came running to help. When she saw poor Ron she was mad as well as worried. She put the tricycle near the sidewalk and then picked Ron up and carried him into the house. As she examined his knees in the bathroom, she realized the wounds were too severe for her to handle, so she phoned Ron’s dad.

Dad is quickly home, examines Ron, and immediately takes him to the hospital. The doctor spends quite some time cleaning the tar and small gravel from Ron’s torn knees, wraps them in thick bandage, gives him a shot…and then a lecture.

Mom, Dad and Bell are very upset, but patient and very strict. Poor “active” Ron is confined to his bed, which is truly like prison. This time his knees do not heal quickly and it is almost three weeks before he is allowed out of the bed; except to go to the bath room..

Yes, Ron agreed not to kneel on his tricycle again. No, Ron is not a fast learner. He soon decided to sit on the stand he used to kneel on. Now his feet almost reached the peddles with ease. A few weeks later he experimented taking his feet off of the peddles to allow the tricycle to go faster. Yes, he had another accident. This time he broke his ankle.

Yes, this time Dad is very upset with Ron, but as always he uses psychology as he deals with Ron. “Number-one son, I’ll make you a deal. You will have a cast on your foot for a few weeks. Mom and I feel you should not be allowed out of the house until the cast is removed. However, if you will agree to give your tricycle to the local children’s home today, we’ll allow you to carefully walk out side when you feel like it.

Ron agreed and gave the tricycle to the local child center. Ron never gives up and is soon trying some psychology on dad too. “Dad, Christmas is in two months. If I prove to you that I will be real careful in the future, will you and Mom allow me to have a two-wheeler for Christmas.”

Dad and Mom both smile, but do not give Ron an immediate answer. Ron naturally continues to ask about a two-wheeler. Mom and Dad continue to get more assurances from Ron as Christmas approaches.

Yes, Ron found a beautiful bike standing near the Christmas tree. Attached to the left brake was a note, which read; “Number-one son, this is yours…if you sign the contract on the back side.”

The contract stated: “I agree to accept this bike with the understanding that I must think and act like a mature young man every time I ride this bike. I will not take any chances that might endanger someone else or myself. I agree that if I fail to exercise safety this bike will be disposed of.”

Ron read the contract and immediately gave Dad and Mom a hug. “Thanks for this beautiful present…and I promise to be careful.”
Revised 12 Oct 08
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