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TITLE: That's How It Is in Life
By gene hudgens


Almost nothing is ideal.
Seldom is anything perfect.
Almost never is anything completely black or white.
Almost everything appears in the gray area... in the middle.

That is how it is in life.

It would be ideal…
if hard decisions were never required.
if we never had to compromise.
if everything was right.
if nothing was ever wrong.
if everyone was happy.
if no one was ever sad.
if everyone was good.
if no one was ever bad.

But, in all of the world, no one has ever enjoyed all of this.

That is how it is in life.

Things … and people… change with time. What was good, correct, or proper yesteryear might well require compromise and hard decisions today.
This also applies to translations and interpretations of the written ‘word of God’ that span three thousand plus years. Great credit must be given to all of those who wrote and maintained input for the Bibles. They did a wonderful job of interpreting what they understood God to have said and demanded as it pertained to a particular time.
Throughout history changing times, situations, and needs encouraged new and more clearly understood translations of the Bible… to better meet the needs of the society at a particular period.
History teaches us that conquering armies or forms of slavery wiped out entire existing cultures, religions, customs and languages in vast areas of the world. It’s possible, if not likely, that present day translations of our Bibles actually represent the very best efforts of the scholars and theologians through-out the years as they attempted to reconstruct ‘a battered and torn map’ .. that had many tiny pieces missing… after three thousand plus years.
It is hard to believe that ‘in the beginning’… God’s words explicitly addressed the issue of world over-population… as we try to live with the problem today.
It is hard to believe that our God, who gave us a brain and hands to think and work with, ever envisioned His ‘most prized possessions’ .. ’His children’ (us) having to suffer, starve, and die on planet earth; because some religions and governments refuse to control population growth.
Three thousand years ago, or 500 years ago, or even 100 years ago, there might have been a perceived need by countries, tribes, or families to encourage population growth… for survival. Then there was not a crisis of ‘over-population’.
Any logical person can understand that the times and situations have changed.
The ‘over population’ crisis is so critical today that life on planet earth is threatened. How can any logical intelligent person think or feel that this is what our God wants?
Over-population is absolutely the #1 problem in the world today.
Regardless of what any religion, or leader or government professes… all of the people on earth can not be adequately fed today. Theoretical abilities mean nothing if the realities don’t materialize. It has not been accomplished in fifty years, it is not being accomplished today, and the situation worsens each year.
The world population is expected to double in approximately eighty years. What then? What between now and then?

For sure…
more hunger. more disease.
more suffering. more slavery.
more starving. more abuse of children.
more dying. more killing of newly born.
more wars. more of all of the bad things.
more misery.

All of this evil because a relatively few leaders in powerful positions stubbornly refuse to change with the time… and admit that this #1 world problem must be addressed with urgency and solved.
Population growth must be controlled at all cost. Every known means of birth control must be encouraged. Mandatory limits on family offspring need to be initiated.
Logical effective sex education, that might be accepted and practiced by everyone who will have sex in the future, needs to be initiated at a very young age (perhaps 6-8).
Young children need to be taught that masturbation is acceptable and encouraged and is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse outside marriage. Sexual intercourse at age 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (probably not married) is ignorant sex. Masturbation is sex, but it is the smart sex. It is the safe, easy, convenient, and fun relaxing sex that anyone with sexual desires can enjoy anywhere… day and night.
The time has come when the survival of mankind on earth must take prevalence over individual rights and certain religious teachings.
Of course this is a shock. Many will not want to compromise. Many will not be happy; even though they know it is the right thing to do. Many will not feel that it is ideal; even though they realize it is a necessity.

We owe this hard decision to future generations… for their survival.

That is how it is in life.
(c) 99 Gene Hudgens
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