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TITLE: A Matter Of Race
By Dwayne Collins

Because some of us are faced with racial tension everyday, I wanted to express race to the readers of faith writers. GOD never meant for us to be so separated and without TRUTH. We have pushed each other into believing in that which comes farthest from the TRUTH. So those who tend to be the best at telling a lie we come to believe in them and this occurs even in the churches we attend. The devil is a liar and if we follow he that lies what then are we. Separation in any form comes from he who was first separated. Retrace the TRUE HISTORY OF MANKIND.
A Matter of Race

Iíve always wondered if in the church does it matter what racial background you are. I remember when I was a little boy and I saw movies where the church was full of white people, yet at the church I attended there were no white people. It never really crossed my mind until I noticed that people were killing in the name of the LORD.

The first evidence Iíve ever saw of racial discrimination in the church was when I saw the klu klux klan in a meeting house that was the church and the minister said that the exclusion of other races made them pure and this was the way that GOD wanted it to be. I remember that at the temple of babble GOD separated the voices of the people. I canít remember at any time where GOD made a separation of the people because of the color of their skin.

Then I remembered the faces on money. All of these men were white and even when they placed a woman on money she was white. Iím only talking about here in the United States because this where I was born and raised and to me since the US is in the affairs of all other countries, in the name of GOD, they must be able to account for the ways in which they portray the citizens of itís country. I have been told that Indians first inhabited this country and everyone else is an immigrant but today this has been changed and is a matter of race.

So ever since Iíve been able to remember this country has been backboned on racism. Nothing gets around it and all must form to it. So we must look at the church and ask the question of what would JESUS do as far as racial discrimination? In the church we are supposed to be one body but we all know that this is not true. The church only serve the purpose of the community it dwells in. If the church is located in a white area it is a white church and if it is in an area where only one nationality resides it corresponds to that community. When someone of another race enters the doors they are treated as if they are different and they are not supposed to be.

We all want to be what GOD wants us to be to an extent. That small piece of what makes us human is the color of our skin or the language that we speak or the country we come from. Race means everything because we have been structured around it. We have not been taught from the Holy Bible, we have only learned from it. We have yet to really understand some of the scriptures within it and we still canít fully say that we know the purpose of the scriptures. This is why we have ministers and bishops and popes and other theological teachers to open up the meanings of what was meant by scripture when it was written. You see, these people are supposed to have better insight to GODíS words.

When a minister of GOD returns to humanity what happens to the sheep being led? We all know that the majority of us believe in everything the minister says. We should not judge those who have been selected by GOD to lead us. So some of us go on believing in the wrongs that some people teach without judgment. And still we must remember that he who is evil will come and represent JESUS and when HE returns HE will say I know not this person. He will perform miracles and healings in the name of GOD but will be from the antichrist.

Christians are supposed to bare one main factor and it is LOVE. We are supposed to love even our enemies. We are not supposed to have a one race domination. We are not supposed to have a one religion background. We have separated ourselves in name or religious circulation so how can we say that we are not racially separated. We canít hold this to be truth. We are taught to be competitive and so we are better one than the other. We will never accept the fact that we all come from one Adam and one Eve.

We have names for everything. These names separate us from everything we were meant to be. There is no wonder that we can even grow to accept each other. We have done so much wrong in the name of GOD that it is no wonder why we have so little faith. Our belief in that which is unseen stretches too wide and far beyond our faintest imaginations. We still are on the look out for a GOD who bares one particular skin color. We can say that Africa is the Dark Continent yet with so many white inhibitors it would be hard not to say that the first creation of man was of dark complexion.

We have not been taught TRUTH and we wonít teach TRUTH and so we will always believe anything but the TRUTH. So tell me that itís not about race and I will question your existence in this world we live in. Because if anybody says that itís not racially oriented they canít be of this world. If that which is supposed to be only TRUTH is a lie then when we speak TRUTH we have got to be lying.

When we look at any form of government we can look at the distortion of that which is truth. Governments were formed from lies and not one is true to the people that they serve. Each and every government that exist have lied to the people it represents. There is not one country that can say there is no harm in its government. Starvation, Homelessness, Crime all of the things that causes a country to be unholy is due to a lying government. So we look at the terrorism of people who want to believe that there is some truth in mankind and there is but we have been taken over by liars and thieves and we allow them to keep us bound to the lies that they tell out of our fear of them.

Now you have been told from the beginning to this very day and through the days of our futures; we canít get rid of racial discrimination. It will exist until the end of time. We must stop pretending and face the facts, which are always in our faces. When you look at me you donít see a child of GOD you see my skin color. When you speak to me, you donít hear someone who is intelligent enough to hold conversations with you on every point; you see my history of ethnicity. Everything we do is based on the history of the people, which we come from. And every nationality believes that they are better than any other. But in the image of GOD we were all created. And in that image we will all die. For when the flesh has gone and the spirits rise, then we shall be what we were created to be and we will live in Love and Peace will be among us. For worries, fears, pains, and sorrows will exist never more.
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