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TITLE: Are Christians Lazy, Irresponsible, or?
By gene hudgens

For those who are concerned about America.
Are Christians Lazy or Irresponsible or?

America was founded by Christians. Today the population of America is a little over 300,000,000. According to the CIA World Fact book, 76% of this 300 million adhere to Christianity (52% Protestant and 24% Roman Catholic).

Mormons comprise 2%, Buddhist 2%, Jewish 1%, and Muslim 1%, and 18% do no adhere to a religion.

A point is that every success and every failure in America rests in the laps of Christians.
That is the pure economics of the “majority-rule”. Christians are the majority and are responsible for all that is good and all that is bad. They are responsible for all successes and all failures.

American voters (Mostly Christians) elect the leaders of America. Therefore those that elect the leaders are responsible for the actions of the leaders they elect. Quoting Scriptures from the Bible is worthy and voting and electing leaders for America is worthy.

However, quoting Scriptures, in its self, isn’t enough for Christians. It’s only the beginning. Electing leaders for America, in its self, isn’t enough for Christians. It’s only the beginning.

Christians have the responsibility to insist that the leaders they elect to lead America act as Christians should act and perform their duties as if they have a functioning brain.

Christians have the responsibility to daily scrutinize the personal and professional actions of every single elected official and, with a sense of urgency, impeach and cast out of public office every dishonest and brain-dead representative.

America is not indispensable. Today, America’s survival is on shaky ground. America must survive in order for Christians to have confidence that they will have a decent and safe future in a free environment.

Today the world’s attitude of America is not the same as it was 40-50 years ago. Today (with or with out justification) it seems that too many people in the world hate America.

This is primarily due to the actions of the leaders of America…and this is the fault of Christians who have failed in electing effective leaders and eliminating dishonest and ineffective leaders.

None of us can sit back and feel that it’s out of our hands. Our Congress can quickly remove a president and any member of Congress that is a threat to America.

The bigger sin is when Christian voters fail to demand that dishonest and ineffective Congressmen and other government representatives are quickly removed from office.

Elected public officials must be expected and required to always be honest citizens and leaders…even more so that the average citizen. They must be quickly and harshly punished when they fail to live up to the trust Christian voters place on them. This is not happening and this is the result of lazy irresponsible Christians.

Intelligent educated Christians realize this is true even if they resist the willingness to admit it.

Can it be true that billions of dollars have been lost somewhere between an original bank in American and the intended bank (or individual) in Iraq. Some politicians say the money has just disappeared. They claim all of the American intelligence agencies just can’t find the money. It just vanished. This has to be pure crap. Excuses…always excuses. Christian voters should insure that the crooks go to prison.

One of the saddest and most dangerous issues deals with the way our Congress and the Christian voters allow its military and veterans to be mistreated.

It seems impossible to awaken the sleeping Christians to the realization of the seriousness of this issue. The American media continues to keep the American public ignorant and misinformed pertaining to the seriousness of this issue.

Few Americans seem to realize that America has an all volunteer military. It is this “all volunteer” military that allows America to avoid having the DRAFT.

Apparently few Christians realize or want to accept the fact that only 1% (one percent) of the American population is involved in this “all volunteer” military in any way.

This means that 99% of all Americans have zero direct affiliation with their military, which provides 24 hour a day security to all American citizens; who are predominately Christians.

Perhaps few Christians understand that our Congress appoints individuals to supervise and direct the Veterans Affairs (VA). It seems that few Christians express disagreement that some of these appointed supervisors of VA seem to really hate veterans.

This is very dangerous for everyone, because this attitude is already causing an adverse effect on the morale of U. S. military. This is already costing the taxpayers (mainly Christians) much money to retain our “all volunteer” military. For the first time ever the government is offering $150,000 bonus to individuals in certain needed special skills just to fill the vacancies resulting from a shortage of volunteers in our “all volunteer” military.

This is only the beginning. One morning Christian America may well wake up to a mercenary military where English is the second language. To me this is very scary.

Why is this happening? It’s happening because too many of the present military members choose to leave the military…and the needed future volunteers (the young Americans that we need to volunteer to enter the military in the future) are not volunteering.

They realize that the entire “all volunteer” military comprises only 1% of the total American population. They realize that they are the only American citizens ever put in “harms way” to protect America. They realize they are the only Americans that are expected to severely suffer extended separation from family.

They realize they are the only profession that signs a contract to offer their life for their country. They realize that their daily work can expose them to serious injuries such as loss of eyes, arms and legs. They know that they can suffer life-long brain and spine injuries while defending the other 99% of all Americans (including Christians and the wealthy Americans).

These distraught young present and future military members are realizing that too many of the other 99% of Americans do not care about them, refuse to pay them an adequate salary and are unwilling to adequately care for their medical and rehabilitation expenses for the rest of their lives.

They realize that every severely wounded military member deserves the very best medical care available any where in America but are often not even afforded adequate medical care and rehabilitation.

They are realizing that many wounded soldiers with mental and spinal injuries can expect to have medical and rehabilitation expenses exceeding a million dollars in their life time.

They also realize that that are members of Congress that want to pay them a very small one-time, lump-sum cash payment in lieu of guaranteeing that their life long medical expenses are paid by the American government. They are tired of the lousy tricks.

They realize that their government leaders do not seem concerned about insuring through public-law that all of their medical expenses are and will be adequately covered for their entire future life…even if they live to be 120.

They read about how VA continually attempts to deny compensation to veterans or reduce or eliminate needed compensation. They have distrust in their government and the VA. They do not have confidence that they will be properly, fairly, and adequately cared for their entire future life.

The 1% is finally becoming conscious that the 99% of the American population is not aware and is not being informed about these immediate problems and concerns of present and potential military members.

Every single American must realize that for some reason the American press is not adequately educating the American public of the drastic existing situation.

Every single citizen should be asking himself and herself why? Is this a plan by government leaders to keep the American public in the dark about the true situation?

This 1% are opening their eyes and realizing that something is extremely wrong with the They realize that only 16% of the American wealth is left for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers) in America.

They are becoming aware that the American all volunteer military is made up primarily of men and women from the poorer and lower educated sector of America. Is this a fair-share even under capitalism? They are realizing that the volunteer military will most likely never include any family members of politicians, wealthy people or the cowards.

They are seeing the big picture and are realizing that the other 99% of Americans really does not have a shortage of money to adequately pay every member of the all volunteer force. They realize that the American military (because of the sacrifices they make for America) should be one of the highest paid professions in American.). They realize that many members are trying to survive on a food-stamp-salary, while 20% of the American people own 84% of all wealth in American and are unwilling to share and adequately pay their military members.

Patriotism is wonderful, but it doesn’t pay any bill. Present and future members of the “all volunteer” force are tired of not being guaranteed a fair piece of the pie.

Americans must become willing to pay every single penny necessary to give their “all volunteer” force the best medical care available, or the 99% must begin equally sharing in the every day defense of America by reinstating the DRAFT.

American citizens can not have the cake and eat it too. The 1% is beginning to realize that the other the 99% has little respect for its military.

This is causing patriotism to gradually die away. This is so dangerous and such a shame. Christian America must mentally and physically adjust to paying all bills due the 1% that makes-up the ‘all volunteer’ military force…or reinstate the DRAFT.

If the “draft” is reinstated, the elite group of American that is now never concerned with military sacrifices will see their love-ones and friends entering the military service.

When this happens, how long do you think it will take this elite group to change their tune and become active in bettering the conditions in the military? Why does this elite group refuse to better the conditions in the military today? Millions of Americans had better think about this question!

A military is expensive. It will get much more expensive in the near future. The Christian majority has a tremendous responsibility to save America. Make the right decision now before it’s too late. If America can not afford to pay the expenses of wars, then do what ever is necessary to not get involved in any more wars.

Begin this process in Congress. It’s the mission of Congress, Ambassadors, and other government leaders to successfully negotiate to prevent wars. They get paid very well, but the overall performance is poor and the results are unacceptable.
Revised 8 Oct 08
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