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TITLE: If Only My Mom or Someone Had Told Me, # 29
By gene hudgens

critiques requested
Why do women love death row inmates?

Have you ever thought about or asked yourself, “Why Do Women Love Death Row Inmates?”

There are perhaps a million articles on the web that deal with this question and still there is no one reason or ten reasons. Every individual is different and thus everyone thinks differently and feels differently.

Some women get really taken with the inmate’s case and genuinely feel that the prisoner is innocent. Many inmates are Black and many people feel that the ‘system’ is against Blacks.

Many women want to feel needed and will try to act and feel the ‘savior‘. These women who like to care for a man will look for something good in the man that did bad things. Perhaps they feel that even if he can never get out he should still have somebody somewhere supporting him.

Perhaps there are women that have fear of a real commitment? They know that this type relationship will never go any where and there fore can not fail.

There are women that feel that they are the “underdog” and that nothing will be good for them at the day’s end. They see the inmate as a victim just like she sees herself. They are paranoid women and see the world as a bad place. Through a relationship these women prove to them selves that they too are failures and victims.

It isn’t uncommon for women to be taken with the fascination or charm of dating or marrying a very notorious man. They get engrossed with the danger of it all and at the same time see the safety of the situation. If he does die on death row she can walk away and start all over.

Many women love the celebrity status among their circle of friends. “Wow, Jenny, is it exciting writing and visiting a serial killer? Tell me about him.”

Other women might spend a tremendous amount of time corresponding with a popular movie or rock star knowing that she won’t get more than a signed photograph mailed by his secretary, but from a notorious serial killer she might get a marriage proposal.

There are women that are satisfied with a “safe” relationship with a man in prison, because they have horrid memories of abuse as a child from their father or abuse later from a boy friend or husband. The man behind bars can’t hurt her.

The inmate has lots of time on his hands, which many working men don’t have. The inmate can place the woman on a pedestal and boost her esteem, which she is lacking.

It’s not unusual for women to look for a very exciting macho man in their pursuit to get married. It can be a good guy or a killer. If they don’t marry a killer in prison it can be mentally exciting each day wondering if he will be put on death row or get out in twenty five years.

Women are attracted to Death Row inmates by the associated publicity. They are often popular over night with their friends because of her interest in a Death Row inmate. For sure Death Row inmates have no shortage of women suitors. The worse his crime the more suitors he will have. These dangerous inmates get letters of adoration every day from all over the world. Women don’t care if the inmate is married or not.

It’s likely that much of the correspondence from Europe is because in Europe most people seem to oppose the death penalty and thus want to show sympathy for these prisoners.

When women are attracted to men that did real ugly crimes like child molesting or kidnapping and killing a 12 year old girl, one might easily feel that they have just lost their marbles or they themselves would enjoy committing such crimes. For sure they aren’t playing with a full deck.

In most prisons pornography is not allowed, but a woman can send the inmate a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit or tantalizing and revealing panties. They can perhaps enjoy phone conversations that allow them both the opportunity to enjoy phone sex and masturbation. Perhaps this satisfying safe sex is all the woman needs in her life.

Many of these women have suffered violence or sexual abuse. Others are motivated by an attraction to very bad men. Others have genuine compassion for the most oppressed men and want to learn more about what made them tick as they committed their horrid crimes.

Many women are active death penalty opponents and feel that even the mentally sick and violent deserve a dignified life. They join anti-death penalty groups like Amnesty International or other groups listed on the web…as well as Pen-pal groups such as LostVault.com, where free personal ads based on letters and pictures from death row inmates are posted.

Many of these women are desperately lonely and they easily relate to the ads and letters from inmates that express how desperately lonely the writer is and how awful prison is.

These death row inmates are emotion manipulating geniuses as they play their games with the hearts and minds of naïve and gullible women. Many inmates have 15 or 20 fleece able women at a time that they romance. For them it is a game they play as they achieve sexual stimulation and collect a lot of money from their susceptible deep-pocket women friends. These women really fall for the ads that read, “I’m looking for a true Christian woman and a sincere spiritual companionship.”

As I read many articles on this subject I keep asking myself, “How can women ever be so naïve, chuckleheaded, and thick-witted?”

I therefore address this issue to teens and young adults. Always think with your brain and not your heart. Always be hard on yourself and avoid feeling sorry for others that refused to use their brain, refused to listen to their parents, refused to learn in school, refused to respect other humans, refused to obey the law and refused to love and follow Jesus.

Life is too short to waste a minute. Your first obligation is to “self”. Build yourself, train yourself, teach yourself, develop yourself and make yourself live a good life so that you can achieve the one lasting and worthwhile goal in life…and that is to be accepted into Heaven.

It is sad that anyone is ever on Death Row, but they are examples of people who refused to care for “self” when they were free people. There are so many worthwhile plans and services that will directly, immediately, and effectively benefit you and free men and women. Consider investing your time, energy, and soul in bettering you and your immediate community.
© Gene Hudgens
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