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TITLE: If Only My Mom or Someone Had Told Me? #27
By gene hudgens

Critiques are desired
Teens are the most vulnerable group of individuals in our society.

Logical advice for all teens is, ďDonít blindly or ignorantly believe everything you seeÖand hear.Ē

Itís understandable that many teens feel this issue is driven into the ground, and itís true that it is. However, the issue is so important that it needs to be driven into the groundÖand between the eyes of all teens and their parents.

Itís imperative that teens take responsibility for their actions; mistakes and successes.
This requires educating themselves in every single issue in their lives. This requires reading the newspapers in detail and knowing what issues are going on around them. When they see an issue that they donít understand or that bothers them, they need to study the issue and get the facts.

One can not expect a person that is involved in a questionable issue to be rational or true full. Most of us expect all Christians to be true full, but this doesnít happen. Either all Christians are not honest or all persons that claim to be Christians really arenít Christians.

This is one main reason why every individual, including teens, need to personally read the Bible and discuss confusing issues with more than one trained theologian. Too many people want to quote their interpretation of a Biblical scripture as their justification for their actions or to blame God the Creator for man-made problems on earth.

Itís very important for teens to personally read the Bible. Itís also important for teens to analyze what they read and hear. Normally what sounds logical is right and what sounds illogical is not right. If some one says God hates gays you need to research this carefully.
God never personally wrote a single word in the Bible. We must give credit to those that did write the Bible. In most cases they tried hard to do their best to write what they felt Jesus said. Those that wrote the Old Testament tried to write what was verbally handed down before recorded history as being the true facts. Considering the circumstances they did a marvelous job.

The second most vulnerable group of individuals in our society may well be Christians.
Apparently Christian evangelists realize this. While many evangelists are true Christians and try only to good, many others take advantage of their followers. The list is long of evangelists whose personal motto is, ďDonít do as I do, just do as I say.Ē

Today is appears that several are begging their followers to send contributions to help the needy, but keep the money for themselves to buy the nicer things for their personal enjoyment, like Rolls Royceís and multimillion-dollar homes. They get away with this because too many Christian followers are dumb. An article stated that Jim Bakker wrote that his congregation wanted him to use offering money to buy gold plated faucets for his bath room.

It was recently written that six major Christian television ministries are under scrutiny by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, because of their lavish personal spending. Among this group are Joyce Meyer, Bishop Eddie Long, Pastor Creflo Dollar, and Benny Hinn.

Claiming to be a Christian does not mean that a person lives a life expected of a Christian. Many Roman Catholic Church leaders have proved that their sexual perversion desires are stronger than their belief. Jimmy Swaggart cried that God told him to do his thing in the motel room.

Some evangelists seem to be the worse kind of bigots as they teach others to do things that certainly donít fit good Christians.

In 1986 Oral Roberts stunned his gullible television audience by stating that unless he raised $8 million by March, God would ďcall him home.Ē He raised $9 million.

Sexual misconduct is very common place amongst many evangelists including Jim Bakker, Marvin Gorman, Frank Houston, Douglas Goodman, and Bishop Earl Paulk.

Other evangelists have admitted being homosexual.

While there are many true Christian evangelists like Billy Graham, itís so sad that so many gullible Christian laymen are hurt and taken by the unscrupulous fakes.
Gene Hudgens
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