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TITLE: If Only My Mom or Someone Had Told Me? # 19 (c)
By gene hudgens

teens and young adults
If Only My Mom or Someone Had Told Me, # 19

I sincerely wish that as you read this you are saying to yourself, “Hey, mom did tell me all of this.” Then I will be hoping that you will remember everything she shared with you, whether you are a girl or a boy. Perhaps you will choose to keep a copy of this in your dresser drawer just to occasionally review as a little reminder. Try to never forget to take time to share advice with friends…and especially children, because childhood races by so quickly; even for the lucky children whose moms do share advice.

Human Nature is one of the finest gifts that God our Creator gave each of us. Since the beginning of written word, Philosophers have written that we can not argue with Human Nature. I strongly believe this statement, but I believe just as strongly that it isn’t a “dead-end” statement. Each of us, if we are wise, will listen, read, and study to understand just what the Philosophers really mean.

Human Nature is the nature of humans. It is the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans. A trait is an inherited characteristic. It is a peculiarity or a distinguishing quality such as our personal character.

Even as children we can learn and understand that every one is different. We look different than others, probably act differently than most others, think differently and at times have almost uncontrollable desires.

It’s important to realize that God purposely gave all humans desires. Never forget also that He gave us humans an advanced brain to understand and cope with our desires. If we truly believe that our God is the Creator of the universe and every living thing, then we must believe that if He does not wanted us to have our desires He can change His Plan at anytime.

The strongest desire God gave all living things is the desire to satisfy thirst and hunger. The “second” strongest desire he gave all living things is the desire for sexual satisfaction.

Humans possess these two strong desires from birth until death. We must live each day with our eyes open. If our eyes are open we can see that humans of every age struggle each day to live within a logical frame work of controlling these two desires.

We can easily see that children and adults have many problems controlling their diets. Many are over weight and many are unhealthy because of poor eating habits.

It is more subjective to observe and understand sexual desires. Nothing causes more problems in our society and in our lives than the fall out repercussions related to sex or sexual desires. Unfortunately man-made rules and customs are responsible for many of the problems. Even more serious is that organized religion has historically attempted to place man-made social issues on God’s lap.

Unfortunately, because of this ignorance one can easily see that most social problems on earth are encouraged or caused by organized religion. Even children and teens can comprehend this if the details are logically presented.

All children have sexual desires and they, by human nature, will satisfy these desires by masturbating. However, organized religions too often condemns masturbation and has tried to justify this stand by scaring children into believing that the Bible says God will punish everyone that masturbates. This is totally false and this lie must be corrected. God gave children sexual desires. Children are too young to marry and sexual intercourse is stupid sex for children, so the only logical satisfaction is achieved by masturbation.

Teens and young adults have strong sexual desires. They are condemned for considering masturbation, so they have sexual intercourse. Organized religion condemns condom use, so teens ignorantly have unprotected sex. Unprotected sex exposes teens to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Many teens therefore have unwanted pregnancies. Organized religion condemns abortion, so teens have unwanted babies or attempt self induced abortions. The teens often drop out of school and often the babies are ill treated. Teens often catch serious diseases or even AIDS which kills them. All because of ignorant man-made attitudes and teachings.

Organized religion condemns condom use, birth control, and family planning. Therefore too many babies are born each year. Therefore the #1 world problem of over-population is encouraged rather than solved.

Over population naturally results in world-wide hunger. A child going to bed hunger is a sin. God can not be pleased at being blamed for this man-made sin. Over population results in world wide diseases. Death from hunger and diseases is not a logical birth control plan for planet earth and our society.

The world population is expected to double in approximately eighty years. What then? What between now and then?

For sure: more hunger more disease
more abuse of children more killing of newly born
more misery more suffering
more slavery more dying
more wars more starving

Yes, even children can comprehend the drastic ignorant decisions made by adults today. Children should be encouraged through exposure…to see the details of ‘life’…to enjoy their youth…to be loved and to love…and as Patrice Williams-Gordon wrote, “Live Deliberately.”
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