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TITLE: Scale Mail
By David (The Goliath Assassin)

I wanted something lyrical to spring from today's rants, so... tell me what you think. I almost named this song "Scale Mail/Metal Maul," but I thought it'd be overkill. (As if the rest of the song wasn't...) I also almost called it simply "Monstrousity."

There's elements in here that mirror "War Paint" and "I Meant What I Said." For one thing, scale mail and a huge metal maul is just a dramatization of the idea of war paint and a game face... didn't realise it until I re-read what I wrote... and the Man who put his hand on my shoulder kinda' draws from "I Meant What I Said."

Tell me what you think. Do you like it as a song? Better than either poem? Do the Christian undertones get lost completely in the chaos?
She saw me hunched-over, wincing in pain.
With a crowbar in my shoulder… as I kept prying.
Prying my outer-layers of callousness away.
Chipping and pounding… wedging and crying.

She looked me right in the eyes. So taken by my face.
Looked at my armor with remorse. Suddenly, I felt disgrace.
I wanted to explain to her in only a moment’s glance
What time would never allow, ‘nd I knew I had no chance.

Feeling sorry for my plight she just turned and ran.
She ran away from me in search of a softer man.
I told myself I’d be that man soon enough.
Just a few more days of soaking… soldier, be tough...

Just a few more days of thawing... A few days more of prying…
A few more days of trying to repeat the process…
And then you remind me why I’m prepared for so much pain!
And how my heart became so cold and callus in the first place!

I’m trying to peel back the layers!
I’m trying to get my crowbar underneath the scales!
I’m trying to thaw my frozen heart out!
But every courageous attempt seems to fail!

Cause you keep pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, GRINDING!
Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, POUND AWAY!
Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, CRYING!
Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, GO AWAY!

All I ever wanted was to be that pretty man.
That man whose tongue is just like honey.
That man who gets to remain soft.

All I ever wanted was to be that man with confidence.
That man who has no problems and
Can smile through the day, but last week…

He found me… Trying to pry away the gears…
With a Phillips screwdriver… my eyes caught him and I missed…
Tore a gash across my face. Swore at him in my disgrace.
Took my metal maul into my hand to relieve my vertebrae.

I could only listen and agree. He stood looking down at me.
Placed a hand upon my shoulder. I wanted to slap it away.
And what he said made so much sense. And then my heart began to thaw.
And then he asked for higher rent and I fed him to my jaw.

I couldn’t even savor the taste! I felt so wicked and I…
Just grabbed my chin and yanked it… Trying to break the hinges!
But I’ve learned I’m no match for… the world’s ingenuity…
I made my down payment. And now they’re withholding the key!

I’m trying to figure out the sequence!
I’m trying to learn from my design!
I’m trying to find the missing key
And unlock this maul of mine!

Just want the weight off of my face!
I’ve pondered life without a jaw!
I almost want to give it back, but then
Where will I keep my TONGUE!

These new teeth, they replace a broken home.
These huge scales, a pair of loving arms
The permafrost inside my heart
Is just a precaution… from the worms…

The only thing I’m left with… they eat away at my soul.
The only evidence that I once was loved and once felt whole…
What they took away from me was more than their presence.
They left holes in my design. That you exploit at present.

Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, GRINDING!
Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, POUND AWAY!
Pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, pushin me, CRYING!
Pushin me, pushin me, MELT AWAY! (WHY DO I STAY?)

I should just leave! I should end this!
There’s just one spot where… I’m defenseless!
I know the secret! I know how to self-destruct!
I know how to end this! But I can’t just give up…

I can’t let my Father down… I can’t stand against his Wrath…
I could self-destruct, but… I don’t want to walk that path…
I don’t want to die for… a whole eternity…
So I’ll just keep chipping… and trying to find the key…
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