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TITLE: I Love You Most For Your Being Just You
By gene hudgens

This and "My Little Tiger" are two poems I wrote for my darling of 40 years.
I Love You Most For Your Being Just You
© Gene Hudgens

It’s true that I over looked an orchid while searching for a rose;
Inexperience left me blind to the true beauty of substance as I followed the nose

Excitement, smoking, drinking, late nights, parties, fast friends and useless fun
For years seemed to be the only life for me under the sun.

Then one day I exhaustedly rested on a beach under the bright sun,
Observing others doing many things as they too had their fun

For the first time ever, I spent time analyzing others and their joy,
Just enjoying each other without a single alcoholic drink, fuss, or toy.

The men were gentlemen, not show-offs, dirty or mean;
The women were special, with pride, self-confidence, poise and very clean

These ladies knew well what they possessed, not needing to prove they were the best
They had learned human nature well; if others can’t tell…let them guess.

One of these ladies stood out like a queen among the many enjoying the sand;
To me she was certainly the most lovely in all of the land

All day I constantly watched as she sunned or sipped a drink or walked with a friend
She seemed always welcome with everyone she joined and she had the cutest grin

Before the evening meal I assured that the waiter would seat me at her table,
Then my mission was to be sure she knew my name without wearing a label

I quickly learned from the conversation that most had only today first met,
And it seemed certain that among these strangers none had yet a special pet

The music was soft, the dance floor was near and dancing was certainly in the air;
I pushed aside my shyness and forced myself to act fast as if on a dare

Like having ants in my pants I moved quickly and stood close to her arm
She smiled and looked directly into my eyes and showing not the slightest alarm

“I’d be greatly honored if you would share a dance with me.” I politely said.
With the absolutely cutest smile I ever saw, she replied, “You may find my dancing bad.”

I pulled her chair back and we found ourselves chatting before reaching the dance floor.
With the ease as if we known each other for years, I sensed I would her forever adore.

As we began to dance she remarked that she was glad the music was slow
And as we danced I felt so proud, as she continued to look into my eyes with a glow

Time passed so quickly and I securely felt that she too was having an evening of fun;
Just as I had noticed her enjoyment with friends as she played in the sun.

I felt certain that she too was sincerely enjoying her vacation trip
And I certainly hoped that she too wanted to extend our relationship

We both were surprised and pleased that we lived and worked in the same town
Within three days we agreed that it was God’s gift that this friendship we’d found.

My new friend was childlike honest as she often explained that though she liked me;
She will, however, never change and must always be independently free

And that she enjoys strong discussions, but will not tolerate even a verbal fight,
Because life is too short to waste hours in the day and especially at night.

Its unbelievable how strangers can feel that they’ve been family since age seven;
And grow closer each day and within months feel their love was made in heaven

To luckily find a lover that is a true partner is to a wise person evidence,
That each man owes his Creator the very most sincere reverence .

Love ‘with out friendship' is like a house built of sand
It can be eliminated so quickly with just a slap of a hand

But if partners hold hands over the years as they work on their plans
They will see love grow daily as strong as a rock and not crumble as the sands.

My friend, if your darling always proves that her love is as strong as the old oak tree
Then you'll know that you're lucky like me

My Darling I must say again, "My heart and love for you is true."
“I love you most for your being just You!”
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