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TITLE: If Only My Mom or Someone Had Told Me? #14 (c)
By gene hudgens

Teach children 6-9 about teen and adult problems.

Nothing concerns me more than the feeling that far too many adults, especially parents, knowingly or ignorantly, do not give children honest, factual, needed advice at an age when they need it most.

I sincerely hope that all of you pre-teens and teens will obtain necessary advice before you need it and not after-the-fact. Isn’t it a shame that too often we learn many things from experience that we should have been taught or exposed to before the experience.

Would it not be wonderful if each child, each of you, that ever suffered from any form of anorexia could have avoided this awful problem. Until recently it was thought that this mental illness, anorexia nervosa, which is defined by an obsession with food and acute anxiety over gaining weight, was primarily a problem with budding teens and young adult women.

Until recently it was thought that the culture girls lived in, the pressure of never being perfect enough for their parents or teachers, and the feeling they had to be pretty-perfect was a wealthy white girl problem. Now researchers find that its common to see children 9-13 years of age as patients and they are as likely to be black, Asian, Hispanic and even boys.

Doctors now compare anorexia to alcoholism and depression, which may be set off by stress, trauma, school pressure, and culture promotion of thinness in magazines and videos. While its true that genes can play a role in this disease, its strongly felt that the every day culture pressures for perfection, thinness, and beauty are the ring leaders.

Every one of us regardless of our age has a responsibility to help eliminate this disease. Learning how our body really works and how it can quickly get so sick that it never recovers is a serious issue for each of us to work on. With anorexia our bodies waste away. Our nails get brittle, our heart doesn’t pump properly and we might feel cold or too weak to act normally, our skin dries out and our hair becomes thin and brittle from protein deficiencies. Our muscles can degenerate, our bones become weak, and we may have kidney failure.

None of us want these problems and often, as young people, we see the problem in our younger friends before adults realize it. We, regardless of our age, need to develop knowledge and understanding of anorexia.

It would be wonderful if every young person nine years of age and older could be exposed to the advice that I and other concerned adults want to share with them. I ask that each of you that is fortunate enough to be exposed to good advise…in turn share it with your younger friends.

Anorexia is only one of so many issues that very young people need to be aware of.
Are you shocked if I tell you than many ten year old girls are ignorantly having sex and many twelve year old girls are pregnant.

Will you believe me when I tell you that its perfectly normal for ten year old girls to want sexual satisfaction? Do you believe that sexual intercourse is stupid sex for any child or teen? Do you know that sexual intercourse is not the only kind of sex?

Do you know that some parents tell their children that God will punish them if they masturbate? Do you know that is utterly false? Christian and other religious leaders have agreed that Genesis 38: 8-10 was misinterpreted and no longer can any knowledgeable person scare little children into thinking that God will punish them if they masturbate.

Masturbation is sex. It offers sexual satisfaction just like sexual intercourse, but unlike sexual intercourse, masturbation if completely safe. You will not get pregnant or catch any sexually transmitted disease…including AIDS.

What more can you want? Masturbation is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse. Its abstinence without being denied the satisfaction of climaxing.

Learn to feel confident and relaxed…and discuss masturbation with your friends. Even try to teach your parents to talk freely about masturbation. Make it a household word.

It’s a shame and a sin for any young person to ever be tied down with the burdens and heartaches of caring for a baby or suffering with a sexually transmitted disease. Avoid sexual intercourse, but if you feel that you must have sexual intercourse…at least always properly use a condom. It just ain’t smart for babies to have babies. Life is just too short for us to waste any day, especially during our teen years.
(c) Gene Hudgens
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