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TITLE: Do It Yourself Abortion
By gene hudgens

Please sound off
Do It Yourself Abortion

Don’t do it.
Never do it!

Don’t ever even think about it.

Never listen to dumb advice about doing it.

Perhaps having a safe abortion in a clinic
is better for some people than having an unwanted baby, but you chancing a slow awful suffering death from infection of a do-it-yourself abortion is worse than having an unwanted baby.

STOP and try to think clearly
An abortion is seldom the best choice.

This is the moment when every girl or woman
needs to try hard to put away her confusion, embarrassment, and fear...and look at "every" option. Now is the time to consider making some other person happy.

There are many women who suffer the loss of a child through miscarriage, medically required abortion or still-birth and now can now never give birth to a child of their own. They would love to have a baby; perhaps yours.

This is the time to atleast try to think of the rights of un-born child. Be brave and talk to a priest, doctor, or friend and seek advice on how you can save your baby and make another human happy.

Even during a crisis God knows the suffering a person is enduring and will give you guidance...if only you ask. You will make Him happy if you protect this life... your baby.

Probably most women and girls who try the “do-it-yourself” abortion do it because of religious and social restrictions that make a safe abortion in a hospital a criminal offence.

They have been denied their right to make their own logical choice... by a minority that objects to 'any' abortion. Is this right?

Another reason so many people, especially younger girls, try the “do-it-yourself” abortion (or throw the newborn into a trash can)…is because of embarrassment. They are ashamed to face their parents and friends. This is another example of how important Effective Sex-Ed is.

Women and children all over the world resort to cruel, painful, dangerous “do-it-yourself” abortions because of illogical social religious restrictions. There is probably no city or village in America that doesn’t have an underground network of names and addresses of the “witch-craft” old women who can give you an herb or pill or help you with a crude, unsafe abortion. While this might normally be better than awful advice from a friend who says, “Just carefully insert the smooth end of a coat hanger until you feel it happen.” ; it is still very dangerous.

This is the time to try hard to think of logical alternatives.

In Mexico, officials estimate that 1500 women die each year from “do-it-yourself”

Ignorance and desperation encourage people to do awful and silly things.

In Mexico and elsewhere, it is popular to visit the market-stall-owners for and obtain several special herbs that one boils in water. Sweeten the herb to better the taste, add five black beans for luck, drink the liquid, and hope for the best. Cytotec, a stomach-ulcer remedy or treatment, is popular in Mexico and one uses in larger doses to induce contractions of the uterus. Again, hope for the best. If a woman really wants to gamble, she just inserts beans into the vagina. The beans will ferment and supposedly induce the abortion. Ignorance and desperation is more predominant amongst the poor.

In Mexico 96% of the population are Christians and of these 92% are Catholics.

Laws and religious restrictions against abortions naturally hurt the poorer and less educated more than the affluent people. Naturally’ the poorer women are more likely to try the “do-it-yourself” abortions because of the expense of clinic-abortions. Those who can afford the expense can easier find a doctor to perform a safe illegal abortion for the right fee in most any city…anywhere in the world.

It is very customary for the more affluent to send their daughters, girlfriends or wives quickly to another country (on a vacation) to get an abortion, so that families and friends “never know”.

Because of religious doctrine and Church pressure, abortion is illegal (a criminal offence in Mexico). Yet it is estimated that 850,000 illegal abortions are still performed every year.

The Mexican government will legally permit abortions when fetuses are congenital defective, if pregnancies would endanger the health of the mother, for victims of rape, and for women who already have three children and can prove that another child would be a severe economic hardship.

Similar sad situations exist all over the world.

Effective Sex-Ed can teach all people, especially girls, how to avoid a situation that requires an abortion by knowing how to avoid pregnancy.

I hope that effective sex education...and strong love in every family, will also teach girls to have enough self-confidence to just admit to family, friends and the world that they are pregnant…and then cope with the embarrassment as they decide the best solution for their individual situation.

No coat hanger, no magic herbs,
no illogical advice from friends,
no visits to old women in dark alleys,
no “do-it-yourself” abortion.

Effective Sex Education "yes"
Condoms “yes”
Self-abortion “no”
Adoption "yes" "yes" "yes"
Clinic-abortion "last choice"

Clinic-abortion “yes”
Self-abortion “no”

Most important...consider ADOPTION.
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