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TITLE: Yes, the KJV of our Holy Bible needs to be changed now
By gene hudgens

your time and critique will be appreciated
Yes, the KJV of our Holy Bible Needs to be Changed Now

I am confident that my God the Creator wants His words and desires correctly presented.

God is perfect and humans are imperfect. God did not write the Bible, imperfect humans did.

When God spoke to Abraham and Moses in about 1800 B.C., there were no written words or recorded history. Everything was oral then and for hundreds of years continued to be handed down from one generation to another by mouth… as stories. Credit must be given to these human story tellers for attempting to hand down these stories to the best of their ability, but by human nature, each story was changed a tiny bit by each story teller. Certainly, God, in His own way, guided these story tellers.

Anne Linington related very positively, “What is amazing for me is the consistency in the Bible despite its diverse beginnings over a long period; I find fulfilled prophecy one of the greatest pluses, especially those concerning Christ’s birth for example.”

Targum is a word for uncertain origin and is a general term for the Ghaldee or Aramaic versions of the Old Testament. Targum began to appear in writing about the second century of the Christian era. Three versions of the Old Testament Scriptures were put completely into Greek during the second century and it is likely that a version of the New Testament existed in this period also.

The Bible is a collection of books accepted by Christians as sacred and inspired by God. It is comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament comprises the sacred writings of the Jews and most were written in the Hebrew language. It was written during the period 1000 B.C. to 100 B.C. and includes events that occurred many centuries earlier and were passed from generation to generation in oral form.

In 100 B.C. Jewish rabbis revised their Scripture and formed an official canon of Judaism. ‘They’ rejected some books not found in Hebrew versions of the Scripture. This likely included the Aramaic (Targum) versions, thus Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians use different versions of the Old Testament.

The New Testament books were written in Greek about 50 A.D. to 120 A.D. and contain the sacred writings that are unique to Christianity. They tell of Jesus’ birth (somewhere between 6 and 4 B.C.), His life, ministry, death and resurrection.
In the late second century another imperfect human revision of the Bible took place. The New Testament, as we know it, emerged after imperfect human church leaders stripped many earlier Christian writings and kept what ‘they’ felt were eyewitnesses to the events that had been orally handed down.

In 397 A.D. (after more revisions) the Synod of Carthage formally adopted the New Testament canon. So, you can see that one must be blind to feel that our present Bible contains only the Words of God.

In 1611 the King James version of the Bible was completed. This was the King of England’s authorized translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English. It soon replaced the Bishop’s Bible and the Geneva Bible that was used from 397 A.D. to 1611 A.D. One must keep in mind that every translator has imperfections.

It seems likely that since about 100 B.C. imperfect humans have changed or revised the Bible about fifty times. Much is written today about the numerous contradictions that presently exist. I do not want to address these issues at this time.

Throughout history imperfect church leaders and government leaders have revised the Bibles to fit ‘their’ personal needs for ‘their’ particular time. This is an issue I wish to address.

As you can see the Bible has been changed or revised many times for many reasons by many imperfect humans. I feel that there is nothing wrong with revising or making positive changes when necessary…and it is necessary right now.

Today it is definitely necessary to address issues that are adversely affecting our Christian religion. Religion has nothing to fear. Almost everyone is searching for the ladder to Heaven. Christianity is the most logical religion on earth, but far too many people are rejecting Christianity and turning to other faiths, cults, and creeds. Why?

Today people are more informed and more schooled. They are searching for ‘that something’ that fulfils there needs today…during their life time. Many search for these needs in Christianity, but are turned away by the many contradictions and illogical, antiquated, and false doctrine that they clearly see causes more problems than it prevents or cures. There fore, both Protestant and Catholics need to change their doctrine to meet the needs of humans on earth ‘today’. This is an issue I wish to address.

The Christian church leadership, both Protestant and Catholic, is too often blatantly hypocritical. Philosophers have always said and written that no one can argue with human nature. However, present doctrine does just this. God our Creator insured that we have a nature of humans (human nature). That is what He wants. That is why he instilled His action Plan for all humans in (His Holy Book)…the DNA of every human. God’s Creation was based on action…not words. This is an issue I wish to address?

What do I feel is hypocritical?

* Do Christians really believe that God is their Creator or not? Creator is defined as bringing something new into being. Do Christians really believe that God is ‘The’ Creator and that He created the universe and all the stars and all of the wonders in the heavens…and that He created all of the creatures of sea, air, and land (including us humans)? Do we feel that God has the ability to instill His action plan in the DNA of every human, or do we believe He is ‘imperfect’? We can not sit on the fence with this issue.

* Do we really truly believe God is perfect… or not? Perfect is defined as complete; being entirely without fault; lacking in no essential detail. If we Christians really believe He is perfect, then we certainly can not deny that He has the ability to instill His action plan in the DNA of all humans.

* DNA is God’s Holy Book. Once again the word of God is confirmed as Holy Truth by modern discoveries. DNA is the ultimate everything. Humans discovered DNA, but The Lord God created DNA. One might wish to examine Psalms 139: 14-17. All Religious leaders need to accept the fact that all human desires and actions are programmed in the human DNA. This is an issue I wish to address.

(Extract from curezone.com/forms): It is estimated that one gram of DNA molecules could hold as much information as can be contained on a trillion CDs. Only the infinite wisdom of God could create such a marvel of design, order and miniaturization. Our DNA molecule is a 3.3 billion-letter book, equivalent to 900 Bibles. Every phenomenal instruction for the construction of our body, starting from a single invisible fertilized egg, is recorded in our DNA strand before any of our body’s members exist. All of this is recorded in this Holy Book.

The science community, like never before, now believes in God as the Creator. A molecular biologist was interviewed and he stated that he knows no one in his profession that believes in evolution. DNA was engineered by ‘genius beyond genius,’ and such information could not have been written any other way. The paper and ink did not write the book.

I do not feel that my God is happy with Christian doctrine that does not support His Creation and His desires. My God can not be happy when the doctrine of powerful organized religion encourages or causes most of the social problems on His planet earth.

What social problems do I address?

• Over population…the #1 problem on planet earth today. The problem is encouraged by illogical religious doctrine.
• Divorce
• Unwanted pregnancies
• Abortions

• AIDS and other STDs
• Adultery
• Rape
• Date Rape
• Incest

What religious doctrines do I refer to?

• The insistence that every genital act must be in the frame work of marriage.
This is not logical because all people do not want to be married. Children can not be married, yet God gives them strong desires for sexual satisfaction. Children will satisfy their desires. Will they masturbate or gamble with unprotected sexual intercourse? Statistics show that America leads the other industrial nations with the number of unwanted teen pregnancies. Why?
• Resistance to effective sex education. This is sad because this results in
unwanted pregnancies, abortions, AIDS and other STDs, date rape, and incest. Parents and schools resist effective sex education because of illogical pressurefrom organized religion.
• Resistance to masturbation. Masturbation is the safe, clean, and satisfying
sex that is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is stupid sex for children, but present Catholic doctrine still discourages masturbation. Very young children want and need sexual satisfaction, but are ridiculed when caught masturbating. Even though God gives children a desire for sexual satisfaction, humans have decided that God is not perfect and made a mistake on this issue…and therefore imperfect humans refuse to encourage Masturbation. For centuries Genesis 38-8 was used to scare little children who masturbated. It is now accepted by most theologians that this verse was/is misinterpreted and Onan was not “spilling the seed”.

• Resistance to condom use. This is also an illogical doctrine. Populating earth is no longer needed, since earth is now over-populated. Condom use can offer near-safe sexual intercourse. No one can ever prevent humans from having sex, but illogical imperfect humans want to discourage other humans from having safer sex. The AIDS epidemic is the worse epidemic in history. AIDS is asexually transmitted disease. That means it is spread by humans having unprotected sex. Condom use is the only reliable method of preventing STDs and AIDS. Billions of dollars are wasted each year in attempting to cure AIDS, The logical goal should be to prevent AIDS. That requires
teaching every human in Africa and the rest of the world to practice safe sex. No religion can ever succeed in convincing humans not to have sex. However, every religion can teach humans to have safe sex.
• Resistance to condom use and other birth control. This is the ultimate in illogical religious doctrine. Perhaps 1000 years ago or 500 years ago or even 50 years ago there might have been a perceived need for countries, tribes, or families to encourage population growth…for survival. Then there was not a crisis of ‘over-population’. Any logical person can realize that times and situations have changed.

Regardless of what any religion, or leader, or government professes…all of the people on earth can not be adequately fed today. Theoretical abilities mean absolutely nothing if the realities don’t materialize. This has never been accomplished in fifty years, is not accomplished today and the situation worsens each year.

The world population is expected to double in approximately eighty years. What then? What between now and then? For sure:

More hunger more suffering more starving
More dying more disease more slavery
More killing of newly born more misery
More of all the bad things more wars

Throughout history sex and sexual issues appear to have been the primary interest and concern for most people in leadership positions. Obviously it has been the easiest way of controlling the minds of most people, since sexual satisfaction is the second strongest desire God instilled in humans. Only the need to satisfy hunger is stronger. Witch doctors and tribal chiefs established rules and laws regarding sexual issues that they knew humans would ignore or disobey. By punishing violators they established fear in everyone and thus gained the needed control to satisfy their own perversions.

Early religious leaders did the same and it continues to this day. To maintain control they established themselves as the police, jury, and executer. What is ticking in their vicious, corrupt, degenerate, depraved, perverted minds that drive them to feel a need to interfere, deprive, or control all issues pertaining to sexual issues. Most acts and issues pertaining to sex are personal, do not hurt others, and certainly are not against God’s will.

Every human has strong desires for sexual satisfaction. This is human nature. No man and no religion can every change this. Leaders and religions can offer alternatives to sexual intercourse, but every human will achieve sexual satisfaction in one way or another.

Abstinence is refraining from sexual intercourse
Abstinence is a means of denial
Masturbation is not sexual intercourse
Masturbation is a means of abstaining
Without being denied the satisfaction of climaxing

Masturbation is the logical alternative
To sexual intercourse outside marriage
© gene hudgens

Everyone will find a means of satisfying sexual desires…even religious leaders. A lifetime of celibate sexuality is unwise and illogical. The sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church is pure evidence of this. Some figures show about 10,600 cases of child sexual abuse involving homosexual pedophile priests were reported between the early sixties and 2002. The favorite preferred age of the victim was age twelve. About one billion dollars has been paid out by the Roman Catholic Church in awards, settlements and legal fees. Certainly the Church leadership can see that even priests react to human nature (God’s Will). Effective sex education and encouragement of masturbation could have/can prevent this calamity.

There is no evidence that the percent of priests involved in child abuse is any higher than any other sector of the nation. The sad fact is that the Catholic Church is most outspoken about any and all sex outside marriage. The Church illogically thought that priests are exempt from God’s will…and human nature. No human is!

From a legal perspective, the most serious offence, after the actual sexual abuse, was the failure by senior priests, bishops, and cardinals, who were aware of the facts, to cover up the crimes and not report the crimes directly to the police.

This ‘do as I say and not as I do’ is too often a reality in organized religion.
There are Protestant preachers that had/have their fingers in the offering plate and their penises exposed.

Every-day sexual issues are normally within the frame work of human nature. Why does organized religion feel it has a right or need or responsibility to oversee or regulate an individual’s sexual activities? As long as an act does not hurt or harm another human, it is a personal issue. An individual’s sexual activity just can not be near the top of a list of valid, important, earth-shaking issues in the mind of God our Creator.

There are many important social issues that all religions should be devoting every minute of their time and every ounce of their energy and every dollar they can get their hand on…to make this a better earth to live on. God the Creator created our earth and every living thing on it. It must certainly hurt Him to see us humans, His most precious possession…that he elevated to care for all of His creations, ignoring important issues and wasting time on such an unimportant issue as sex. Of course God angry today.

The leadership of organized religions can feel confident that they will make God the Creator and Jesus Christ happy when they wake-up, change illogical doctrines, and begin solving some of the important issues.

No child on this earth should ever go to bed hunger, but many do. This is a sin.
If churches and schools teach children and adults effective sex education, children will not so likely make ignorant mistakes that so many do make. If condom use is encouraged and condoms are made easily available to every human of every age in every corner of this earth, there will not be the STD, HIV, and AIDS epidemics as we see today.
If every child is taught effective sex education and encouraged to practice masturbation as the logical alternative to sexual intercourse…or to at lease practice safe sex by using a condoms, there will not be the world wide epidemic of unwanted child/teen pregnancies (even in America).

There will be no need/desire for abortions if every person of every age uses condoms and practices safe sex or uses other birth controls.

The epidemic condition of sex related social problems throughout the world makes effective sex education an immediate must. The divorce rate is high. Unwed-teen pregnancies are at epidemic high. AIDS kills millions and STDs are on the rise. Adultery is common. Spouse abuse, child abuse, abortion, rape, incest, date rape, sexual harassment in the work place and sexual related emotional and nervous tensions are grave problems.

God the Creator created the earth and all livings things on His earth. Humans are not His only love and concern. He expects humans to take care of all of His Creations. We humans are failing at this.. Organized religions must get totally involved with preserving all life on earth. This includes:

• The rain forests.
• All wild life
• All fish
• All birds
• All reptiles
• All insects

Quoting scriptures is admirable, but words are not enough. Christians must act!

I It isn’t a question of earth’s people’s ability to effectively address these important issues. The question is, “Are leaders on this earth concerned enough about the misery and suffering caused by sexually related social problems to wake up, get-with-it, confront outdated rules and doctrine…and initiate solutions?”


Changes in outdated religious doctrine are more important today than any time in history.


Gene Hudgens©
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