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TITLE: The Legendary Hero ch 6
By C.E. Johnson

Recheck for typos, and if anything needs clarification or more detail. Other comments and crits are welcome.
Oh, and don't send me messages, cuz I don't have the money to pay to be able to see what it says. So you can just put it in the critique, just use dashed lines or something to seperate it.
the book is now available at www.lulu.com/calimica. Along with other buyables from me.
Chapter 6


�W...w...what are you?� stammered Beth.

�I am an Olip,� he rasped, in a booming voice. �I am a servant of Master Vortex.�

�What do you want?� I demanded.

�To kill intruders,� it replied. �And you are the intruders!� it added, raising its claws to strike me down.

I raised my shield to parry the attack.

Its claws hit my shield. It raised its talons again, and when it did I rushed forward plunging my sword into to its armpit.

It roared in pain and with its other hand knocked me across the room.

I hit the wall so hard that my vision blurred. While I was lying on my side, dazed from the attack, I heard a scream.

It was Beth.

I looked in the direction and saw that the monster had Beth in its clutches.

�Hang on!� I yelled to her. I got to my feet, but the creature's tail coiled around me. The next thing I knew, I was facing the monster�s huge face.

�You shall pay for your intrusions!� the demon snarled at me. �Now feel my wrath!�

�Unnhh!� I groaned, as its tail was slowly squeezing the life out of me.

The monster constricted his tail even tighter, and I felt so light headed that I couldn�t concentrate. My whole body was going numb. Within moments, I could hardly breathe, and I felt myself blacking out.

Sneering, the Olip threw me against the wall at full force.

�Ugn,� I moaned, collapsing to the ground.

�No!� cried Beth. �Chris! Get up! Please!�

Have to....get up, I thought. My
friends....need me.... When I tried to move, pain seared throughout my body. I got on my knees, and gasped in pain. I have to.... do this.... With tremendous effort I was finally able to stand.

The Olip noticed that I was up, and it smacked me against the wall again. The force was so powerful that I was temporarily stunned and slumped to the ground.

The creature crowed. Dropping Beth, it picked me up in its tremendous hands. It sneered at me with those deadly teeth, and I saw an evil glimmer in its eyes.

My sword, that was in the monster, somehow got loose from its hide and dropped to the floor.

�Chris!� Beth cried, running toward the monster and me.

�Stay away!� I managed to say. �Run away while you still can!�

�Silence!� The monster snarled at me. Then it squeezed me tighter.

�Uuuhh,� I moaned, wincing.

Beth gave me a horrified look. �What about you?�

�Don't worry about me! Just go!� I yelled.

The monster started to turn back into the corner. It wasn�t interested in my friends anymore. As we lumbered back into the shadows, I lost sight of my friends.

�I would kill you,� it said, �but Vortex wants to see you.�

We went through dark and murky passages, turned a couple of times, and stopped in a dark foreboding place.

It was a dreadful murky place that stunk of torture and death. There were many prison cells- both large and small. The small ones just had wooden benches in it, but the larger ones had torture devices in it like spiked cases, a guillotine, and racks.

�Ahhh! Well done my friend,� said Vortex, stepping out of the shadows. �And you, hero.� he said, looking at me with a scornful look on his face. �You did everything, I hoped you'd do.�

�What was that?� I asked, glaring at him.

�Why, killing the trolls, protecting your friends, the whole thing. You did what exactly I wanted you to do. I do so love false hope.� He replied. �Soon I will have my revenge on you, and I will take over the kingdom! The king will be helpless without a hero to count on!�

He stepped toward me, and told the monster something I couldn't understand.

�Come forth, my minions,� said Vortex, stretching out his arms.

Then some trolls came out of the darkness. When the Olip let go of me, one of the trolls grabbed me and tossed me into a small cell and locked it.

Vortex laughed. �You can keep your stuff, but they won�t be any use to you!� Then they left laughing at me all the way.

I leaned against the wall and looked around the room. There were some skeletons chained to the cells and strapped to torture devices.

Am I going to die like they did? I wondered. There�s no way I can escape in my current condition, the beating I just took sapped me of all my strength. I doubt I could get up if I had to.

I toppled over in fatigue, and blacked out.

I felt myself being picked up, and something stung my face. I opened my eyes and saw Vortex with a few trolls.

�I have a surprise for you,� he smirked, drawing something out from behind him.

It was a black Crystal and an inky black orb.

My whole body felt so weak that it was hard for me to focus on what was going on.

�Now, watch this!� He said, placing them right next to each other. As he did so, dark sparks flew out. Within seconds, the two had become one. The black orb had a red diamond inside of it. �These two make up the one that is called the Dark Element.�

Yeah, I know that already, I thought.

�Listen well, hero,� he growled. �With you out of the way, I shall rule the world. You should've known you couldn't have vanquished me. And now you shall pay for your stupidity. Feel a bit of my wrath!�

He held the Dark Element to my neck, and a dark energy flowed out from it toward me. It engulfed my head, and my vision darkened. I couldn't breathe and within seconds my body went limp.

Vortex cackled and walked away.

�Come, let us go,� he said. �She is too easily defeated in her current state.�

I felt myself being let go, and I crashed onto the cobblestone floor of the cell. Something stepped over me, and within moments I could see that it was a troll.

It must have been what was holding me up.

He locked the cell door and turned toward Vortex. Vortex nodded at him, and then turned and sneered at me.

�Looks like I have a past time when I come back from battles.�

They roared with laughter, and left me to the darkness of my prison.

~ end of volume 1
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