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TITLE: Fluffies
By Angela Posey-Arnold

I had a response to a query letter for this article to be published. They want to see the article and I need some fresh eyes before I send it. Please crtique.
By Angela Posey-Arnold

So what if you are a little fluffy. Every body has something about themselves that they want to change, everybody does. In a recent study it was determined that 92% of young girls want to change something about the way they look. It is just part of growing up and figuring out who you are. It is ok to want to change something but it cannot define who you are.

Your weight is not who you are. There is certainly more to you than numbers on a scale. People that care about you might encourage you to loose weight because they think it is the healthy thing to do. People love you because of your heart, not your weight. Loosing weight is fine but it cannot be your focus. Shift your focus to your talents and abilities.

God has created you just the way you are for a reason. Every person is given talents. Do you really and truly want to be a super model? You may have a brilliant mind. Maybe you can write stories. Maybe you are a great friend and listener. Whatever God has given you is what you must focus on. Being skinny is not all it is cracked up to be anyway. Maybe they appear to ďhave it allĒ but they donít. Everyone has problems, even skinny people.

Measuring your self worth by your weight only stifles your creativity. Donít buy in to the worldís view. God says you are a child of the King, Royalty. So act like it. Feel like it. Be it. God certainly knows better than the evening news. Who do you want to be, Paris Hilton? Oh come on. Nobody wants to be her. Her skinny self has gotten her in a world of trouble.

Just because you are a little fluffy does not mean that you are not beautiful. Beauty is natural, whatever God gave you. If you are so concerned about your outward appearance then it is ok to try and change some things. Just donít be consumed by your weight. It is ok to just be you. Just go with what you do have. Find your strengths and go with it.

Get a cute hair style and show those big baby blue eyes. Donít ever hide your face behind your hair. Your eyes are the window to your soul, keep your window open. Get your ears pierced and wear pretty earrings. Donít try to hide behind makeup, use makeup to define your already beautiful features. Shine because of who you are.

Dress well. Donít try to dress like a super model. Nobody can wear that stuff. Dress like you, be comfortable. Never wear horizontal stripes (they donít help anyone) and always be clean and neat. Wear pretty colors. Find out what colors make you shine and go with it. Wear darker pants than tops. Wear cute shoes. If you like pink, wear it. Black is very elegant most of the time but use it elegantly. Be elegant. Be graceful.

Paint your fingernails pretty colors. Have pretty hands it shows your elegance. Wear pretty sandals in the summer. Color will make you feel pretty and if you act pretty you will be pretty. Smile, laugh and speak softly. Have manners and etiquette. Most of all be sweet. Sweetness is a virtue that most super models do not have. Just be sweet.
Pursue your dreams. The worse thing you could possibly do is to put off your life waiting to ďget thinĒ. Go ahead be fluffy and pretty and shine for Jesus. Find out what you are passionate about and be passionate about it. Follow your dreams. Do what you love and your beauty will come shining through. People are attracted to happy people. Just be happy with the beautiful fluffy child of God that you are and everything else will fall into place.

Everyone on the face of this earth has problems. Being a little fluffy is an obvious problem or so it seems to some. If you want to loose weight, fine. Eat low fat and drink water. Walk a little extra. Do what you can but donít let it consume you. There is just no reason to waste your life worrying about your weight. Some people are heavy as kids and grow up to loose all of that. Some people are skinny as a rail as kids and grow up to have extremely wide hips. Either way, life is not about being skinny.

If shallow people make fun of your fluffiness it is because they are trying to make themselves look better. Mean people point out other peopleís problems in an effort to cover up their own. I sure had rather be a little fluffy than to be a brainless boob that has to make fun of others to feel better about themselves. No matter what other people do just be sweet and kindóthat will make you more attractive than showing your belly button. Nobody really wants to see your belly button anyway.

So what if you are a little fluffy. Be soft and sweet and your beauty will shine. More than anything else God loves you just the way you are. If He calls you to change something He will help you do it. Your job is to be young, have fun and pursue your dreams.
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