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TITLE: Adventures of Ron Huckelberry...#2 Auntie sprays Ron with milk
By gene hudgens

please give this a critical critique. I may someday decide to use this in a book for youngesters.
Adventures of Ron Huckelberry...#2 Auntie sprays Ron with milk (Rev)

In this adventure we will learn a little about the family farm where Ron has many adventures.

Aunt Jane is always busy making Ron’s stay with her fun. Uncle Hardie is a wonderful uncle, but he is always so busy. Regardless, he frequently takes Ron with him to the farm or out to the fields on the tractor.

Ron's adventure tales probably began in 1941, when he is about six. In those days children had few worries about being hurt by mean, mentally sick, adults or anyone else. The hurts were most always self inflected. That’s why Auntie is always saying, “Ronnie, be careful and don’t get hurt”.

Uncle Hardie’s mother and dad, both in their mid-sixties, own and live on the farm. She always wants to be addressed as Mother Williams. He always wants to be called Daddy Williams by Ron.

There are many wooden structures of different sizes on the farm and are used for many different purposes. Uncle Hardie uses two large barn like structure to park his farm machinery, including three different size tractors, several types of plows, a huge expensive combine, and other equipment. His occupation is farming the land belonging to him and his parents. His income is from earning money from several neighbors who pay him to accomplish the farming needs on their property . He has purchased the necessary farm machinery to insure accomplish this huge mission.

Near by is another barn like structure that houses twenty milking stalls. Mother Williams and Daddy Williams seem to always have at least sixteen milking cows…and sometimes over twenty.

Lets spend a few moments with a quick run-down on raising and caring for milking cows. One must live on a farm to really realize it’s lots of work. In the evening after the milking is complete, the cows are led to a small field where, in decent weather, they spent the night. If it is severe winter they most likely stay in the milking-barn over night. Each morning they are led to a pasture field where they feed all day. Some times the chosen field is near by and at other times the cows are led to a very distant pasture where they spend the day. Each evening they must be led back to the barn where they are milked.

Daddy Williams always tries to tell Ron stories about farming, which are, in reality, classes in farming...just in case Ron ever decides to be a farmer.

He often stresses the importance of having feelings for all animals. He stresses that cows graze and eat all day...and all day their bodies are making milk and storing the milk in their milk bags. By the end of the day the milk bags are full and heavy...and need to be emptied by milking. If they do not get milked at a regular time each day it becomes very painful for the cows. Therefore, he and his helpers insure that, with out fail, the cows are led from the pastures to the milking barn at a regular time each day.

Every one associated with the farm joins in to insure all farm chores are accomplished when necessary. It is almost routine that Aunt Jane is at the farm and in the barn each day to assist in the milking. All milking is done by hand. It is not until Ron is about twelve that Daddy Williams remodels the barn and installs electric milking machines.

This particular adventure story takes place when Ron is six years old. It is a very hot day. Ron has been on the farm with Uncle Hardie since early after noon, as his uncle cleans and repairs one of the tractors. Normally Uncle Hardie doesn't participate in the milking because he had too many other things to care for.

Aunt Jane arrives about the time the cows are arriving at the barn area. No one every waits for some one else to begin a chore. Auntie is normally opens the barn doors so the cows can immediately walk in.

It is funny how, even cows, have a certain seniority amongst them selves. They go directly to ‘their’ regular stall. If one cow, accidentally or purposely goes to the wrong stall, it is most common for the mistreated cow to make a fuss. Each cow always wants its normal regular stall.

The cows casually stroll to their stall, pause, and then stick their head through the wooden fence so they can reach their food, which is in a trough. Once the cow is comfortably eating, the wooden fence gently closes so the cows can not pull their heads from the trough.

The floor of the barn is dry dirt. After each milking session the floor is raked and swept. Everyone who is around the farm joins in to complete the milking as quickly as possibly. Each person who milks sits on a small three-leg stool, on the right side of the cow, places a tin bucket under the cow’s milk bag and does the milking.

The older cows have very large tits. The younger heifers have small short tits. It is much easier and less tiring to pull long tits with the entire hand than it is to pull tiny tits with two fingers. Being the youngest, you can imagine that Ron always has to milk heifers.

It was a very hot day. Everyone is hot and sweaty and the cows are hot and jittery. Aunt Jane insures that Ron is sitting directly opposite from her as they milk. She naturally has an old cow with lots of milk. Naturally Ron has a heifer.

Ron is pulling with two tired fingers when suddenly Aunt Jane decides to pull one of her tricks. She aims a big full tit at Ronnie and begins to pull and squeeze. She is a good shot and Ron's shirtless back, shoulders, pants are quickly soaked with milk. Auntie is laughing and the milk is now hitting Ron all over his face and hair. He is drenched with warm sticky milk.

“Auntie, you’ll pay for this.” Ron laughs. He tries to aim and soak Auntie too, but the young heifer has so little milk, that the spray doesn’t reach across the aisle to Auntie.

Ron has not managed to put much milk into the bucket, which is a good thing. The young heifer gets nervous and puts her back foot right into the bucket. Again Auntie is slapping her legs as she laughs.

Auntie still has two cows to milk, so she stops her playing around and calls for Mr. Smith. He is the older black man that milks and also cleans the stall area after the cows are taken out.

"Mr. Smith, will you please take Ron outside to the well area and shower him off." Auntie asks.

Mr. Smith smiles and says, “Come on Mr. Ronnie...lets take a shower. That is indeed the nicest hose shower Ron every had.

As I said, everyday with Auntie is a blast.

Revised 12 Oct 08
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