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TITLE: Are You Going To Be Laid Off!#@?
By Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola


So many people are working hard at their jobs, aware that a lay-off may be imminent, but they go right on working, not preparing for the inevitable. Some don’t know how to prepare and some are just paralyzed by superstitions about even thinking about it. If you feel like “it” is coming, get ready. Let me give you some ideas. First I want to give you a true word. If you’ve been working hard, and with a passion, it will hurt to be laid off. It will hurt to be told, directly or indirectly, that you are no longer needed by the people around you, whether you work at a rubbish dump or a Fortune 500 company. It may not hurt that day or week, but give yourself some recovery time.

Now for the tips:

1. Don’t sign anything immediately. Wait, and tell them you have to go and read the documents. If you feel like it, say you have to go and show it to your family and lawyer, although this may intimidate them. At least you should be allowed to take time to read it over. This is kind of hard to do when you are upset.

2. At a whiff of lay offs, clear your space of things. You don’t want to have to pack 10 boxes into your car, on the day you find out you’re being laid off. All your personal things should fit into one little box.

3. Don’t be a woman- or man-on-a-mission, determined to finish up your work, running hard to wrap up because you feel things are coming to an end. Remember they will survive without you. Do the important things:
a. Back up stuff on your PC that you want.
b. Delete personal stuff on your PC, that you would prefer other people not read. Think about the fact that on the day that you are terminated, you may not have a chance to do this.
c. Write down websites you’ve saved under your Favorites. When they cut off your password, you won’t have them anymore.

4. Get a new and cute personal and businesslike e-mail address. Yahoo, Excite, MSN, etc., will be glad to have you, as will Faithwriters.com. Remember you will lose your work e-mail address! Call or e-mail everyone you can think of and just say “Hi”. You never know who you’ll need. Some of you might hesitate to do this, thinking that the people may wonder what you want after all this time – never mind that, just do it. You will need to know a whole lot of people – Ecclesiastes 11:1-6, for you never know what “seed” will take.

5. Ask your Human Resource department what your severance pay would be if you were chosen to be “sacrificed”. It should be talked about by the Human Resource Departments around the world. Having a severance package is one of the benefits of working. “We do well by our employees, if we have to let them go”, is no answer. I want to know exactly what the US Government insists be done, and what the company or ministry I work with, will do. Research the law regarding terminations.

6. Update your resume.

7. Once the lay off happens, you will get a severance pay. It should last for awhile. This is why it will last, and this is the only way it will last – STOP SPENDING. Stop buying groceries like you usually do. I have seen myself and my friends, try to keep up the life to which we had grown accustomed. This is not the time to buy that Gucci watch or Jaguar motor car you’ve always wanted, because all of a sudden you have $8,000.00 in your bank account. More than you’ve ever had in 33 years of working!

8. This is time to listen to God and hear what He has planned for you and to stop and listen to Him tell you what to do. He might not say “Go get a job”. He might say “Go to the unemployment office right now!” He might say “Make a cup of coffee and sit down here on the couch with Me and be quiet.” Or “Take a walk around the neighborhood”. Never stray from Him, all day, everyday. Deutoronomy 28:1, 2, 11.

9. Eventually, GO TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! People put this off as long as they can. Listen, you’re not using the government nor are you leaning on a welfare system. This is money due to you, since you have been working. This is the blessing of being an American and living in America. Many other countries don’t have this benefit. Yes, you may have to mix with people you have never had to mix with before; you may have to face the fact that you have no job, but do it anyway. It will be a good experience for you. When you get through this, you will have a testimony and a comfort “wherewith to comfort others”.

10. Unemployment offices often have computers you can use. Cities and counties have offices for residents who are out of work, but need to use high speed internet services. This is great if you’re used to your own space, and access to the internet. You will get a space of time that you can sit at your own station and work.
a. The unemployment system involves some work on your part. First, you might as well know now that the waiting room may have hundreds of people waiting with you. Secondly, when it is finally you turn, your counselor will give you a packet. In it will be a letter confirming your pay weekly and a booklet that you have to fill out every week as you look for a job and instructions about how to report your progress. You’ll be expected to report at least 3-4 jobs that you have tried to get each week. You have to prove your search for a job by giving a contact and phone number of the company.
b. The unemployment check is not money for you to sit home and enjoy yourself or for you to have time to finish being depressed. It is money to keep you alive while you search out what you are supposed to be doing.

11. You have 12 weeks of an unemployment check, then 12 more weeks and then 12 more weeks.

12. In Maryland the check is bigger than Virginia. See how your State compares with others. That can factor in on your future job decisions.
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