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TITLE: Christians Also Have Strong Sexual Desires
By gene hudgens

Critical critique is needed.
Sex is a major area of life for Christians, including children as well as adults. Children must be taught and adults must teach.
Christians Also Have Strong Sexual Desires

Christians are supposed to have strong sexual desires, because that is what God wants. We all know God created the universe and all life in it. We all know and believe God is perfect, so we humans have no right to question our God. We may not agree with some of the facts, but facts are facts. God’s work was action and not words. He created!

In God’s creation He insured that all humans have DNA genes that direct them to respond and react by nature. This is referred to as “human nature”. The desire for sexual satisfaction is a response to our human “gene”. It is human nature and created by our God, who is perfect, so it can not be wrong. Since the beginning of recorded history philosophers have taught that we can not argue with human nature.

Anyone reading this article or any article isn’t expected to agree with all that is presented. However, being exposed to viewpoints that you may not agree with can help reinforce thinking in which you strongly believe.

A wise man once wrote: There are three sides to every issue:
Your side…
My side…
The correct side…

Perhaps it was this same wise man that wrote, “You can argue politics and religion all day and night…and never win an argument.”

Most of us have probably noticed that we seldom talk long about religion without bringing up sex. It also seems difficult to discuss sex without bringing up religion.

The word “if” is one of the shortest words…yet it can have a very big meaning.

The word “sex” can refer to one of the quickest acts…that can have the most far-reaching consequences. In two minutes a girl can become pregnant, mess-up her entire life and adversely affect others close to her. For “sex”, people tell lies, waste money, make fools of themselves, ruin their health, ruin careers, abuse children, catch diseases, have unwanted children, spend years in prison, break-up families, kill others and themselves, and start wars.

God insured that the very strongest human desire is the satisfaction of hunger and thirst. God then insured that the second strongest human desire is satisfying the desire for sexual satisfaction. No man or religion on earth can halt children and adults of any age from satisfying this strong desire. We can not halt children or adults from satisfying this strong desire, but we (we that are intelligent) can influence how children and adults can safely and logically achieve this satisfaction through…effective sex education.

Through out history the church, state, and social authority has ignorantly or ineffectively judged what was sexually permissible and what they considered forbidden.

Many of the world’s social problems are sexually related problems. Over-population in the world threatens life on earth. The AIDS virus is the worse infectious disease epidemic in recorded human history. The spread of STDs is at an epidemic high. Child pregnancies are on the rise. Teen-age pregnancies are at an epidemic high. The divorce rate is high. Adultery, spouse abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment in the work place, and sexual related emotional and nervous tension are common. The crimes of rape, incest, date rape, and drug rape are frequent.

America, the greatest of the industrial nations, annually wins the award among all industrial nations of having the largest number of unmarried teens with unwanted pregnancies. Seventy six percent of the American population is Christian. It is obvious that American Christians are having sex…outside marriage. Sex education in America is ineffective…largely because of ignorance and taboos.

All people have a right to choose the rules by which they will live. People are different and have different needs. Regardless of age, our personal actions dealing with sex naturally need to be unselfish and guided by care, but this applies to all area of our life; not just sexual behavior. We were all given our five basic senses to fully enjoy our desires; with a restriction being that we never harm others when we indulge in the ‘joys of the flesh’.

In life few people’s actions will be perfect. Often one (even Christians) must look for the “less of the two evils” and live with it. For example: Overall happy marriages can have sexual problems. Masturbation in marriage may have to be a substitute for sexual intercourse, but this can be much better than adultery. However, adultery might be better than divorce. Masturbation in marriage can insure sexual satisfaction and possibly avoid incest or child rape. Condom use outside marriage is better than unprotected sex. Condom use in marriage is better than undesired pregnancy. Christian adults are responsible for their own actions.

Christian children must be taught responsibility, but unfortunately they are not being effectively taught, because of instilled taboos, illogical attitudes, and ignorance of too many Christian adults.
It is natural for individuals to have personal beliefs and attitudes, but one must look around and be observant. If these personal beliefs and attitudes are not succeeding in making human life on earth better, then a wise person will carefully evaluate the areas that need to be improved on and act accordingly.

Sexual intercourse is ignorant sex for children, but whether we like it or not even children (very young children) are having sex (most likely unprotected sex). Masturbation is the safe and clean alternative to sexual intercourse. Self or mutual masturbation on a date might be more logical than sexual intercourse. For sure abstinence isn’t effective with teens.

If we are unwilling to address the areas that cause solvable social problems and misery on earth and teach Effective Sex-Ed, we can never expect to achieve overall effective sex education. With out Effective Sex-Ed…we will never solve the many sexually related social problems and reduce misery on earth, which should be a major goal of Christians.

My feeling is that this approach is the New Millennium’s Answer To Earth’s Cry For Help.
(c)Gene Hudgens
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