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TITLE: God Quiets a Busy Day
By Loretta Leonard

Overview: Families often keep very busy schedules. When things become overwhelming, God can help us change the way that we look at life. A look at a typical Saturday shows exactly how to mentally change our attitude and be more tolerant.
“Honey, I have to take the car in for service today. It’s long overdue for a check-up and the engine needs a tune-up. They promised it would be done by 3:00 pm. Do you mind giving me a hand?” remarked Tony. Why didn’t I remember this? Time to get out of bed and get dressed. So much for sleeping in.

“Honey, have you seen my glasses?” asked Tony. “I misplaced them and can’t remember where I put them.” You mean you lost them again? If only he would put them in the same place. How many times have I had to look for them because he misplaced them?

We got the car to the service station around 8:00 am. Once home, Tony went out to the workshop and started on his latest project. An arbor for the garden. It would be lovely when it was finished.

There at my feet stood Poco waiting to go outside. How could it be time to let him out? I thought that Tony had let him out earlier in the morning. Okay, out the door and make it quick. Thank goodness we have a fenced-in yard.

“Mom, can I go over to Steve’s to watch a movie” asked John. That’s one kid out the door so maybe I can get some peace. Cathy’s house was just three doors down from mine so I could trust her and he would enjoy playing with Kevin.

The telephone rang and I managed to get to the phone on the third ring. Tony had borrowed my car to run some errands and now he was having problems with starting the car. I don’t even remember letting him borrow my car. As far as I knew, it was still sitting in the driveway. The battery was low and he was going to make a quick trip to Auto Zone to get a new battery. He would install it and be home by 1:00 pm. We would still have just enough time to pick up the other car from the shop.

The sound of a trumpet came blaring down from the upstairs. Lord, I know that Bryce wants to be in band so much. He’s just a beginner but what I am hearing is not music. Give me the ability to endure the “music” and help me to encourage him.

The doorbell rang and I answered wondering exactly who could be on the other side. Opening the door I saw a Girl Scout with a sign up sheet for cookies. Do I want the Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, or the Thin Mints? Decisions, decisions, decisions. I ended up and ordered one package of each one. I let out a sigh and questioned why Saturdays were always as hectic as some work days.

The telephone rang again and this time it was the Law Enforcement group wanting to know if I would pledge the same amount this year as last. My donation had been $10.00 and they were asking for another donation. The money would be going to help provide stuffed animals for the children in the cancer ward.

"Okay, you can renew my pledge. Yes, my address is the same as before.” Do these people have my number on speed dial? Yesterday it was the American Cancer Society and before that it was the March of Dimes. All of the causes were legitimate but I am going to have to learn to say “no”.

Poco stood at my feet again, wagging his tail and waiting to be let outside. What’s with this dog? Doesn’t he ever want to stay inside? How much more I will have to handle today.

There were only two days before Monday, yet I felt swamped and overwhelmed. The time was 12:00 pm and the day wasn’t half over. There were simply too many things begging for my attention. The bed still wasn’t made and the laundry was piled high in the basket. Dishes were still in the sink from last night’s meal and I had to organize everything for my Sunday school class lesson. Lord, how ever will I maintain my sanity and get through everything? I feel like the walls are closing in and there is still so much to do. I need you to calm my spirit and give me the focus I need. I love my family but at times I feel like I am on a merry-go-round and spinning out of control. Better yet, more like a race car driver going round and round a track but never taking time to slow down.

My Bible was still open on the bedside table where I had left it yesterday. I was reading the last part of the Old Testament. For some reason it was open to the book of Zephaniah. I had read the first two chapters but had gotten interrupted and never came back. I started with a short prayer and began reading Chapter 3. My eyes stopped on verse 17. It was like God was talking directly to me. (“The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.)

A simple phrase “He will quiet you with his love” and yet so deep. In the midst of all the turmoil and hectic lifestyle there was a promise that I had never seen before. God will quiet me with his love. The word “quiet” stood out and I realized that in the midst of everything that had happened today, God can give me inner peace and the ability to handle problems because He is with me.

My human side had started to look at the problems rather than the blessings that God had given me. I had a great husband, two wonderful boys, a place to live, money to buy necessities, and a ministry to others. My pre-school class was so precious and the little ones were so open to God’s love. And yet here I was frustrated and ready to give up. It wouldn’t be too long until the boys were teenagers and they would be spending more time out with friends instead of staying home.

“Hey, Mom! Can Derek come over tonight for supper?” asked Bryce. I’m so glad that Derek and Bryce have become friends.

“Of course”, I replied. “I’m making spaghetti and meatballs.”

“Honey, I finished putting in the new battery and the car is ready to be picked up at the shop.” stated Tony.

“Sure, I’ll help you just as soon as I find my purse.” I answered. At least the car will be finished and we won’t have to worry about that next week.

By 3:00 pm we had managed to get all the cars serviceable for next week. Things were slowly getting accomplished. The boys were home and Tony was available to help me for a while.

I started to move towards the kitchen. Poco stood at my feet with his tail wagging, long tongue hanging out and his face looking straight up at me. The “woof” that followed could only mean one thing. It’s time to take him outside. Okay, Buddy, let’s go for a walk and check out the neighborhood.

I started out the door and the telephone rang. I decided to answer it and see who could be calling now. It was my neighbor asking if I could pick up some things at the grocery store. Addie was a young eighty-four and sometimes needed help with little things.

“Of course, I’ll help. I have to take Poco for a walk then I’ll come over and get what you need while I’m at the grocery store. Addie was so special. It would be a generous gesture to ask her to come to the house and visit. Could you come over for lunch tomorrow after church? We’d love to have you.”

It was mid-afternoon and just a few minutes spent in prayer had changed my attitude. Just a short verse in the Bible had quieted my spirit and given me a new direction. Things didn’t seem to be looming out there just begging to be done. God had given me a new focus and I would get through this day just fine. Thank you, Lord, for showing me your plan.

The kitchen door swung open and John and Derek came bounding in along with Steve. Tony was home so the boys would be able to watch TV or play video games while I headed towards the grocery store. Supper would not be difficult to prepare and maybe after everyone had eaten I could actually take a real break. It had been a good day after all. Now where did I put my grocery list?
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