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TITLE: Sex, Sex and more Sex!.
By Mark E Crossley

This article looks at 5 areas to do with sex.

Your views appreciated. Thank you.
This article is about sex, the different aspects of sex and what the bible has to say on this. We will look at 5 P’s of sex, of course there are other areas such as sex before marriage, singleness and sex, sex outside of marriage however this article will touch on these five aspects and look at a stance what the bible says.

Prostitution: Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. One person describes prostitution as “Exchange of money for sexual favours”. The United Kingdom Government states that there are over 8000 women involved in prostitution whether this is working in a private houses, sex lines, massage parlours or street prostitution. As with any industry where there is supply and demand a service exists.

Channel 4 quotes “Prostitution alone is estimated to generate between £700 Million and
£1 Billion per year in the United Kingdom, As a nation we spend more on sex than on going to the cinema.”.

Do you know any women or men who sell their bodies for sex? Do you not care what happens as long as it is behind closed doors, not on the streets and does not affect you? Would you welcome anyone who confesses they are a prostitute through your church doors? Would you want to be associated with these people and to minister to their needs or do you have too many issues of your own?

Could your church go out onto the streets and give free condoms, free counselling, free phone help lines for those who want to come off prostitution, free material on sexually transmitted diseases, free prayer for healing on the streets once a week?. Is this something you feel the Lord would challenge you about, I have written to an organisation to try and establish this very thing in the United Kingdom so watch this space as a template.

Pimping: Definition of pimping is “To serve as a procurer of prostitutes”. Answers.com. Amsterdam for instance is known for it being legal for pimps going there specifically to pay for sex. A list celebrity Hugh Grant was famously arrested for paying for sex on a New York street corner with American prostitute Divine Brown if you can remember back in the 1990’s.

The statistic above states there are over 8000 known prostitutes and although there are no official statistics there must be at least 20,000 plus pimps which is a significant number of men and women that use and pay for sexual services.

If you knew that people in your church were paying for sex would you judge them or pray for their sin? What would you do if you had this kind of ministry and the minister involved was caught up paying for sex as it happens? What can the church do to eradicate and assist those who are actively involved in paying for sex in and around the areas you live?

Pornography: One person describes pornography as “Any sexually explicit writing and/or picture intended to arouse sexual desire”.

Type in any search engine on the internet such as a famous person and the chances are that many pop ups will come up with anything and everything to do with pornography rather than the actual site you are looking for, whether this was intentional or not endless screens will come up that are very sexually explicit.

For some males and no doubtable females masturbate over images of men and a woman who may be naked, in fantasy dress, nude calendars and the list goes on. The fact is believers this exists and we can either read with disarray that a Christian is writing such thing or wake up to accept this exists in our world and actually have a heart for these people who find it acceptable and part of their daily lives to look at such material on the internet predominately.

If you run a cell or house group and a member of your group came to you and admitted he or she regularly looks at what would your response be? What would your response be towards the people that actually put this content on the internet if you have the chance to meet them?
What does your church feel you can do to this growing industry and to show the love of God?

Paedophilia: One person describes paedophilia as a “sexual attraction to children”. Two well known celebrities that have been highlighted in the news are Michael Jackson & Gary Glitter real name Paul Frances Gadd springs to mind.

Michael Jackson who famously had fans over to stay at his ranch was famously acquitted over any child molestation charges specifically in relation to molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo in 2005.

Gary Glitter however in 1999 Admits possessing 4,000 photos of children being abused. Sentenced to four months in the UK and placed on the sex offenders' register. In December 2002 he was detained in Cambodia over suspected sex offences and was deported but later returns pending an appeal. In March 2006 he was jailed in Vietnam over child sex offence and in February 2007 His three-year sentence in Vietnam is reduced by three months under a nationwide amnesty. He is set to be released in August 2008.

How can the church practically minister to individuals that like Michael Jackson are wrongfully convicted of such activity? For people like Gary Glitter should the church of today be associated with these selected but minority of individuals once released from prison and to assist them into repentance and to move into the will of God for their life and stick by both sides of the coin of this tricky and less talked about issue of our nations called Paedophilia?

Pre-meditated Rapists: Allwords.com describes a rape as “The crime of forcing a person, especially a woman, to have sexual intercourse against their will”.

In 2004/05 The Home Office suggests that a total of the various reported offences of rape of a female (of whatever age) was 13,322. Out of these only 6% were actually convicted of rape.

As believers if someone in our church has been raped what support and assistance do you have in place, should the church of today find people that have raped people and actually invite them into the church or keep them at arms length?

What connections does the church have with health professionals or organisations to actually have an interest in this, to see if other churches in the local area are actually helping these people instead of letting this issue go by the waste side and these people are left alone instead of being given psychiatric help but spiritually the church does have a role to play to benefit and minister these individuals if we are willing to reduce our pride and get our hands dirty so to speak.


It is right that the sate and some organisations do in some instance cover some aspects of the above controversial and topical issues within our native country however I believe there will be people or friends of people that write for FaithWriters.Com that would have a genuine heart for these specific groups and pray to God how they can minister to them.

If you read Matt 5 v 32; Acts 15 v 28-29; 1 Thessalonians 4; Rev 9 v 21; Rev 22 v 14- 15;
Jude 1 v 7; 1 Cor 5 9-13. There are others but these scriptures talk quite clearly about having idols and that in the wrong context as the above are people are committing sexual immorality. The bible pulls no punches regarding this and as believers the enemy will use the above to tempt people away from God and to sin against man and himself.

Lord I pray where the above affects us personally you will give us the words and actions to deal with the situations and that as believers we can minister to the needs of these people or work in partnership with agencies that are already in existence in Jesus Name. Amen.
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.