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TITLE: Married Once, Married Twice
By TJ Nickel

This is the rough (possibly final, we'll see what you say) draft of an article intended for Faithwriters Magazine's United as One section - Marriage. My goal was humor in places that spice up an interesting concept that some will consider romantic and others difficult.
Married Once, Married Twice

Dear: Ya’ll Still Down There on Earth

I remember my wedding day.

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“'Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.' Thus says the Lord in Genesis 2:24."

The ceremony ended, we walked hand in hand down the aisle, and then our hands let go to hug and shake with others. One flesh, eh? It lasted about thirty seconds.

The day was wonderful, the following week as well, and then we went to work that Monday, parting ways at the fork in the road. Each day that week, we’d meet up around six for dinner and some television. One flesh, eh?

It was a crazy and wonderful first year with a couple of fights, but mostly great nights, many weekend adventures, and sharing, caring, and learning happening daily. We never slept in separate beds, never spent a night away for business or any other reason. That was the first year.

And then, we became one flesh for a purpose, and nine months later our first child was born. We did the same another time; two children in our house. We loved them and we danced with them, and we sure taught them about the Lord. As they grew and started becoming interested in the opposite sex, we sat down and had the talk. And we quoted Genesis 2:24 to them. They too didn’t understand it. Neither did we.

Up here in heaven now, we get it. We’re actually one flesh. I better repeat that: we are actually and factually, literally and really - one flesh. Yep, we’re like conjoined twins sharing a body every step we take. It was strange at first. I was first to arrive, and my first task was skin stretching. My partner was coming and I had to get ready. Oh, what fun.

From time to time, we witness at the Open Gates to all those who refuse to enter. Seeing us seems to turn them off. Many single people are there witnessing too, but each of them is married to Jesus, you see. Yes, everyone’s married up here: some once, some twice. A group of twelve thousand usually make the trip to witness. The newbies crack me up the most. They see 3,000 Jesus’ stuffed in the skins of us heavenly people, and 9,000 married people seemingly tied together in a body suit. It’s a hoot to see their faces.

They don’t want to come with us when we return. They’re scared to share their bodies - the singles ones with Jesus and the married ones with each other.

One time, a married couple finally decided that spending eternity in one actual flesh would be okay with them. Then, they asked about my foot, and my partner’s hand.

“Oh, he’s in us too, not just the single people,” I explained.

Although the horror on their faces took a minute to subside, it actually didn’t stop them. But then it happened. Who was going to get their hand nailed, and who their foot? I told them it wouldn’t hurt, it’d simply happen, no pain at all. It didn’t matter, they couldn’t agree and then they started arguing about who would get the right side and who the left. It must have been their first year here.

Anyhow, this is just a real quick story for down there and to ya’ll. Wanted to let you know about that little mystery in Genesis 2:24. One day, it’ll happen, the verse will really take shape, and nothing I say can prepare you for how wonderful it is. I wish I would’ve understood it while I was down there. I remember thinking it just made no sense, and I remember the distances that would grow between us at times, and wishing it wasn’t possible. Now, it is impossible!

He really does “make all things new,” like it says in Revelation 21:5.

Oh yeah, sorry ‘bout this partner talk, it probably sounds funny to ya’ll down there these days, but I’ll have to write about that some other time.

I need to run soon. My partner’s former partner, who left from alcoholism after just three months of marriage (and never could fix things up right) is gonna be there today. Just think of it, the three of us, one flesh if we’re willing. It’s their way in, we hear, so we’re willing. It’s unbelievable up here, really unbelievable. Not only twins, but triplets – pretty cool if you ask me. Oh, being a triplet is nothing. You should see some of the groups up here. Good thing making a seat on the transport to the Open Gates to fit one person of eighteen only takes a heartfelt request.

I’ll be sure to write again sometime, it’s really quite costly to send these to you. Hope my English skills were okay, we speak pre-Babel up here. Anyhow, I thought it was quite worth it - to make sure you don’t worry about those times apart. You’ll make up for them, every one of them, together, really together - as one flesh.

Talk soon,

A Bride to Christ

~April, 2007
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