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TITLE: Giggles In Heaven
By Marilyn Klunder

Age: 4 to 8 year olds
“Hee-hee-eeea,” giggled Sarah Bear. Sarah Bear and Angel Adore peeked around the corner to see if anyone was coming.

“The coast is clear!” whispered Angel Adore. The two tiptoed around the corner and started down the long hall carrying a box.

The box was beautifully wrapped with care. It was bright with joy, and the sides were smooth with contentment and on the top was a big bow tied together with ribbons of kindness, mercy and love.

Sarah Bear and Angel Adore carefully and quietly carried the box into the King’s Chamber. It was a gift just for the King and Sarah Bear wanted it to be a surprise. They placed the gift in front of the King’s chair.

Angel Adore plopped down beside the gift and took a deep breath, “Whew! What have you got in here? It’s almost as heavy as worry!”

“Hee-hee-eeea,” giggled Sarah Bear, It’s not worry, nor burden or fear.”

Sarah Bear had tried very hard to stuff the box full so He can share it with everyone in Heaven.

Sarah Bear stared at the Box. Oh how she hoped he would like it.

“What’s the matter?” asked Angel Adore.

“Do you think the King will be surprised? Do you really think He’ll like it?” asked Sarah Bear.

Angel Adore looked at the beautifully wrapped gift and even though she didn’t know what was inside, she knew the King would love it.

“Of course He will,” said Angel Adore.

“Hee-hee-heea,” giggled Sarah Bear. “Let’s leave the box here so the King will find it,”

“Sarah Bear and Angel Adore, what are you doing in the King’s Chamber?” sang a voice behind them.

Sarah Bear and Angel Adore recognized the voice right away. It was Angel Ainesis the Angel of Praise.

“Hee-hee-heea,” giggled Sarah Bear. “We’ve brought the King a surprise!”

“And we’re leaving it here for Him to find,” said Angel Adore.

“The box is beautiful, but what’s inside?” sang Angel Ainesis.

“It’s a surprise!” said Sarah Bear and Angel Adore together.

Hee-hee-heea,” giggled Sarah Bear. “We better get going; the King will be coming soon and if we’re still here we’ll spoil the surprise.”

Sarah Bear, Angel Adore and Angel Ainesis tiptoed toward the door.

“Wait,” said Sarah Bear, “I hear footsteps. Someone is coming! Hurry! Hide!”

All three scattered. Sarah Bear ran behind the curtain; Angel Adore slid underneath the pillows and Angel Ainesis dunked behind the Harp.

Slowly, the door opened. Sarah Bear took a deep breath and held it so she wouldn’t giggle. Angel Adore trembled beneath the pillows. And Angel Ainesis closed her eyes so not to see what would happen next.

The King walked in and right over to the Harp and strummed the strings. Angel Ainesis began to hum.

“Hmmmmm,” she hummed. She couldn’t help herself! Whenever she heard music in the presence of the King, she sang.

He then walked over to the pillows and patted them softly and out from underneath plopped Angel Adore who landed right in the arms of the King.

He looked toward the curtains and all of a sudden out came the longest, loudest giggle ever.

“Hee-hee-hee-heea-hee-hee-heea-hee-hee-heea-hee-hee-heea-hee-hee-heea!” giggled Sarah Bear. And she rolled out from behind the curtain and landed right at the King’s feet.

“I’m so sorry,” said an embarrassed Sarah Bear, “I just couldn’t hold it any longer!”

Sarah Bear sprang to her feet.

“I have brought You a gift, a surprise for sure, something You can share with Your whole Kingdom!”

Sarah Bear took the King by the hand and walked Him over to the beautifully wrapped box.

“A gift for me?” He asked.

“Yes,” said Sarah Bear shyly, “but be very careful when you open it. It’s very contagious!”

He could see that the package was bright with joy, and the sides were smooth with contentment and on the top was a big bow tied together with ribbons of kindness, mercy and love.

The King carefully unwrapped the gift and lifted the lid.

Hee-hee-heea! Came out from inside the box.

“It’s your giggle,” said Angel Adore. “You gave the King your laughter!” And soon Angel Adore was laughing, too.

The King lifted the lid on the box again and out came another giggle.

Angel Ainesis opened her mouth to sing.


“Ahhhaaahaahaahahahahah…” Angel Ainesis began to roar with laughter.

The King joined in the laughter, too.

“From now on Sarah Bear, you will be called Angel Gelao because of your heart for laughter.” said The King.

Sarah Bear was right. It was very contagious and the King shared this very special gift with everyone in His Kingdom.


Adore: to worship; to love greatly or honor highly
(Webster’s New World Dictionary; Copyright 1988 by Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

Ainesis: ah’-ee-nes-is; to praise
(The New Strongs Complete Dictionary of Bible Words; Copyright 1996 by Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Gelao: ghel-ah-o; laughter
(The New Strongs Complete Dictionary of Bible Words; Copyright 1996 by Thomas
Nelson Publishers)
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