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TITLE: Trust Him
By Lisa Spence

Trust Him
Lisa G.
I walked into the office of Lyle Schween of Advanced Chiropractic Care in Slidell,

Louisiana with mixed feelings about my health. I’d come here for a reading on

blood tests he had ordered because of a knot on one of my lymph nodes.

Even though knowing it could turn out out to be something serious, I had remained

at peace, since the process of testing had started a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what the

results would be, but I wanted to remain at peace about the outcome.

When I went in to get therapy, and as I lay there the voice of spirit was

giving me instructions. A lady on the other side of the room was telling how she’d been sick when she came to the clinic, and how Dr. Schween had saved her life.
The lady said she’d had tumor on her back that other doctors had not found, and that Doctor Schween had. When she went to be treated for the tumor, they told her that if she’d waited one more week she would have been dead!
All during this dialogue the lady said, probably ten times in her conversation that Doctor Schween had saved her life, and if it hadn’t been for him she’d be dead. She said she trusted him with her life! This voice echoed over an over in my head till I knew it was more than coincidence; it was a sign from spirit to heed this voice again in my spirit and medical journey.
Years before I had a strange medical malady that no one could figure out. I had gotten so tired of being tossed from doctor to doctor. When I came to Dr. Schween I rooted my head in the dirt and refused to budge.
At times the poor man wrung his hands in despair over my case, but he never gave up. Instead he guided and helped me find alternative ways that extended even outside his practice. For me he went more than the extra mile, so my trust level for him was already high.
This was a different and scarier area, but I felt the spirit within prodding me to trust even deeper. When I went in for my adjustment a sort of healing took place in me. All my life I’d dealt with abusive relationships from men. I didn’t trust men at all. I didn’t know it but I was going to have a piece of my healing in that area occur that day.
Since the beginning of time when I first came to Dr. Schween my adjustments had been difficult. From the moment he laid hands on me, even through I trusted him on the only level I knew how, my body just instinctively reacted to his touch as a man. It tensed up and I even found myself holding my breath.
He told me a million times to relax, let go and breathe. I was in no way and easy patient to adjust but he persisted. He was my hero among men and he didn’t even know it.
After I started my spirit journey, taking up meditation and yoga I learned to visualize myself into a spot in the ceiling, an island far away, or the title off a book on his shelf to help me relax. This day what happened was nothing short of a miracle.
As I sat on the table a voice in my head was instructing me to trust him over and over like a mantra. “How can I? I asked. I’ve never trusted any man!” Spirit urged then it was time I did, and if I ever wanted to have a real loving relationship one day with the man God was sending my way then I had to let go and trust.
Trust him took on different meanings, as I had to trust the voice of spirit to not steer me wrong, trust myself enough to let go and trust Dr. Schween to not hurt me. The hurt from previous men ran so deep, that this may have been one of the hardest things I’d ever done.
As he came in the room I sensed in him a noble, trustworthy spirit and for this I gave thanks. I lay down on the table the words trust him; trust him, reverberating over and over in my mind. I was scared but in a moment of trust, as he put my body on the table I breathed for once in forever and let go.
With each adjustment he did I breathed, and said mentally I trusted and I breathed again. I did this till he went through the series of adjustments he does on me. Each one went well my body didn’t spasm up, or stick in splace, I was more relaxed for the adjustment than ever in my life, and he commented on how well it went.
It felt strange but good to have trusted a man on this level. We then discussed the test which was still inconclusive. He said he would bring another set of doctors into to read the results. It was a bit of a waiting game but peace was still with me and I followed his advice trusting again.
After the adjustment there was usually a rough time till my body calms down after the adjustments. Today was different as I met girlfriends for lunch and we had a beautiful, spiritual communion and my body relaxed. All the rest of the day I seemed to flow better than usual and gave thanks for this.
All because I trusted and let go of past unforgiveness areas in a moment only I was aware of. It was such a miraculous thing how someone can help you when their not even aware of doing it. I have always felt they will reap many good benefits from the help they gave to others.
If ever someone deserved a blessed life Dr. Schween does. I have watched him change so many peoples life, and yet be so unassuming about his skills. He has the heart of a giant, and has done many good things in his years as a chiropractor.
The trust in him I feel I know is my beginning step in the road to opening up, and trusting others. It is a new beginning of forgiveness for all, untangled by the chains of yesterday. For this I am grateful.
The ending was also good in this story as the knot in my neck turned out to be a fat globule. I had it removed just to be on the safe side knowing that the lessons learned in this had been more about forgiveness than health.
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