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TITLE: Noah and Jess
By TErry Hamer

A story of sibling rivalry,
with rhythmic rhyme
in God's time
Noah and Jess
Another wonderful story of God’s great Glory
By Professor Goodheart

Let me tell you about a brother and sis’ –
a wonderful story, which started like this:
They’re twins, Noah and Jess, which you never would have been able to guess…
Because when Jess said “No”, wouldn’t you know,
Noah would always say “Yes”.

They were always at odds; they’d rarely agree
Noah loved the mountains, and Jess loved the sea;
Noah liked bulldogs, and Jess liked cats;
If Jess liked this, then Noah preferred that.

Despite the fact they are sister and brother,
When one went one way, the other went the other.
When Jess stood up, Noah would sit down
When Noah cracked a smile, Jess would frump and he’d frown.

Why did they disagree? Don’t they love each other?
Jess said “Yes, I love Noah, he’s my brother!
but…My best guess,” I heard her address,
“is that I know when Noah says no,
he really means yes, but he can’t quite confess
that he agrees with me, don’t you know.”

Does Noah love Jess, being his sister and such?
“Yes, said Noah, I love Jess very much,
but….I think Jess cannot quite attest
that I can be more right than she.
When I say no, I think Jess says yes
so she can be right, don’t you see.”

This whole fight about who’s wrong and who’s right…….Oh, what a big silly mess
Jess prayed that night, for her brother to love her, and Noah prayed for the love of Jess.

Well Glory to our Lord! He heard every word of Noah’s and Jess’ prayers
and with His Godly good grace, he brought an end to their race
Let’s see what great love He prepared….

The very next day of days, Noah and Jess were wrestling by the bay,
when they came across Ollie the Otter
Ollie was crying, there was no denying,
on a rock where he lay by the water.
The twins forgot they were fighting and cried out to help “Oh Ollie, by golly what’s the matter?”

Ollie sniffled so sadly, “Oh my, oh gee, my sister is moving away
Olivia’s going to Sarasota Sea, and she’s moving away today!
I never thought I’d feel so sad to see Olivia leave,
I thought I’d feel a happy, so very delighted, and really quite relieved.
Since Olivia and me, we see things differently, and we fight a lot you see
But now that I know that she’s moving away, I’m crying uncontrollably!”

“Olivia is my sister, and I already miss her, despite how different we are
We’re very much the same in many, many ways.
We’re more similar than we are different by far”
“What’s most important, I’m beginning to see
is that we’re one big Otter family
My Mother and Dad, Olivia and me
And where my family needs me, is where I Otter be!”
Boo Hoo Hoo……

Well it didn’t take long, for Noah and Jess
To see an answer to this great big mess
With a tear in their eyes, they gave Ollie a surprise -
They gave their Otter friend a huge hug.
As his tears disappeared, and a smile came to his eyes,
They said, “Pass it on - and you’ll pass on the love bug!

Yes! Said Ollie….what a wonderful idea
And he swooshed and he splashed away
He found Olivia before she left for the Sea
and said,
“Olivia, have you been hugged yet today?”

Olivia was so surprised and glad to see Ollie
“Oh Ollie, I thought you’d never ask…
Our fighting was silly ridiculous folly
Yippeeee! a hug from my brother at last!”

“Golly, I love you Ollie!”
“I love you, too, Olivia”

and at the same time……back at the bay
Jess said “Yes Noah” and Noah said “Yay!”
“We’ll love each other more starting today!”
“With Jesus in mind, we’ll remember to be kind
in everything we do and we say”
….and Noah and Jess also embraced in a great big hug!

….and as the sun set, I will never forget,
Ollie and Olivia walked away hand in hand,
Noah and Jess were the greatest of friends, and
Glory be to God, for His love is so grand,
His will be done yet again.

Professor Goodheart, 2004
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