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TITLE: In Pursuit of a Star part2
By michelle Hays

This is a sequel to a true, ongoing story. It is the story of a chrisitan young man and woman searching for "the one."
It was a breezy summer night. The torchiere lamps surrounding the Mexican café patio dimly lit the evening. The temperature was a perfect 82 degrees. Astrid was glowing, which is no surprise since the meaning of her name is “shining star.” Chatting along with some friends, she had no idea that a secret admirer was carefully eying her. He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to speak to her. He had previously written an anonymous letter and delivered it along with flowers and chocolate. The letter didn’t rustle Astrid’s feathers, though. She believed that a man in her pursuit must come boldly and straightforward.

“It would be wrong of me to compromise my heart with an anonymous person,” she explained to me, “besides, I don’t want to gamble my future on someone I know nothing about.”

A few days earlier, I had discovered the identity of her secret admirer. He was quite a catch. He was five years older than her but still in his twenties. Originally from Mexico city, Luis had decided to be on his own and start a new life up north. It just so happened to be Astrid’s hometown. He owned a successful business but was not hot headed about it. Since his arrival to Monterrey, Luis had quickly become dear friend of my husband and myself. Once I found out that it was he who had fallen for her, I quickly changed my negative opinion. I was sworn to secrecy but was dying to make a change in Astrid’s dissenting conclusion on his character.

“Ok Astrid,” I began “I know who the guy is, but I can’t tell you. All I can say is that he is going to talk to you, and he’s a really great guy.”

“Michelle, I want to get to know him, without any commitment. I just want to be his friend, you know,” Astrid explained “I don’t want to have to hang my head in shame on his wedding day if he’s not the one for me.”

Astrid believes that everyone is meant for someone in particular. It is for this reason that she has been so cautious not to enter into a romantic relationship. The way she figures, if a guy is not for her, it’s because he is meant for another.

She decided that she would be fair and get to know him if he approached her. We decided that the best way to do this without entering a romantic commitment would be by going out with a group of people or to go eat during the day. This way, nothing was formal; it would just be a friendship.

Back at the café patio, Astrid was finally alone. Luis swiftly made his move. He walked in her direction nervously. She noticed. Astrid had already suspected that it was he who had written her the “secret” letter. She braced herself.

“Astrid, do you think we can have five minutes to talk?” He timidly asked.

Luis is a guy who is used to being in charge and calling the shots. It is not like him to be nervous. One day, he confessed to my husband that he is usually calm and collected but something seems to overtake him when Astrid walks into the room.

“Sure,” Astrid answered with a smile.

He directed her to a more private spot, and she caught his drift. Once they were a little further from the crowd, Luis began to speak.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I was the one who sent you that letter the other day,” he stammered.

Luis was so nervous that Astrid felt compelled to break the tension. She smiled at him and thanked him for thinking of her. Astrid’s bubbly attitude broke through Luis’ nerves.

“Wanna know how I did it?” he asked


“Well, I woke up real early to write you that letter. Then, I went out to the store to buy you some flowers and candy,” he started “I waited behind a garbage truck to make sure that nobody would see me-“

This roused great laughter from Astrid, making the meeting even more relaxed. They continued to chat for a short while, but Luis was a man of his word. Five minutes it was, and he was off. But not without proposing a date.

“Lets make it lunch?” Astrid asked

“Lunch?” he was catching her drift. “Ok. Lunch it is!” He agreed with a smile.

They shook hands and parted ways. They would have plenty of more time to talk in their next meeting. A lunch date. Could this be love or just the beginning of a friendship?
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