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By Samuel Connelly

This is a short story that I have written as part of a book of short stories called 'STRANGE THINGS' this story is part of a four part dream sequence I had. I posted it up over a year ago, and because of such great feedback, I have re-written it with your critiques in mind. Please read and let me know what you think
It’s Coming - Part 1

By Samuel Connelly

It was around 3:30am when a feeling that I can only describe as ‘strange’ caused me to awaken from my sleep. It came over me like a blanket, and it was sudden. I looked next to me to make sure that my wife was still next to me. “Diane, are you awake?” I asked. She was sleeping under a mountain of blankets.

“I was until now.” She moaned from under two feet of feather pillows. “You know that it’s hard for me to get back to sleep once am waken up this early.”

“I’m sorry.” I wanted to ask her if she had felt the same strangeness in the air, or if it was just me. At the same time, I didn’t want to frighten her.

“Well?” Diane said, “Now that you have woken me up are you going to tell me why, or did you just wake me up for kicks?”

“I’m sorry for waking you…but, you know whenever you get that really strange feeling, like something is not quit right, or something is off in some unexplainable way?”

“Yeah, I think so,” She started to yawn “…I think I have felt that before, a time or two. Sometimes at the hospital in the OB, and it is a full moon, I get a feeling that something strange is happening.” She paused. “..and we always seem to have a lot more women admit themselves, and go into labor.”

“I just had that feeling so strong that it woke me up, and I was wondering if…”

“Don’t worry honey,” Diane said, and turned on her side facing me. She ran her fingers over my bald head, “… you’re not going to have a baby tonight.” She laughed.

“You’re a turd, you know that right.” We both laughed. I put my arm around her and she lifted her head a little and lay in on my shoulder.

Just then, the bedroom began to shake. It felt like an earthquake. I looked at a vase with flowers that was sitting on my dresser; it shook violently and slowly moved to the edge of the dresser and feel to the ground with a shattering crash. All the pictures and groupings on the walls began to fall off as well.

“It’s an earthquake!” Diane screamed.

“In Kansas? I don’t think so. Tornado.”
The shaking got stronger and stronger, and then the wind began to beat against our house. The ear-piercing wind sounded like a thousand voice choir screaming at us through the windows.

“What’s happening? Is it a train?” Diane yelled as she tightly grabbed a hold of me.

“I don’t know. We need to get in the closet and cover up.”

Diane was clutching on to me with all her strength, she was too terrified to move, so I picked her up and got out of bed. We both quickly tumbled to the ground. I looked at the iron bed frame, it was moving, being shook from its place, and moving around on the hard wood floor. The floor was covered with deep gouges, and scratches.

We both crawled towards the closet.

CRASH! The hanging light fixture fell from the ceiling and shattered on the ground sending tiny glass splinters all over.


Diane had been cut by a large piece of glass from the light bulb, and she had glass splinters all over her arms, and the side of her face. I jumped to my feet, only to be shaken off me feet, and to the ground again. I quickly crawled close enough to the bed to yank the comforter off. I threw it over Diane. “Cuddle up in the blanket and stay still.” Once I had her totally covered I pushed her, in the comforter, across the hardwood floor to the closet.

We got into the closet. I closed the door and pulled all of the hanging clothes down on top of us, for protection from flying debris.

As we sat there in the closet, holding onto each other, I felt that strange feeling come on me again but this time it was stronger than before. It felt as though something was almost on us, about to crash over our entire house. My heart was beating almost out of my chest. Diane was screaming and holding onto me with the most fierce grip- nails digging deep into my skin, drawing blood - as if she was holding on for dear life.

It continued to get worse and worse, the house felt as though it was about to be ripped apart. We clasped our hands over our ears as hard as we could; the wind was now a hurricane of angry voices. My mind began to tell me that my life was nothing more than a short dream and now I was about to be thrust into reality, forced to wake up.

I could feel wind blowing through the bottom of the door. Oh, this is it. Here it comes…

“No!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I woke up in a sweaty frenzy. I jumped out of my bed so fast that I fell on the floor shielding my face with my arms. I looked around the room. Everything was just fine, in perfect order. “I’m not gone. It must have been a dream.” I breathed a sigh of relief and lay back down. I turned on my side and went to put my arm around my wife, but see was not in bed next to me. I then decided that I would get up and go find her. She was probably watched T.V. She does this when she cannot sleep

“Hey Bebe,” I called when I got into the hallway. “Bebe, where are you?” I walked into the living room and called again, “Diane, where are you?”

There was no answer. I walked into the kitchen but she wasn't there. I started walking faster towards the bathroom. I threw the door open, but she was not there. All the sudden a fear came over me and I ran quickly down the hall to my son’s bedroom. I open the door and turned on the light, my son Josiah was gone!

I didn't even take time to stop or think; I ran as fast as I could through the hall and slid into the family room. The whole room was empty. I walked back into the living room and it was empty,as well.

What has happen? Now my entire house was empty, everything that we own was gone.

The strangeness that I felt earlier came over me again, and somewhere deep inside of my soul, there was a rumbling and I heard a small voice say….”It is coming!”

Then I suddenly woke up in my own bed...again. I looked next to me and my wife was sleeping there. I got out of bed and went into my son’s bedroom. Josiah was fast asleep, holding onto his spider man stuffed toy.

Then I turned back to my own room,heart still pounding. I crawled under the covers, and softly kissed Diane on the cheek.

As my eyes got heavy and I slowly drifted off. I heard the voice again quietly say, “It’s Coming.”
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