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TITLE: Going Home
By Stephanie Colan

Silently, a young girl stood at the doorway of a large room. Her face was covered with questions and fears. Her eyes streamed droplets of water that broke as they hit the ground. Gazing into the room where her father was lying, a soft hand was placed gently on her shoulder. With out looking to see from whom the touch was coming, the young girl turned around quickly and squeezed the waist of her mother. Tears poured from her eyes like a rainstorm. Cries rang out from within the church as the little girl sobbed. Wrapped securely in her arms, the mother held her baby girl, and waited for a pause in the storm. Then her mother began to speak calmly. "Wendy, everything will be alright. Your father is in a better place now.”

“But I miss him. I want my daddy back,” she stuttered as more tears began to trail down her cheeks.

“I know. I know, sweetheart. But daddy is happy now,” her mother said as she held Wendy closer.

“Well, where did Daddy go? Is he coming back?” Wendy questioned.

“Sometimes, people that we love very much have to go to sleep for a long time. When they are sleeping, Jesus comes to take them to his house. Jesus’ house is in a place called Heaven,” her mother said.

“But mommy, where is Jesus’ house? Can we go there too?” the little girl asked with hope, longing to see her father again.

“Not today dear, but someday Jesus will come and take us to his house too. Today, Jesus came to take Daddy to his house. And Daddy will stay at his house until Jesus comes to take us there,” the mother explained.

“Well, what is Daddy doing there?” Wendy asked curiously.

“Daddy is meeting Jesus,” her mother said as she ran her fingers through Wendy’s hair.

"Will it be scary for Daddy to meet Jesus?" Wendy asked fearfully.

"Oh no, of course not. Daddy will not be scared one bit,” her mother stated.

"Will it be sad?" Wendy asked in worry.

"Daddy will not feel sad at all," her mother added.

"Well, if it isn't scary or sad what will it be like?" Wendy asked.

"Well dear, I am not sure exactly what meeting Jesus will be like, but I can tell you what I think it will be like…
When we meet Jesus, it will be like opening gifts on Christmas day. Remember how we wait all year until Christmas comes? And we buy presents and wrap them in pretty paper and bows and place them underneath the tree? Remember how we have to go to sleep on Christmas Eve so Santa Claus will come and visit? That’s what it will be like when we meet Jesus. We will be very excited and our hearts might even skip a beat.
When Jesus comes to take us home, he will stand at a gate and wait for us to meet us there. But Jesus will be so happy to see us that he will not be able to wait. Do you know what Jesus will do? Jesus will run, he will run and skip until he meets us. Then Jesus will wrap his arms around us and pick us up and twirl us around until we are dizzy. He will put us down, and then, as he catches his breath, tell us how much he loves us. He will say, with a big smile on his face, “Welcome! I am so glad you are finally here! I have been waiting for you! I missed you and I love you very much! Come, let me take you to my house!” And will we walk with him into his city.
Now, let me tell you about Heaven, where Jesus lives. Heaven is like a big city with many, many people. In fact, there are too many people there to count! In this city, people are different than the people here. People will never be sad in Heaven and they will not be able to cry. People will never get angry or mad and there will not be any violence. Everyone will always be happy and smiling and laughing.
The streets of Heaven are made will real gold and will shine so brightly we might need sunglasses. In Heaven, we will never have nighttime, because it will always be light. And we will never have to worry about what time it is, because Heaven does not have clocks or watches.
Everyday, all the people in Heaven will go to Jesus’ house for a huge picnic. We will all sit together at a huge table that will be covered with mountains of food. Angels will bring out more food as we eat and we will never be full.
After we eat, Jesus will take us to his house. When we arrive, Jesus will explain to us that now this is our home too. This house will be the biggest house anyone has ever seen. It will stretch up, up, up to the sky and across as big as the ocean. Our house will be bright and shimmer like diamonds. In the front yard there will be hundreds of flowers and fountains that spray fresh water. Our house will be so great, it will be our castle and we will be like princes and princesses.
Inside our new house, there will be thousands of rooms.
We might even ride on clouds to get to our rooms. In our
rooms there will be beds as soft as fluffy clouds and angels who will rock us to sleep by playing their harps.
Each morning we will be awakened by a great sunrise. Blue, purple, pink, orange and green will paint the sky as we look out the window. And in the sky we be a message that will read, “Good morning, I love you. From God.”
Everyday, after we wake up, we will go to be with God. God is Jesus’ father and he is the king of all of Heaven. God will be our new father and we will love him and tell him how much we love him each day.
Heaven will be the greatest place and we will never have to leave. When we meet Jesus, we will know how much he loves us and never want to leave. We will always want to be with God and Jesus and live with them in their house,” her mother ended hoping her little girl would not be sad any longer.

"Mommy, do you think Daddy is happy with Jesus?” Wendy asked.

"Yes, I do. Daddy is very happy," her mother replied.

"And will Jesus take care of Daddy?" Wendy asked again.

"Yes, Jesus will take care of Daddy forever. And one day, when we meet Jesus, we will see Daddy again. Then, Jesus will take care of all of us," her mother cheerfully stated.

"If Daddy is happy and Jesus is taking good care of him, then why am I still so sad?" Wendy said with a frown upon her face.

Wendy’s mother wrapped her arms around Wendy and rocked her lightly, "Wendy, you will be sad for a while and that's okay. Sometimes you might want to cry and you will miss Daddy, but just remember, one day you will see Daddy again. And one day you will get to go to Jesus’ house. But until that day comes we must pray to Jesus and ask him to make us happy. Do you know why we need to be happy? Because Jesus loves us, and Jesus is our father too. So even though our Daddy is in Heaven, Jesus will be our father. We must trust that He will make everything okay. Jesus and Daddy are watching over us together now, so everything will always be all right. Daddy will always be with you. You may not be able to touch him or see him but know that he is there, right there, in your heart. And he will never leave." She placed her hand on Wendy’s heart.

Wendy slowly lifted her head, and a smile grew on her face.
“Mommy, he’s with me,” Wendy said as her tears were dried and hope began to grow inside her heart.
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