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TITLE: Does Internet Dating Really Work?
By Anne Harrell

Does Internet Dating Really Work?

I can honestly tell you that the answer to the question is yes. I know this because I met my husband of twenty-three years through a dating service. We met and married all in a six week time period. When we sent in our applications, we were looking for someone that would have the same views we had in God, and wanted the same in life as the other. Someone that was ready to settle down.

When we had talked on the phone for a week before we met, we knew that each other was the one God had in for the future for one another. We didn’t look at what the appearance of other looked like or how God had made them. Beauty is measured in the heart and not the exterior. Beauty is skin deep but when you look beyond the outside you will find out what their personality really is like. They are such a beautiful person made with Christ’s love and perfection.

Spend some time talking on the phone before actually meeting the friend in mind, will give time to know them before the get-together, you would know pretty much what kind of person they really are. There were several guys that I talked to getting acquainted with them that I knew before meeting them face to face that they just were not the right one for me. Just meeting them in person proved that they were the wrong one.

By spending some time praying for the person when you receive their name you will have an indication if they are the person that God has in mind or not. When God has been the center of your focus and what you have been praying for concerning that particular person and “if” they are the one to get involved with, you will find that the Lord will bless your friendship and the relationship can turn into the most rewarding friendship leading to marriage.

When Mark came into my life we had both been praying that God would send us a Christian mate. One who would love us for who we are and not for whom they could change us to be. We were looking for one who had strong beliefs in Christ. We had countless people tell us that our relationship will not mount to anything and were doomed to failure. We were very determined to make our relationship work and prove naysayers wrong. What God puts together let no man try to break it apart.

The main things you need to remember is that you need to put God first of all in any relationship. Make sure that you are not unequally yoked. Getting into a companionship with any one that is not a believer is not wise to do. Thinking that you could change them usually ends up with them changing you. You could fall away from Christ.

When it came to time of meeting Mark after talking on the phone with him almost a week, I was already in love with him before laying my eyes on him. I felt like I knew Mark all my life. The first night we talked we were on the phone talking for four hours. He had a humorous disposition about himself. Mark would keep me in stitches and the hours would go by fast when talking with him.

When it came to meeting him in person, I found him to be a very caring person. Mark was always putting me before his self. He was such a gentleman. Mark would open the car door and close the car door for me. Love was in the air the very first night we went out. Neither of us wanted the night to end. Mark surprised me when on the first date asked me if I would marry him. By the way I did say yes.

Love can happen very quickly if it is the will of God, and that this is the one He had in mind for you to marry. We both knew that the other was the very one we wanted. We found out through talking that we had been praying that when we find the right person we will know immediately. We had been praying that the one that is meant for us to be with would need much love and care.

One of the comments Mark made about his prayers he had wondered why it was taken so long to meet a woman that would love him for who he was. His brother a pastor told him “in God’s timing the right one will come along.” “ God was preparing the other one just like He was preparing him.” He saw what his brother was talking about when he met me I was eight years younger then him plus I had just came to Christ where he had been a Christian for some time.

In this marriage we have had things to happen that should have ended the marriage. Yet we have stuck together like glue and have made things work. We have five handicapped children and have lost an eleven year-old child to death. We had countless of medical problems that put stress on the marriage but neither of us is willing to part.

God has seen us through these problems and has even put a special bond between us. I love Mark just as much if not more then I did when we first got married. He is not just my husband he is my best friend, partner in raising the children and my mate for ever. I just cannot see myself without Mark as my loving husband.

Again internet dating can be the best thing for you. Love could be just around the corner. Remember to pray before acting first. You could be moments away from your best friend and partner for life. May God Bless your friendship and you find you self very much in love!!
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