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TITLE: Olympic dreams- chapter 4
By Karie Spiller

same things apply
Chapter 4
“So tell me what do you like to do besides ice skate?” Todd asked.
“Well I love to cook and I like children. Dad keeps telling me that he can’t wait for me to come home so that I can cook again for him. Mom was a good cook and she taught me a lot of stuff. We used to bake cookies all the time together. She made the best Chocolate-Peanut Butter cookies that I have ever tasted. I try to make them, but they still aren’t quite like mom’s. I like skating, but I have always wanted to have lots of kids and just be a mom. I haven’t had many prospects though. I go to a public school and there are so many guys like Tom there. I’ve only really dated one guy and that was a bad idea. Daddy has always been very strict with me. I’m glad though, because it has helped me to stay out of trouble,” Suzanna said.
“Sounds like your dad really loves you,” Todd said.

“Yes he does,” Suzanna said.

It was quiet again for a while and Suzanna fell asleep. She was woken by a gentle nudge from Todd.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” he said, “we are here”.
Suzanna rubbed her eyes and got out of the car. She stretched and Todd grabbed their skates from the trunk. Todd’s Grandma met them at the door, and she welcomed them warmly. She recognized Suzanna right away.
“You are a good skater. Going to the Olympics must be a dream come true for you,” she said.
“Grandma, may we use the pond for a little skating,” Todd asked.

“Sure,” she said. “If you stay for dinner,” she said.

“All right Grandma,” Todd said as he gave her a hug.
Todd led the way to the back door and opened it for Suzanna.

As they were putting their skates on Todd asked her, “How about a little music to skate to? I always need it. It helps my rhythm.”
“Yes, me to,” Suzanna said as she tied her skates.

Suzanna was out on the pond first and she took a couple of practice laps to warm up. It was sunny, but cold and Suzanna started to enjoy being outside. Todd came out and joined her. He did a couple of jumps and then warned Suzanna that the ice wasn’t very smooth. As she tried a jump, her skate caught a loose piece of ice and she fell. Todd skated over to her and helped her up.

“I guess today just isn’t a good day for your jumps,” he said. How about a nice slow skate around the pond?”
He offered his hand to her and she took it. They skated around the pond in perfect rhythm. Suzanna thought how nice his hand felt on hers and how wonderful it was to be skating with him. Todd smiled at her and then thought how beautiful she was. He liked the way her hair blew in the breeze. Her skating was so beautiful and artistic. He began to think about how nice it was to be with her. Todd’s cell phone broke the silence. He let go of Suzanna’s hand and pulled it out of his pocket.
“Hello,” he said, “Oh hello Mr. Fitch. Yes she is right here.”
He handed the phone to Suzanna and then skated off on his own.
“Hi honey, I tried to call your hotel but no one answered so I called Coach Jenkins and he gave me Todd’s cell phone number. Listen I’m afraid that I have some bad news for you. Coach Timmers called a few minutes ago and told me that the twins had developed some problems and they are not sure if they are going to make it. Please pray for him and Fran,” Pastor Fitch said.
“Okay I will,” she said. They talked for a few more minutes.
“I love you honey,” he said as he hung up the phone.

Suzanna skated over to Todd and handed him the phone.

“Todd, dad told me that Coach Timmers’ twins have developed some problems and they may not make it,” Suzanna said as she handed the phone back to him.

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” he said, “But modern medicine can do wonders.”

Suzanna smiled and said “Yes and so can my God.”

They skated a while longer and then Suzanna’s nose began to freeze.
“I think that maybe we’d better go inside. My nose is freezing and I can barely feel my toes,” Todd said.
They took off their skates and went back into the house. Grandma had some cookies and hot chocolate waiting for them.
“So Todd are you ready to go back to pairs skating,” Grandma asked.

“No Todd said. Where would I find a partner,” he said.

“Well you and Suzanna looked good out there on the ice. Maybe you two should get together,” Grandma said.

“Actually I don’t make a great pairs skater. I’ve tried it before. I’m too big and besides it would be hard to replace Mary,” Suzanna said.

“I bet you could with a little practice. My grandson is strong he could do it,” grandma laughed.

“Grandma, I’d much rather solo and besides why mess with perfection. She’s on her way to the gold medal in the Olympics and I aim to see that she gets it,” Todd said.
“I guess you’re right. This coaching thing is good for you Todd. Maybe it will encourage you to go back into the sport.” Grandma said.
After dinner they headed back to the hotel to drop Suzanna off. It was a quiet ride as they got lost in their own thoughts.
Finally Todd broke the silence, “ You know while I was skating with you out there I really started missing skating pairs with my sister. Mary never realized how much I enjoyed skating with her. She was my big sister and she could never do anything wrong in my eyes. Maybe we could do it again sometime,” Todd said.
“That sounds like fun,” Suzanna said.
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