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TITLE: Thoughts
By Jenilea Jamieson

any comments would be greatly appreciated.
THOUGHTS By Jenilea Jamieson

Thoughts that we have, thoughts that we know, thoughts that we dream and thoughts that we hate. Thoughts that we see thoughts that we do thoughts that over whelm and thoughts that inspire. Thoughts that say the truth and thoughts that lie, thoughts that undo our minds and thoughts that hold it together. Thoughts that free ,thoughts that trap. Thoughts that are fun and thoughts that are bad. Thoughts we want to know and thoughts we would rather not . Thoughts that give help and thoughts that show no mercy . Thoughts that express our dreams and thoughts that give us our nightmares . Thoughts that show us our future, and thoughts that give us our past. Thoughts that give hope and thoughts that despair. Thoughts that inspire a new generation and thoughts that old generations have passed. Thoughts are a moment a segment of time, a second of energy from the unknown. Who controls your thoughts? What controls your thoughts? A question we must all ask. Is it just a mere physical and mental process from our evolutionary decent? Is it just molecules and tissue doing what they have done since the beginning of time? Or could it be more? Is there someone somewhere controlling these thoughts? These mind processes that we call thinking? Thoughts are too personal to complex to be just another biological process, there has to be more to it then that. Could there be a higher more intelligent master behind our every move? A Master that started it all, that moved and thought before we even existed? The world tells it, screams it, does it not? A world that is controlled by an outside power yet lives as if it doesnít. Why our thoughts say, who our thoughts wonder, plunging us into a lifelong search for the answer. One that we know since the day we are brought forth on this earth. Our thoughts know it, our heart knows it. But we must resist our minds tell us, donít believe, donít except the one and only answer that our thoughts will really except. A master of all events of all stories of all powers. One who knows our most inner of beings because He created them, one who knew our every thought before we were born. But no our minds wont allow it itís inconceivable. Science is the truth we will figure it out one day, when our evolution is complete. But could it possibly be that by then it will be too late? Our thoughts will be over, there will be no turning back, no changing of our minds? It is then that we will realize what we would not allow. We say it was too absurd to simple for our complex thoughts. It is then that we will realize the absolute truth that our thoughts yearned for. Could it be that the master was the one that was on the cross. No our thoughts say they were just incoherent fairy tales form a past portion of history. When minds were not educated yet, when our thoughts had not reached a higher level. When men believed in anything and everything, surly this could not of been the truth we have seeked for thousands of years. But O the truth will split our minds with an agony so deep we cannot comprehend. Will you make the choice now? Before it is too late before the thoughts you think take over your mind with the poison of the past? The poison that is slowly but surely seeping into every mind that is open, everyone except the few who believe. There thoughts are not of hate and reasoning. There minds and hearts are filled with the faith of a mustard seed . Thoughts are a road to a choice, a decision we must all make . In the end it will decide our fate; our journeys will all come to the same crossroads where we must decide. Follow our thoughts and hearts or make our thoughts follow us, something greater then us, something better then our weak and simple minds, something that has created our world, our universe our thoughts. Yes it could be true, will it be true for you?
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