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TITLE: Created male and female
By Anthony David

This is give a clear idea about Biblical sexuality for the lay public.
They wait anxiously as the last week of pregnancy drags on. “Will it be a boy or a girl?” The parents to be wonder. On the day of the baby’s birth, they will know whether it is a she or a he! (Provided they did not know it earlier by ultrasound examination, a process that is now illegal).

What exactly makes us male and female? Are we different from one another? Is there a specific ‘maleness’ and a ‘femaleness”? Thought provoking questions indeed. In these days of women’s rights and unisex, it is indeed right to think on these things.

When God created human beings, he created them male and female, according to the account of creation in the Bible. (Genesis 1:27) So, what then are the differences in the male and female human beings?

To understand that, we should know how we are physically made or created. Each one of us humans began our lives as a single cell, a zygote. This cell is the result of the fusion of the two gametes, the sperm and the ovum, from the father and the mother respectively. From the father’s body comes the sperm, which has either an X or a Y chromosome as the sex chromosome. The mother donates the ovum or the egg cell, which has the X chromosome as the sex chromosome. Depending on whether the father donates an X or a Y chromosome containing sperm, the zygote can have either XX or XY as the sex chromosomal pair. If the zygote has XX as sex chromosomes, it will become a female and if it has XY as the chromosomal pair, it will become a male.
This single zygote then divides umpteen number of times and develops into an adult human being. An average adult 70 kgs in weight is made up of approximately 100 Trillion cells! Now each of these cells has a nucleus, which sports the same two sex chromosomes. It will be XX in case of a girl/woman and XY in the case of a boy or man.

As the boys and girls grow from infancy to toddlers, they look and behave much the same. To a certain extent, the girls prefer to play with pots, pans and dolls and the boys with cars, guns and trains. The girls love to relate to others while the boys are interested in finding out what makes things tick.

It is at the time of adolescence that the differences between the sexes crop up. The girls usually mature earlier. Between 11 to 15 years of age, they undergo their first change, the menarche. Menarche is the first menstrual bleeding which sometimes can be quite traumatic to girls. This is so especially when they are not mentally prepared for it by their parents. Menarche heralds the blossoming of the reproductive life of the girl. This is assign of the development of the primary sexual organs, the ovaries and the uterus, in the girl’s body. This is soon followed by the development of the secondary sexual characters such as:
· Breasts.
· Soft rounded habitus (shoulders & buttocks)
· Female pattern of pubic hair (Inverted Triangle)
· High pitched voice
· Female hairline.
From this age onwards, the girl acquires the capacity to bear children. This begins the reproductive age of the woman. She will now have regular menstrual cycles of 28 days as evidenced by menstruation or bleeding once every cycle.

Why and how do these changes occur so predictably at this age for the girls? This is due to the preponderance of female sexual hormones (chemical messengers). Estrogen and Progesterone are the main female sexual hormones responsible for these changes.

What about the boys then? They also undergo changes during adolescence. The male sex hormone is Testosterone. This will be secreted in increased amounts at adolescence, at around 12 to 16 years of age. However, the boys do not have a spectacular event such as the menarche in the girls, to herald their sexual maturity. The primary sex organ the testes is developed at this age and they also develop secondary sexual features such as:
· Male pattern pubic hairs (Diamond shaped from the navel to the pubic bone)
· Deep or husky voice.
· Square shoulders.
· Muscular habitus or body build.
· Male pattern of hairline.

Is that all? Aren’t there psychological differences too between the males and the females? During the time of development in the womb of the mother, as the respective male and female reproductive systems develop, the default system is the female system. The male sex hormones change the entire system into male. Both the male and female sexual hormones at this time of development also have an effect on the brain of the fetus. So due to this early hormonal influence, men and women tend to think a little differently.

Men tend to be on the whole rational, intellectually oriented, and dispassionate. They tend to ask questions and go by their thinking or logic.
Women, on the other hand tend to be more relational, sentimental and intuitive. They get hunches from within which very often turn out to be very true. Now this is a generalization and there may be exceptions to this.

Women have a waning away of reproductive capacity, which occurs at around 45 to 50 years of age. This is called the Menopause. The menstrual cycles of women are wound up then. So, they do not have regular menstrual bleeding from then on.

There is no equivalent phenomenon in the males. However, the libido of the male dwindles with age but rather gradually.

God created human beings. He made them male and female for specific functions. There is beauty and grace in the bodies and minds of both men and women. All due to His magnificent creation! The differences between men and women help in complementing each other. Yes, the Bible goes on to say that the man and the woman become united and ‘one flesh’. In other words, they together form the whole of a human being. (Genesis 2:24)

What makes a man a man and a woman a woman is their sexuality. Our sexuality is being declared by every single cell we have. The way we think and behave is also due to our sexuality. Why not celebrate our sexuality and thus bring glory to the Lord God?
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