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TITLE: A Daydream of a Lover
By Samuel Connelly

This is more of a short story I wrote in poem format. It was one of those moments that I just had to write. Corny - Sure - but I want to share it with you. It is another poem for my wife.
A Daydream of a Lover

Samuel W. Connelly
In daydreams of Diane R. Connelly

In the Kingdom of Love, on the shores of Passion, I lay down to have a dream. I dreamt of Love’s first spell that was cast on me when young with strength I seemed.

How I watched my mind play pictures of grand passions from my past. Great joy I drank when I met my love and the rest of this dream's cast.

Yet, before that time in history, only sorrow, doubt, and fear had been my friends alone. But then, my Love woke me with her voice and in her heart I have found my true home.

Then the One called Love came to awaken me from golden dreams. He talked with me and sat with me on this beach, looking out over the waters that flowed down from heavenly streams.

“Wake up my son and tell me why it is you have this longing long, maybe I can offer you advise, conversation, or something else, for I see your love for her is strong.”

--The Lover’s Confession--

“Friend, it is how my heart burns for her.
She’s my pounding pulse, my song, my life.
My soul is so in love with her,
She’s my charming, loving, angel wife.

I would die a death a million times,
to embrace her til the end.
And if it cost my physical death for each kiss,
I would say to Death, ‘Come, and then come again!’”

--Love’s Bold Encouragement--

“Then speak loud and bold of your passion for her,
Don’t faint with passion's plea.
Go to her and carry her,
To the destined place where
Love chooses you to lead.

Caress her with your loving arms
And sing to her a love-soaked song.
Then kiss her and embrace her,
And make her drunk with love til dawn.”

--The Lover’s Passioned Plea--

“Yes, my friend your words are true,
they stir me in my heart.
What must I do? How will I go?
Where? When? Which way do I start?"

I looked for her, because I long for her,
but distraction caught me unaware and made it hard to see.
I ask you, Love, because you are my friend,
So in your compassion please tell me.”

--Love’s Command--

“Go swift, my son, and run, young one,
fly straight-away to your angel bride.
She waits for you, with gifts for you,
there’s fruits for you that she hides.

She has kept her fruit to satisfy
the many hungers of your love.
Swoop down to her and carry her
To Love’s kingdom up above.”

--the Lover shouts in this revelation--

Yes friend, I’ll go and pour over her
passion, cravings, and holy bliss.
I will find my Love.
“Here I come my Love!”
Truth, life, and love with her I will not miss.

I flew over mountains, and valleys, through kingdoms, and searched worlds over, just to find the place my life with her began.
No fear, nor death, past, present, or future could stop me, for I was alive and freshly aflame to find her wondrous land.

Forget time and space, and everything in between, that could possibly try to hinder.
Yes I am coming in all the authority of Love, and passionate gifts I have to render.

Then the Creation sang and glory fell, the clouds ripped apart by Love’s light to help me see.
And there she was with the beauty of Eden; the atmosphere shook, and my heart began to leap.

Who can contain the joy I feel, this bliss-filled, glorious pleasure erupting from my heart and streaming out of all my pores.
I am taken with passion and pleasure for her. Sweet perfect union we have found to be ours from now and until forever more.

My sweet Love.

Hark, unto the blissful Lover’s dream.

May true Love, purity, faithfulness, forgiveness, integrity, innocence, humility, and undying, never ceasing affection between a husband and his wife live forever and ever!

Samuel W. Connelly
In daydreams of Diane R. Connelly
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