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TITLE: The Red Head Angel
By chandra mathis

A short story about how our words can hurt others. I would like to know if this story is easy to follow, and what kind of changes do I need to make. Does the story make an impression?
Thanks for any comments. Blessings,Chandra Mathis
The Red Head Angel

Growing up can be one of life's most challenging accomplishments.
During the preteen years are when some of those lasting impressions
can be made.The words we speak to others, will build or tear down.How we use our words will be the out come of what it was intended for.Words can be like daggers, that pierce the soul and make wounds that last a life time. Be careful for what you say, you never know the damage that your words will bring someday.We reap what we sow.

She was an awkward child, with long red hair, that was wiry. She had an overbite that stood out like the full moon on a clear night.Not to mention her tallness that everyone seemed to notice.

Carla had just had her twelfth birthday . Already she was beginning to feel the pressure of those ugly duckling years.
She was thinking ,"is this how my life is going to be? "
None of the girls from her school came to her birthday party, she had passed out invitations to everyone. She sat there in utter despair, and the tears came flowing down.
Her mother reached with her apron and wiped her face, "It's all right my little red head angel" "The Lord loves you, and so do I ." "Oh, mama I don't know why they didn't come?" " Why would they be so cruel?" "I am sure they will have a good explanation" her mama said. Just then, Carla jumped up from the table, screaming out loud." I hate them all",she said.
Then she ran out of the house.

There was a little park not far from the house. Carla was sitting there on one of the benches with her head bent down. She had been crying. One of the girls with her friend happened to be walking by and noticed her. They walked over. Carla saw them coming, she wanted to run ,but it was to late.
These two girls were her worst nightmare. They had been the ones at the front-line of all the ridicule she had received at school.
She waited in fear and dread while they approached her. Her stomach was beginning to hurt."Here it comes," she was thinking.

Mary was the first one to speak." What you doing sitting there like a knot on the log?" "Did your mama through you out, because you are so ugly that you made her sick?"
Then Alice the other girl said, "I know why she is here, because her hair is so red her mama can't stand the sight of her." Then she reaches over and messes up Carla's hair. Then Mary, who was chewing bubble gum , took the gum from her mouth and put it in Carla's hair.
Carla was screaming, "get your hands off me, leave me alone", with sobs inbetween.
Then the two girls pushed her off the bench and rubbed dirt all over Carla's birthday dress.

She was devastated as she made her way back home. "I am so tired of living this way." she was thinking. She thought about how it would be to die and just go on to heaven.
She needed her Grandmother so much right now to comfort her. Grandmother was in heaven.

When she came through the front door,by now she was crying so hard that she could hardly catch her breath. Her heart was wounded and she was feeling like the most unloved person
in this world.
Her mother ran to her quickly and held her in her arms ." Oh, my little red head angel, please don't cry.""Life is filled with bitter words and lonely roads, but we have Jesus to carry us along the way." Carla was thinking,"I don't care anymore."" I hate this red hair."

The next morning , Carla was up at the crack of dawn. She went into her mother's sewing room and took her mother's sewing scissors out of the basket.Then she went into the bathroom and stood up on the toilet seat so she could see in the mirror.
Then strand by strand of long red,wiry locks fell to the ground.
Just then, her mother walked in and saw her. She let out a gasp," my litle red head angel what have you done?"

Carla said, with hatered in her voice, "I couldn't live with this ugly hair any longer." "I had to do it mama."
"Now I will have to take you to the beauty shop", her mother proclaimed.

The next day at school,Carla came walking down the hall. All the kids were laughing at her, because her hair was short and stuck out even more. They laughed and taunted her. "You look like a clown,only you are ugly." She went and hid in the bathroom for the rest of the day.

The teacher was concerned for Carla, she wrote her mother a note. "I have noticed that Carla has stopped talking and she isn't eating her lunch."
"Is there something wrong at home?" " Please see me right away so we can talk." Carla's mother found the note in her lunch box. Tears filled her eyes. She didn't realize that her daughter was going through so much at school. She met with Carla's teacher,and they had a long talk. The teacher said," I think Carla is suffering from depression,even her grades have fallen lately." " My daughter depressed, why I have never heard of such." The following day, Carla's mother decided to take her to see the doctor.
After the doctor had talked to Carla he came out and told her mama the news. "Your daughter is very disturbed, she has a poor self image and thinks about killing herself all the time." " Did you know that?" " No " her mama cried." Not my red head angel." They left and went home.
The two of them hand in hand walking slowly. Carla's mother began to pray out loud. "Oh Jesus please help us, help me to make everything alright for my little Carla."
Something clicked in Carla's heart. At that moment she could see a ray of hope peeking out from the gray clouds that were hovering over her." I do see mama, I know that Jesus does love me, and I can feel it in my heart." ' I believe you mama." " I am going to start living for Jesus now" she said. " I will never let those evil words hurt me again."

It was Homecoming Day , the crowd was standing all aound to see the Homecoming Queen. "There she is" , mama cried with joy. My beautiful red head angel." She is so beautiful."
Mary and Alice were there too. Peering behind the crowd." I can't believe she got Homecoming Queen" Mary said. Then her friend Alice said,"after all these years you still can't say anything nice about anyone." " You know Mary,you may have looks on the outside, but your heart is wicked and dark on the inside, you will always be empty because you have no love for others." "I am sorry that I spent so much time with you instead of Carla." " She is the better person here." " You could learn alot from her." " Another thing,be careful with your words, you will reap what you have sown. "
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